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  1. I can’t wait to get my hands on this. The first one was great, I loved how "Real" it was. The first issue ended with him in such an odd situation, I’m currious to see how this one begins.

  2. I hope these great covers continue with this AWESOME story. Very eye catching, how could anyone resist picking this up and flipping through it?

  3. If I was writing this series, I would have the dude stay in a hospital bed for the entire issue.

  4. When I read the first issue I looked around to see if this was a joke.  Some of the thought boxes were spot on to many of the thoughts/past I’ve had.  Unfortunately I haven’t taken the leap to crime fighting yet…..yet.

  5. From concept to design, and story this book is completely original and talks to every one of us who has ever thrown a bed sheet over our shoulders and dream of taking down bad guys…. 

  6. I love the fact that after this book came out I was watching a news cast about a couple teens in Texas I think that have essentially done this.  The best part when one was talking about his gloves being resistant to electricity the reporter commented that he wasn’t.  His reply, "Not yet."  The news cast was not in relation to this book by the way.  Just a couple of crazy kids in costumes trying to keep their neighborhood safe, which looked like was normal suburbia.

  7. So is this an on-going or not? Because my store didn’t have the first and if it is just a mini, i might just wait for the trade.

  8. @ChrisGo: I just checked the Marvel website and it looks like this is an on-going (it says nothing about it being a mini). I also see on the pull list this week that a 2nd printing of issue #1 is coming out so maybe you could pick that up. Also on the Marvel website it says there will be a "director’s cut" of issue #1 coming out in June.

    As long as this stays on schedule and continues to end in great cliff-hangers like issue #1 did, I think issues is the way to go. Whether you get individual issues or the trade later, definitely pick-up this series. 

  9. Hey ChrisGo, from what I’ve read of Millar’s interviews concerning this series, is that it is a mini, though he already has follow up volumes ready to go.  So, technically it’s not an ongoing, but rather a multiple volume series (if he does release the other stories).

  10. Thanks guys, although for me I don’t really have much of a choice. I think trade is the way I’m gonna have to go cuz my store hasn’t had either issue thus far. Even so, I’ll for sure pick it up eventually.

  11. Man, this was really boring after a good build up in the first issue.  I’m not sure what I thought would come next, but this isn’t it.

  12. I agree, most of the issue focused on the fall-out from his actions. It got built up with all the problems he caused his father, his remorse, and the hatred of everything that got him to that point. Then it all gets thrown away in one panel and we are back where we started. I guess Millar could be trying to get across how this kid can’t overcome who he truly is or wants to be. But that shift back to wannabe hero happened very quickly without much reasoning or exploration.

  13. My store didn’t get this in.

  14. This guy just has to be plain old suicidal. He cant even win a fite without havin to be scraped up off the pavement.

  15. My store didn’t get this either.  sucks.

  16. Can’t wait for the 3rd one.  Both issues have had me wondering where the story will go next, and I love it.

  17. Can’t wait for the 3rd one.  Both issues have had me wondering where the story will go next, and I love it.

  18. I liked this issue. I liked it a lot more than the first issue, which I thought was cliche-city from the premise to the dialogue. So, unexpectedly, I’m on this series for a few more issues at the very least, very interested to see where this is going.

    But these days is it too much to ask for a comic book that takes longer than 4 minutes to read??

  19. Likewise on the delay for me.  My LCS won’t be getting this until next week

  20. This was quite good, but I’m not sure that I enjoyed it as much as #1.

  21. I liked the first issue of KICK-ASS pretty well.  But this new issue leaves me feeling a bit melencholy.  I’m not sad at what’s happening on the pages.  No, truth be told, I’m sad because the book is so dreary and serious in tone that it leaves me bummed out that it’s not better. I want to like this character, but he’s so stubborn that I feel annoyed by him when I should feel sympathy.  The art is solid, but this book needs more substance and less generic doom and gloom.  –

  22. This issue hasn’t resolved any of the problems seen in the first issue, including the "electrodes to the testicles" thing, but I do like how he doesn’t get killed again by a bunch of teenagers. He kicks some adult ass, and gets a fan base for it. Yet the video aspect makes me wonder just how it will progress.

    And a word on JRJ’s art: He draws people with an average of 16 gallons of blood in their body. Like Quentin Tarentino-style blood.

  23. My LCS had delays with this, so I know I’m late to the party, but I just read it today and wanna saw — it was awesome! The funniest book I have read in a long time. My advice to anyone not enjoying this book is to not take it seriously. How could anyone take it seriously, with that title? And I didn’t realise until this issue, that the characters NAME is Kick-Ass — that just made it even funnier to me.

     My favourite line in the book:

    "There’s a guy dressed like a superhero fighting Puerto Ricans outside! It’s fucking awesome!" 

    This also sums up my opinion of the book. =D 

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