Weekly Sketch Up – 03.09.2012

Bride of Frankenstein by John Lucas


Panthro by Christopher Mitten


Matt Murdock & Elektra Natchios, Malta, 1983 by Phil Noto


Man Thing by Kalle Malloy


Hermione Granger by Moritat


Nick Fury by Michael Walsh


Wolverine by Jason Latour


Lone Wolf and Cub by Yildiray Cinar


Batman/Back to the Future by Jason Welborn


Elephantmen by Ryan Ottley


  1. I don’t want Ryan Ottley to leave Invincible but he looks SO GOOD drawing other characters. His Sindicate stuff is amazing. His PITT from last week was equally intense.

    • I’d LOVE to see Ottley on something else.

      I recently dropped Invincible (after being a regular reader for YEARS), and the saddest part of it all is how little Ottley art I’m getting.

  2. Oooo….Ryan Ottley…..well done.

  3. Holy OTTLEY i’m pretty sure that guy can do no wrong

  4. Knowing Batman, after Biff and him tussel. Biff will become a manure eating super villian.

  5. Simply outstanding week of sketches – Lucas’ Bride & Walsh’s retro Fury are wonderful. More please!

  6. Love the Phil Noto piece and the Jason Latour Wolverine.

  7. Love so many of these! My favorite iFanboy regular feature!

  8. I look forward to this feature all week and it never lets me down. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the old Universal horror films and that Bride of Frankenstein is awesome. Noto kills it again, as usual.

  9. I REALLY wish it were possible for Phil Noto to collect all of these “classic” superhero sketch’s into some type of book, maybe with a little (and I do mean little) more exposition. Love them so much.

  10. Noto should have done all the illustrations for the Oral History of the Avengers trade coming out in a few weeks. Huge missed opportunity as his work would go perfectly as complementing the prose sections.

  11. the Hermione Granger by Moritat just makes me want a Harry Potter on-going series. Can DC get on that?!

  12. You speak to my heart, Colossus of RI; + you have one of my all-time favorite iFanBoy member avatars.

    …And in other news, the comforting feeling I get when I see retro images [read: played for the era in witch it was published] of characters long lived & loved seriously needs to be exploited more ‘vigorously’ by the PTB. Noto and ESPECIALLY Michael Walsh need to be too busy working on this stuff For Reals. More than anything else. Right now.
    OK, That’s off my chest.

    [Why don’t these guys, or their Reps/Agents/Wives/Whoever produce relatively high-end signed prints for sale and/or gallery showings? This would be a cool tour for both the artists & cooler sponsoring comic book stores from Coast-to-Coast.
    Just saying.]

    That would be So Cool!

  13. Wow, all of these are top notch!

  14. Every week I get a sweet new desktop background, this week it’s definitely Bride of Frankenstein.