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Hades and Poseidon both have designs on the kingdom their brother Zeus left behind, but Wonder Woman doesn’t intend to let their turf war decimate the realm of man! It’ll take a big lie and some help from the mystery man known as Lennox to stop a holy war from breaking out – but what does Lennox know that Wonder Woman doesn’t?

Variant cover by CLIFF CHIANG

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  1. Another non Cliff Chiang issue makes me sad in the pants.

  2. these covers… so awesome

  3. The Tony Akins art isn’t bad and I am enjoying the story very much so I don’t notice it very much.

  4. Didn’t love last issue, but sure this one will pick up! Love this cover along with last months.

  5. Me too! Great covers all around!

  6. I’ll keep in eye out for Tony Akins from now on. He seemed to be apeing Chiang, so I’m curious to see what else he is capable of.

  7. This started out fast and really had me on board until last issue I felt kinda of let down to be honest. The story and the art just seemed to be there and nothing more, like it was trying to explain things way to hard instead of letting the art and the story line flow. If that makes any sense, it does to me. Although I will say this title has been a fantastic suprise unitl this issue.


  8. Cliff Chiang come baaaaaaaaaaaack!

  9. Incredibly happy with this series. Even with Cliff Chiang taking a bit of a break, every issue has been a blast. It’s a smart and fun story that doesn’t pander or dumb itself down to its audience, and is not overly complicated. I have to give Brian Azzarello props for writing a great female-centric series that doesn’t confuse empowerment with exploitation, which is a common faux pas.

  10. Wonder Woman VS Cerberus makes me very happy….I also think Akins is a great filler artist

  11. This series has been solid enough to make me commit reading it for 12 issues, at least. So we’re halfway there. I want to see how Azzarello’s story about the gods shakes out.

    The guest artist last issue was decent enough, though a definite step down from Chang. For some reason the color looked weird matched with the art last time…

    This is still definitely worth a read. I like the unique cast of characters that have been established, and Azzarello is using the “Greek gods on Earth!” motif in a way that doesn’t seem cliche at all, which is very impressive.

  12. I know I am in the minority here but i prefer Atkins to Chiang. Very much into this book.

  13. It must be this artist but AGAIN it took me three reads to work out what was going on in this issue.

    I don’t know any of the more obscure details of Greek mythology but is the candle stuff a ‘thing’ from the myths? Although I now know what happened and why Hera is angry (at least I think I do ) the events still have no logic to them. Should I have known that about the candle? Or the mirror thing for that matter?

  14. I’m with PerplexedDCreader. I have no idea what happened this last issue.

  15. WW and the other Zeus basteard (name?) tricked Poseidon & Hades(Hell) into a fake truce in order for the Zeus bastard to steal the candle from Hades head in order for WW to break Hera’s mirror/view-finder? so that Hera couldn’t spy on Zeus’ children on Earth (specifically the preggers chick?)

    As you can tell by my many question marks, I’m not 100%. I fault Azzarello for that though, not the artist.

    • Yes. This is exactly what happened. Now hera is blind and zola should be protected but hades is now forcing ww to go through w the plan for zeus’ throne.

  16. The art definitely took a hit this month. I thought Akins did a great job with the fill in last month. It was still his art but with a hint of Chiang’s style. This issue he was obviously under the gun more because it looks rushed. But it’s still solid and readable. I like issues to arrive on a regular schedule and I understand why DC are trying to stick to their deadlines now but there is an obvious quality sacrifice going on in some titles.

  17. I’m not sure why everyone wasso confused by this issue, I understood it fine. I do understand that some of Brian Azzarellos dialogue and storytelling can be confusing sometimes though to some ppl including me I just didn’t find that to be the case this time around. I have the same problem with Grant Morrisons stuff sometimes

  18. this was absolutely awful. it was a train wreck. I didn’t enjoy the art but the storytelling was really the flaw. It was confusing and it was very interesting. There is no reason for me to pick up the next issue except i have a mail subscription for the next year. i have no idea why this has an average rating of 4, and amazing spider-man has a 3.8.

  19. I still love this book – and I think Tony Akins is a wonderful artist in his own right, let alone as a seat-warmer for our beloved Mr. Chiang. However, for me, the writing is starting to show cracks. My biggest problem is that the story, while being an interesting modern take on the Greek pantheon, is also a wholly generic one; you can plug almost any hero into the middle of it, it’s not specifically Wonder Woman-y at all. Because of this, I feel like we’re not getting to know Diana that much at a time when getting to know her should be crucial (i.e. the launch of the New 52, and a “new” Wonder Woman). It’s a similar problem I’m noticing over at SUPERBOY, which is also so plot-driven and rife with supporting characters that I’m not getting enough of our title hero, the reason I’m plunking down my money month after month.

  20. a very interesting take on both poseidon and hades. the candles on hades head was strange, but cool.
    and i usually dont say something like this, but i love the colors of this book. from issue one on i have noticed how complimentary it is to the rest of the art.
    i really love the focus on greek mythology in this book. i hope they continue to work around that theme rather heavily from here on out.
    have really enjoyed the character building moments between diana and zola in the past few issues and the introduction lennox has been a blast. he’s kinda funny. nice to have a lil’ comic relief. i wonder what’s up with his fingers since he seems to be near invulnerable like WW. seems a lil’ outa place

  21. Akins really uped his game this issue. Last issue was good but this one was fantastic. I know Snyder’s Batman is getting a lot of love (quite rightly) this is my POTW though. Love the story, love the art.

  22. A bit confused by this issue but Akins did a fine job as a fill-in artist (since his style doesn’t clash against Chiang’s, unlike last week’s Green Lantern 6.)

    Confused, but interested, so that’s the important thing.

  23. Don’t know why people are confused by this. I guess its because of the magic ritual. Well, right after that we see Hera’s broken mirror in Olympus (with a candle in the middle), and have Poseidon say that the entire scheme by Diana and Lennox was about blinding Hera, so I don’t know what was so confusing.

  24. CLIFF CHIANG, please come home soon.

  25. Again for me I think we are getting deeper and deeper into the gods in yet another WW book. I for one understand it is her origins and alot of where she comes from however; I really would like to see her character in some other super hero situations and build a rogues gallery of her own minus the greek gods! Been there, done that and it bores me. I am guessing everyone is confussed because it can become boring and possibly because this is a reboot and some of the gods are much different then what some people are used too. Again I think the further down the preverbial rabbit hole we go with WW the more I feel we will be trapped with the gods and I really think some more Diana development is needed and the rogues would benefit her and make her even stronger as a front line hero. The greek gods for me in WW have always made me drop her title and never come back, thats all I am saying.


  26. Ha! Poseidon joked about Hera not putting out. lol.

    Hera is the sexiest character in comics. Love that peacock hood she wears. Yum!

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