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  1. Im sure most ppl are reading this in trades, but god they are missing out on the pure anxiety we monthly readers feel picking up each issue. After this last issue I have no idea where Kirkman is takin this book, its so unpredictable defiantly one of the BEST series out there. i love it

  2. Yeah, this is one book that I definitely feel is improved by reading it in issues.  Which is weird, because I think Invincible is WAY better in trades.  This one though, the anticipation is half the fun, so even when it’s late it just builds the tension that much more.

  3. I’ll be honest I often times feel I have too weak a heart for this book. Stupid Kirkman and his making so many likable character that he feels the need to torture to no end.


    I almost dropped the book during the funhouse trip to Woodbury. I’m so glad I didn’t, I never want this roolercoaster ride to end.

  4. I’d like to catch a jumping on point for this book. This one sounds like an arc is ending. What’s the deal?

  5. I’m going to be honest, I would just go back and read the trades, if you can’t afford them, pick em up from your library.

    i Guess 51 might be a place to pick up, but trust me this book is way to good to miss out on 1-50.

  6. There is so much material in this book you really won’t be able to appreciate it unless you have the complete back story. Character’s, plot lines, background info you really need to get the trades, There are seven out and even if you pick up one a week its well worth it trust me (Amazon is a god send, if your not near a place like JH:). This book reads very well in trades, so good in fact i have this series in trades and papers, i dont do that with many books. You won’t be dissapointed

  7. Plus there are those oversized trades too.  I gave those as gifts and wished i had kept one for myself.

     You could probably just jump on, but any death would be meaningless, and you would probably ruin reading the back issues.

  8. i jumped in like 11 issues ago and have caught up but i’ve read all the trades since then.  i would say read the trades because shit has been going down and you won’t appreciate it if you haven’t read what’s come before.  such a great book!

  9. Wow….I don’t even know what to say about this issue.  It hit hard.

  10. @thisisegan, do you feel that maybe this one crossed a line? I don’t want to sound like a sissy or what not, but… I don’t know. I guess I just wasn’t prepared for that to go down like it did. It was really hard to take, and it’s definitely not a fakeout either. I guess I just don’t know how to react. 


  11. F U ROBERT KIRKMAN and I mean that in the BEST way possible.

    Damn it man! How do you look at yourself in the mirror? How COULD YOU! 


  12. OH. MY. GAWD!!  That was quite a shocker of an issue.  Not at all who I expected would be dead and buried by the end of this arc!

  13. Talk about a reboot. It’s Kirkman’s version of BND.

  14. This is one of those moments where I’m pissed that the iFanboy crew are reading this in trades.  This issues not only demands to be talked about, but how is this not the pick of the week!?  Seriously.

  15. Can you guys help me out– clarify this for me– who, if anyone, survived?  Rick and his son, that’s clear.  Anybody else? 

  16. Michonne is still alive!! she got the jump on the governor but before she could pull the trigger that lard ass tried taking her out. She grazed the governor’s cheek and killed a few goons with her katana and bounced into the woods. That was the last we saw of here, but she will defiantly be popping up again in the next few issues, she is soooo bad ass, other than that i think everyone ate it, well back to square one…….

  17. OK, Michonne.  Who else?  We didn’t actually see Rick’s baby die, but I assume the baby was eaten by zombies?

  18. Well, Glen, his Girl, the twins and maybe Andrea and Dale(I probablly got some names wrong)  are likly still alive.  As for Michonne, She was the only person I knew would make it.  Kirkman has been saying in his letter colums she would be futher developed.



  19. When the girl said "You made me kill a baby!" I think that was a pretty clear indication.

  20. Sorry, I went back and saw that.  Also, the picture of his wife biting it sort of showed the baby getting blasted, too.  I guess they didn’t want to go too far in terms of really showing the baby shot. 

    Is Glen the young kid…? Wasn’t he shot and killed?

     This is my problem with reading this monthly, and it being in black and white– I can’t keep some of these characters straight.  When I was reading it in trades, I think I was able to keep everybody straight better. 

  21. Wow. That was…wow.

  22. that issue was bugged out. This series is bugged out. So what’s next? Lone wolf and cub Walking dead? btw–what is the deal with hinting Rick as a zombie? There was a panel in the previous issue which showed Rick having an almost skull like face…now in the "next issue" page Rick’s face is in shadow and walking like a zombie. Weird.

  23. @jim Glen is the Asian guy who wheres the riot gear

  24. Ouch. Just…man, ouch. One great thing about this is it is truly one of the things that makes the comic form unique. This would NEVER happen on TV.

  25. Holy crap, that was one helluva "Oh shit" issue. I’m still switching to trades on this, though. It’s a solid series, but not something that I HAVE to read every month. Still, I like how Kirkman isn’t afraid to shake things up, which he definitely did with this arc. Nice to see that the Governer is finally f*&king dead…he was an evil SOB!

  26. I can’t imagine switching to trades at this point, i mean after this issue i dont think i would be able to wait the what 5-8 months till the next trade, uh god i’m having a panic attack just thinking about what up in the next arc.

  27. I’m having a hard enough time knowing I have to wait a month for the next one, no way could I wait for trades.  This is the first comic that I’ve ever felt the need to buy monthly.  I loved how Kirkman made her look in trouble with the cover than pulled a fast one just to do the dirty deed anyways… arg.


  28. I was a little behind on this (I read too many books 😛 ) and finally got caught up with issue #48, and … Wow. All those letter columns where people were complaining about lack of action just got non-stop action! 

    This book is awesome & I love that Kirkman has "culled the herd", there was too many characters for my liking. Even though there was a few characters I would have liked to see survive (Tyreese, Lori & the baby) I wont miss any of the others at all. It’s also very cool that they are out of the prison again, it opens things up for way more action, story possibilities & the main thing — more ZOMBIES!

    Kirkman has done something that even Garth Ennis has recently teased, and shied away from. He shot a baby. With a gun. How does Kirkman walk around with cajones that big. The general rule of writing (anything) is that you don’t kill the kid, especially violently, and especially if the kid isn’t old enough to walk. In my experience, there are only three storytellers that can pull this off, Hitchcock, Lovecraft, and now Kirkman.

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