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I have a feeling that this issue could have had a couple pages in the last issue and the next.  I read it in about 2 minutes, tops.  I praised the last issue for making me excited about X-Men again and this one almost made me a little upset.

From the first few pages I felt like I didn’t need the rest of the book, it was almost painful how easy it was to figure out what was happening next.  Which is sad, because as ohcaroline stated this story arc has mostly kept us on our toes and hasn’t been telegraphed well.

Honestly I got done with this issue and was shocked the be reminded that Kirkman was the writer.  I’m only hoping that the efforts that are not on this book are directed elsewhere, Like The Walking Dead or Invincible.

I can at least say that this book looks pretty to me.  I really enjoy the art and coloring in this book.  I don’t really have too much to say about it that I haven’t said already.

Overall I can’t wait for this arc to be done so that I can leave X-Men on the shelf where I feel it belongs.  I really have fond memories of the book in my head from my childhood and I don’t want to ruin it anymore then Morrison has and what this run is now doing.  I hope the last issue is fantastic so that I can at least hope that some day I can return to X-Men.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I thought this was mediocre-to-laughably-bad.  But I wouldn’t judge the X-men line based on this title. Ultimate X-men has never really found an identity, and writers can’t seem to remember whether they are creating new characters and stories or lifting them from the main marvel universe.  


  2. I judge the X-Men line off of what I saw Morrison do.  It’s been a line of comics that I can’t get myself back into because I have the equivalent of Vietnam flashbacks.  The only "X" book I’ve gotten into is X-Factor because it seems so far removed.  That only happened recently.

    This was really the only outlet I had for an X-Men book in my mind, apocalypse being one of my favorite baddies and Kirkman being on this book sounded like a winning combo.  I can’t wait to drop it next issue.

  3. I didn’t like the Morrison era much, either, but neither those books nor this one is really representative of what’s going on in the X-titles right now.  Have you read "Astonishing"?  I found it great for getting that Morrison taste out of my mouth.  Whedon continues a lot of thematic stuff from Morrison’s era, but writes it so that the characters make sense (which, in my opinion, Morrison didn’t do; others’ mileage may vary).   I’m also loving "X-men: Legacy" — the current incarnation of the adjectiveless series, and I know a lot of people are digging Brubaker’s recent work on "Uncanny," even though I’m not.  Plus, for really old-school X-men action, both XM: First Class and Wolverine: First Class are doing great stories set in an earlier era. 

    There’s enough diversity in the X-titles that I think it would be a mistake to dismiss them because of one book — particularly this one, which is easily the worst one that isn’t X-Force.

  4. I have been debating on X-Men: First Class it sounds like good old comic book fun.  I don’t know what it is, but even when I heard Whedon was on Astonishing and tried to right some of the wrongs, I just couldn’t make myself interested anymore.

  5. This book has nothing to do with the mainline X-books dude.

     and ohcaroline – I told you so! 

  6. Balefuego was right. Can someone confirm that this series ending? This issue was decent and I understood what was going on for once, but I have been thinking of dropping this for awhile. I had heard it was ending soon so if that is true, I figure I might as well hang on until the end. Maybe all the Ultimate characters are really skrulls training to fight in the 616 (for Josh) universe and secret invasion will end the line.

  7. I keep hearing mixed news on whether it is ending or not.  I know it will end for me next issue.  I’m sorry X-Men, even with your new looks and swanky attitude, I’m just not ready to get back into a relationship with you…  No it’s not you it’s me I swear

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