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Name: D R

Bio: Old guy with kids back into comics in 2000, manly marvel. Started just mainstream but now really enjoy more indy/non-superhero comics. I wish I could move to all trades, but I am too impatient.

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May 29, 2008 1:46 pm Suprisingly, I liked this issue. The story filled in some blanks and I thought the art was pretty good. It didn't move the story along much which is getting frustrating, but it was better than I expected.
May 28, 2008 4:46 pm

Moore posts  "Hawaiian Dick is a book that is beyond negative criticism. Why? Because it accomplishes exactly what we set out to accomplish, and if that's not your cup of tea, it's not because we failed you, it's because...it's not your cup of tea."

Couldn't the same be said about the negative reviews. It accomplishes exactly what it set out to accomplish, and if it isn't Moore's cup of tea, it's not because the reviewer failed, it's just not Moore's cup of tea.

Seems to me it either works both ways or not at all. You can't say your opinion/work cannot be criticized while at the same time criticizing others opinions/work.

May 15, 2008 2:39 pm

I don't think I am smart enough to read this book. It seemed really cool, but I was really confused. I jumped on to the title with this book and realize that I probably don't have the knowledge to understand everything. That said, even at a basic level I couldn't follow the story.

April 10, 2008 3:57 pm Damn that 10 cent Icee coupon I cut out of the Spider-man issue where Captain Stacy dies.
April 7, 2008 9:41 pm

This issue may decide whether I continue with this title. It has been pretty good so far, but it hasn't really hooked me yet.

April 2, 2008 5:28 pm Talk about a reboot. It's Kirkman's version of BND.
April 2, 2008 5:24 pm I agree, most of the issue focused on the fall-out from his actions. It got built up with all the problems he caused his father, his remorse, and the hatred of everything that got him to that point. Then it all gets thrown away in one panel and we are back where we started. I guess Millar could be trying to get across how this kid can't overcome who he truly is or wants to be. But that shift back to wannabe hero happened very quickly without much reasoning or exploration.
March 31, 2008 10:44 pm I started reading this title at the beginning of this arc. I don't read much DC but it was pretty easy to jump into. For me it is something fun and different and I have enjoyed it so far.
March 28, 2008 6:45 pm Balefuego was right. Can someone confirm that this series ending? This issue was decent and I understood what was going on for once, but I have been thinking of dropping this for awhile. I had heard it was ending soon so if that is true, I figure I might as well hang on until the end. Maybe all the Ultimate characters are really skrulls training to fight in the 616 (for Josh) universe and secret invasion will end the line.