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Ok…it’s Saturday morning and I just finished this book. Where do I start?

I was really giving Millar, the deteriorating Hitch art aside.


It was just completely implausible that Alyssa Castle would amass some of the most brilliant minds on Earth, transport them to another dimension and find the resources to create another freaking Earth under the increasingly dictatorial nose of Tony Stark. All of this was going on while the increasingly paranoid Marvel USA was registering heroes left and right (and also completely missing an alien invasion)


She created a robot capable of defeating the Sentry and 39 other top tier heroes in 8 minutes? Where was she during WWH? Oh, right she was creating a peaceful new Earth that would be policed by a genocidal Captain America inspired nightmare.


I could stop there and that would be enough but I have to discuss the art, it’s just too big to ignore. It’s also too boring. Like an updated Rich Buckler style. The opening scene was hideously confusing with the snow flakes, electricity and weird skeletons that weren’t covered with blood or contained any internal organs. Stupid.


Johnny Storm, the dude looks like John McCain with blond hair. That means he’s old looking. It’s ridiculous that he would be a rock star with that hair cut and complete lack of style. He looks older than his sister Sue. And his manager Miguel; Yeah the raised pinky is a dead giveaway that he’s gay. After all we gay men always walk around with at least one pinkie slightly raised.


Everything else is just sooooo average that they’re barely discernable. Portal Prime looked like a bar. Is dark red lighting the best environment to operate in during life and death situations?


The cover was almost a parody; The Thing saying “Please, don’t kill us” to a killer robot? Really?  I may get the last issue just to have all four parts. Or I may not even bother like I did with the last issue of WWH. Urgh!

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. great review, I’m right with you!

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