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  1. Billy Tan’s art disgusts me. Man, I wish Jim Cheung was a little bit faster and just stayed on the book

  2. So I haven’t offically hated any of the tie ins but a spidey / Kazar story is pushing it.

  3. I’ll read it anyways, but I kind of was hoping for more Skrull back story again leading to Secret Invasion. I enjoyed the last issue so interested to see what comes up.

  4. @SixGun, I agree, Tan’s art is not brilliant and not a pastch on Cheung, who could be one of Marvels best current artists.

    This story still has potenetial, I must admit that the last issue was cool but I have been disspointed with the invasion tie ins (especially the Nick Fury) ones. It could be good I’ll wait and see. 

  5. @ SixGun, totally, the dude draws like nepolean dynomite

  6. i think i’m taking this issue off…

  7. I’m going to ride out the wave of colossal awfulness of Tan’s art in the hopes that the story continues to deliver.

  8. Just curious, does anyone have any idea how long the Secret Invasion is going to run? Through the Summer, I’m sure, but into the Fall, Winter?

  9. Yo, Spidey/Ka-Zar is a winning combination!  Remember the stuff Mike Wieringo did like 12 years ago?  Maybe that was just his art that made it great, but still.

  10. Give it up with the ‘classic cover’ thing.  I think that hit ‘beat to death status with the zombie thing.  Still enjoying the series, though.

  11. HAHA! Almost has many pulls as Final Crisis. Thats sad.

  12. Suprisingly, I liked this issue. The story filled in some blanks and I thought the art was pretty good. It didn’t move the story along much which is getting frustrating, but it was better than I expected.

  13. I feel like I have been reading the same issue for 3 months now.

    Can we PLEASE get out of the Savage land!?!?!?!?!?!


  14. Yes I think they should move out of the savage land, anyway the Ultimate Origins adverts in the comic make me wanna get that now.

  15. This issue was ok, but I can only handle so much of this decompression.  Spidey got flung by a dinosaur.  Spidey bumped into Ka-Zar.  They reflected on the past and we learned that the SHIELD agents in the savage land were actually skrulls.  They were going to keep chatting but then Captain Skrullmerica interrupted.  Then… oh wait, that’s it (plus a few Shanna butt-shots).

  16. @Unoob Yes. We really need to get the hell out of the savage land. What’s the point of doing a world-wide invasion/ifiltration story and make so much of it take place in a the middle of nowhere? What the hells going on with Sheild? Sword? Stark Industries? The Government? Come on now! Move it a long!

    All the same, I enjoyed this issue. I thought the Dialog between Shanna and Spiderman was pretty great. I liked the art. And the last page managed to make me say, "oooh…" But I was hoping for more "Damn!" "Goddamn!"  and "Hot Damn!!!" moments. Like the first issue. F things up already! 

  17. I liked this issue a good bit–wrapped up how the past story lines fit in–except, what about psuedo Black Widow?  She led this group of Sheild agents and then became a Super-Adaptoid–is she a skrull who became a super-adaptoid, or what?  Get on that, Bendis!

  18. how can tans Art Disgust you thats a strong word, book burnings disgust me not comic book art… come on now.  I really think this guy is going to come into his own. Granted his confusing layouts are bothersome, but you have to admit hes young and he shows promise

  19. What the hell was this issue? Seriously…

  20. I didn’t mind the art it wasn’t as good as cheung but hey it wasn’t bad …. I liked it as I like both Kazar and Spidey – although spide-man is acting very skrully to me.

  21. HA@ the last page.

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