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  1. Diana and the gang lured the Gods into a trap in order to do a spell that would protect Zola from Hera, but Hades was pissed off at being used and took her anyway. #notthatcomplicatedreally

  2. Lennox grabs a candle from Hades’s head. Diana grabs it, teleports it away and throws it into a black pool. Hera yells at her; Diana teleports away again.

    This is supposed to be a spell to protect Zola? How am I supposed to know that? How do you know that?

    I’m just going based on what the comic tells me, and so far, it’s not telling me enough. It hasn’t set up clear rules for how magic works in the WW universe, hasn’t given me clues to figure out what’s going on and is instead bombarding me with bad puns and wordplay. I’m not asking Brian Azzarello to draw me a map; I’m a reasonably well-educated person, and I’m not an idiot. I just can’t get invested in this story if I don’t know what’s going on or what the stakes are.

  3. They’ve destroyed Hera’s ability to find Zola in her reflecting pool.

    “So this was just about blinding Hera for you?”

    “Seems like we’ve been played for fools, brother.”

    Those two quotes, plus the fact that it if you had to guess what the weird ritual was that Diana did without knowing? It kind of looks like a spell. I think so anyway.

    • You’re probably right; I just wish I could be more certain of that after reading it four times and browsing comics forums full of people just as confused as I am. Destroying that reflecting pool doesn’t necessarily make Zola safe or untraceable; Hera was just in London a few seconds ago, and already knows that’s where Zola is. Have they established that Hera needs the pool to see Zola at all — or to see anything at all — and that she’s powerless without it?

  4. I also had no idea what they were doing. Not sure I’ll keep reading the book.

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