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  1. Hey, it’s three straight months of this book being on time with this creative team. Happy to see it happening because it’s been a blast. 

  2. Well, they *did* say there were ahead by at least six months, so…

  3. This issue may decide whether I continue with this title. It has been pretty good so far, but it hasn’t really hooked me yet.

  4. I’m looking forward to it.  I’ve been enjoying this more sci-fi approach to the FF universe.  And Hitch’s pencils, which are on time (and will hopefully stay that way), have been yummy to my eyes.

  5. This run is awesome. No complaints here.

  6. what’s been the deal with the covers though?  are they foreshadowing or something…?

  7. Any word on how long this run is supposed to be?  I was thinking FF might get a reboot after Secret Invasion, but from what I’ve heard this book doesn’t tie into much of anything.  I’m still resolutely waiting on trade, because I’m not sure I trust this creative team, but if the reviews keep staying good, it will be nice to have a good solid run to pick up.

  8. This has been deadly dull for me. I have no vested interest in these characters, I’m not a long time fan.  And I’m kinda over the overrly hyped Bryan Hitch artwork. It’s looking more and more boring and dull with each series.  

  9. Mister fantastic getting shot in this issue and ill get to see him turn into silly string again? ( I found that picture very good looking)

  10. @ohcaroline: Millar says he and Hitch are doing 16 issues

  11. Kind of thought this issue was BS…nothing essentially happened except the threat we knew was a threat from last issue proved it is indeed a threat. In essence, this issue ended where it began. I don’t even care about the continuity nonsense…

  12. The art was hurt badly by the overdone EFX like the blurring and the snowflakes.  Sapped all the drama out of it.  This issue was too decompressed, but when the trade comes together it will be nice.

  13. I don’t mind the continuity gaffes.  Like Astonishing X-Men, it takes place in it’s own little world.  Actually, I wish all Marvel books were like that.

  14. It was really tough to tell what was happening in the big CAP(snicker) battle. The other big battle of the week in JSA had even more characters, and it was a lot easier to follow. I know Reed spalsh page at the end is supposed to have a real dramatic effect, but it didn’t really work for me.

  15. Not very good compared to the last issues but still better than 99% of all other comics this week.

  16. I thought the pencils, inks, and coloring were all great. However, I have to agree that the snowflakes make it practically impossible to follow the action.

  17. I have to say this issue really made me not like Hitch drawing the Fantastic Four.  Sue looks like someone in her 40s, and Johnny looks like an old single guy trying to relive the glory days.

    Art aside, I love Johnny sleeping with the baddie.  If there was a character to have a grey moral area when it comes to opposite sex, it has to be Johnny Storm. 

  18. I agree — the action was hard to follow with all the snow effects. Also, am I the only one who thinks the panels with no borders makes the art look unfinished?


    Pretty interesting that these scientists can make a robot who can take out almost the entire line-up or Marvel Universe heroes in ten minutes! They should get a job working for Dr Doom.

    PS – Why did they need to build this robot for "Nu-Earth" anyway? When they move all the worlds population there — are they planning to leave all the superheroes behind? 

  19. My gosh, but this is one boring comic. A big killer robot that wouldn’t give any Marvel hero much of a fight in their own titles here beats the MU’s big hitters, off panel – what a cheap, unconvincing way to make it seem an FF-level threat. Er, hello, Sentry, power of a million exploding suns? Storm, known to have controlled the entire world’s weather patterns at one point? Vison, intangible and circuit busting? Hercules, god? And so on.

    And this Claremontwoman, Alyssa Moy – in one issue she points out that she designed the robot, then says no one knows how to shut it down, so she needs Reed. Hello? Characters who advertise their brainpower while acting stupid are very annoying.

    We see Reed for one panel and the rest of the team for a few pages. This is the Fantastic Four, but three issues into the Millar/Hitch run and we’ve yet to see them take on a threat together.

    As for the art, it’s nice enough, though the snow effect was annoying, and I hate the lack of panel borders – strangely, I find this more intrusive than keylines.

    And while I’m used to covers that aren’t wholly representative of the contents, this one just outright lied. And the new design still looks awful – there’s zero impact to it.

    I think I may be bailing if next issue is as much fun as this one.

  20. i have to agree with a lot of the negative comments here.  the blurry snow was realistic but annoying.  Hitch’s artwork was so busy I’m not sure i knew what was happening a lot of the time.  The story is… well, it’s very Millary, which i love, but how much can you take.  I’m still going to get it, but I’m not to sure about this creative team on an already "tough to execute" super team.  At least they are putting fourth a good effort though.    

  21. Overall not a great issue, BUT would i did enjoy is the off hand comment by Sue wondering if wolverine would be avalible to be the new nanny since hes on every other team out there.

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