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I know there are already two reviews of this book, but I had to throw in my two cents.  This issue was something else.  I applaud Kirkman’s ability to pull at my heart strings so.  I’ll be honest, I can’t even name many of the characters in this book, but I still feel I know them so well.  A lot of people seem to have thought that the prison was getting boring, but I liked it because it allowed the characters to develop and grow.  A story arc like this were these character whom I’ve got to experience and grown to like are killed is hard.

Now on to this issue I will try to write a spoiler free review if I didnt and the book is ruined for you, Im sorry.

I wanted to point out the great pacing of this issue.  It starts with a great reassuring moment of everything could be okay.  From here we are pulled back and the issue starts to take off, each loss in this book, up until the last person to die is harder and harder to watch.  It culminates with a beautiful page of what this arc in leaving behind and the last three pages allow both the reader and the character to feel for a moment and get ready to move on.  I think it’s just a great issue.

Also it looks like zombies will actually become a factor again, the horror fan in me is estatic.

Alot of characters will be greatly missed.  I only hope Kirkman can keep this book as good as it is right now, because I just don’t think I can handle a day where I get home, read Walking Dead first and then not be able to sit through my other books because they just aren’t half as good.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I did feel the opening fake out was successful and giving you a false sense of security, you are right on there. I may come to feel differently in time than my initial reaction. Though, my wife reads this book as well, and I’ll be curious to see her response. 

  2. My ex-girlfriend reads the book with me and she threw the issue down when she finished and said, "how could you let me read this?"  She took "ricks losses" even harder than me.

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