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  1. Ooooooooo, I just cannot wait for this. Good to have Tony Daniel back too after the missfire of last month’s issue.


    So excited for this.

  3. How many parts are there to the RIP series?

  4. @DocHess: I think in Batman it’s 5 parts. The other Batman family titles are tie-in issues to RIP (similiar to Secret Invasion).

    @Ilash: I didn’t mind the art on the last issue. I especially enjoyed the closing splash page of Bruce.

  5. @DocHess 

    BATMAN RIP checklist:

    Batman #676-681
    Detective Comics #846-850
    Nightwing #147-150
    Robin #175-176
    Batman and the Outsiders #11-13

  6. I haven’t read any Batman stuff but almost feel obligated to read this just as the possible magnitude of the outcome of this event.

  7. @Mattk–I think that’s what they’re going for.

  8. thanks guys

  9. Why the Dark Knight Sir?

  10. CANNOT. WAIT. 🙂

  11. so tell me Conor have you heard how important the cross-overs will be? I get them all but the outsiders so my question is will it be worth picking those issues up and on a side not is the outsiders any good as a batman title?

  12. Wow, that’s a pretty big checklist! I wonder if Batman will still be "resting in peace" by the end …

    Let’s hope this story lives up the hype of what Grant Morrison said: "it would be the most shocking reveal in Batman’s history for 70 years".

  13. I was excited for this after DCU #0.  I read my friends issues of Morrison’s run to catch up and be ready.  However, the Batman R.I.P. check list add made me not wanna pick this up, too many damn books on that list.  Thats 25 issues, and robin is the only book I’m already reading.

      I know I don’t have to pick all of them up, but I don’t think the best way to sell something is to say, "hey guy’s only $75 to get this lovely story"  It’s a little daunting.

  14. That’s an assload of books for this story!… Ahh, who am I kidding, of course I’ll get them. Too psyched for this story.

  15. I was thinking of picking this up; but yikes, that’s a lot of books.

  16. I really don’t think many of the other books will have that much to do with Morrison’s 6-part story. For instance, the Detective issues are a 5-part story focusing on Hush and Catwoman, which seems totally unrelated. I think DC is just slapping "RIP!" on the other series to make people feel the need to pick them up too. In these other books there will probably be references to what’s going on in the main Batman book, but nothing integral will happen in them. (After all, in all the interviews and articles we’ve read about "RIP", we’ve never heard about any sort of crossober collaboration between the Bat-writers. It’s always been Morrison’s baby.)

    The possible exception of this could be the Robin title, which seems like it will spotlight Tim’s reaction to what’s going on with Bruce. But that’s only two issues, and again I don’t think anyone would feel anything was "missing" if they just read Batman 676-681.

  17. @flapjaxx  Ah, good to know!  I was planning to pick this up, then got intimidated by all those issues (since none of these are books I buy).  But if I can just read the Morrison stuff and be okay, then I’m in.

  18. I can’t believe that this is here this week… That blows my mind…

  19. I’m more psyched for this than I’ve been for Final Crisis and Secret Invasion combined! This is going to be so awesome. 

    And I won’t buy any of the ancillary books. As I understand it, it definitely is Morrison’s story and I believe the rest is just marketing…

  20. I’m going to be pick up the robin and nightwing titles along with Batman, the other ones seem kinda useless. I think their perspective and experience with will have some substance and enhance the overall story.

  21. @flapjaxx

    Thanks for clearing that up. I think I will go ahead and pick this up. I haven’t been reading Batman, so I am going to give this a shot and see how I like it. 

  22. @flapjaxx – Thanks man, cool of you to clear that up. I already get Nightwing, and I might still pick up the 2 Robin issues. But you just saved me some cash, so cheers and I owe you a beer!

  23. How lost will I be if have never read any of this Batman title? Basically, I am interested because of Morrison and the story teaser. Is this going to be self contained enough to enjoy it as a mini-series? Is this a good jumping on point?

  24. @comicdork37 – I haven’t been on the main book for a long while, but jumped back on at the last issue (#675) to get ready for the RIP story and I followed it fine. So if you can find 675 I’d get that and read it first. But as this is the first issue of a new(ish) arc I think you’ll be fine.

    Go for it, dude, if it’s as big as Morrison is promising then you’ll wanna be along for the ride! 🙂

  25. I picked up the book at the store and thumbed through it and saw the checklist and put it back. I’m cheap that way heh.

  26. Tony Daniel outdid himself on that last sequence.   so far so good…

  27. What in the hell was this about? This is Morrison at his foggiest, where the story doesn’t track from page to page. And the Daniel art — horrifyingly 1990s.

  28. This left me like alot of Morrison’s books do — half amazed & half confused. Maybe I need to read it again once or twice to make more sense of it …

    The last 3 or 4 pages blew me away though … WOW. Best interpretation of "that dude" (to keep it spoiler free) I’ve seen in years.  

  29. I don’t think I am smart enough to read this book. It seemed really cool, but I was really confused. I jumped on to the title with this book and realize that I probably don’t have the knowledge to understand everything. That said, even at a basic level I couldn’t follow the story.

  30. Yeah i’ll have to re-read this one, because i was totally lost on the first read through.
    The dialogue just doesn’t seem to flow they way i’m used to with comics, and i have no idea what the last few pages were about at all.
  31. ok so who liked this issue??



  32. It was definately my pick of the week.  I wasn’t lost at all, but I’ve also read Morrison’s entire run

  33. I would just like to say, for those of you starting this book with this issue and are confused; join the club. I’ve been reading this title since way back, and of course through all of Morrison’s run. This issue just left me cold. Every couple of pages felt like they were from a different book, nothing was cohesive at all. Now, that being said, this may end up making more sense all together, but, the last few issues have been quite confusing with now payoff in sight, so I’m not sure.

     As for "that dude" yeah, it was pretty cool, the art was great, but didn’t understand one thing of him being there and how that fit into this story. I consider myself to be a mostly intelligent guy, and I just could not make sense of any of this. Maybe someone could help me out, a lot of posters seemed to like it.

  34. @Nate – What are you confused on? 

  35. Sounds like a lot of people agree with me that you’ve really got to do a lot of rereading and studying to figure out what the hell is going on with this Morrison run. I’ve read the whole run, and liked some of it, but it’s definitely confusing, and must be even more confusing if you’ve just jumped on. Maybe in trade form it’d be better since it’s all there, but I don’t go back every month and reread everything just to try and make connections.

  36. I didn’t really find it all that confusing.  The first time through, I did, because I didn’t realize the girlfriend had been in the previous issue.  But when I looked back at the previous issue, I got where she fit in.  The cuts between scenes/storylines were a little quick, and I’m not sure where the Joker fit.  But I figure that will be explained and once I got used to the lack of transition between the scenes, it read fine.

  37. Not great, but good enought to get me to pick up the next issue.

  38. am i the only guy that isnt floored by tony daniel’s art?

  39. Loved, loved, loved this issue. I only gave it four stars because it is very much a calm before the stormkind of issue but it was a really impressive calm before the storm issue. And yes, Tony Daniel’s art here is really excellent.

  40. Five stars .. this was great … was there any real action it?? – and I still enjoyed it – was my pick for the week.

  41. much better after a second read

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