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• THIS IS IT! The greatest era of the Marvel Universe starts here! From the ashes of AvX an all-new, all-different Avengers assemble!

• Captain America begins his quest to create a sanctioned Avengers unit comprised of Avengers and X-Men, humans and mutants working together – so why is Professor Xavier’s dream more at risk than ever?

• The first attack of the most loathsome villain in history will quake the Marvel Universe forever!

• The funeral of one of Marvel’s greatest heroes!

Story by Rick Remender
Art by John Cassaday
Cover by John Cassaday, Adi Granov, Daniel Acuña, & Skottie Young

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.7%
Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. I can’t be the only one jazzed about this book.

  2. Can’t wait to read this.


  4. I will probably get the trade if this turns out good, otherwise I am buying literally just to sell. Hey we all know it’ll sell out so I’m just taking advantage of the market, sorry!

  5. i fell off of AVX around issue 4, but i want to check out some of the Marvel Now books. other than Cyclops going nuts and killing Xavier and everyone coming together to whip his ass to save the world, what do i NEED to know?

  6. “Most loathsome villain”? No way to narrow that list down. Not a bad line up I guess, but I’m not sure if Rogue is really trustworthy. I think it was nice of the villain to wait until AvX was over and Cap assembled this team before he/she/it/they struck.

  7. How many teams is Wolverine going to be on anyway? Poor guy must not sleep much he’s so busy.

    • Jason Aaron wrote a really good issue of Wolverine a couple years ago that dealt with that very question!

    • Looking into the solicitations, it looks like Wolvie is only on this team and in the Savage Land. Of course they will say both are “in continuity” and you never know the correct order.

  8. I’m just curious. I haven’t read a Marvel team book in a long while. Hope it hooks me.

  9. I’m thinking about picking this up just to try. The only Marvel book I read is Daredevil (ironically my favourite superhero title at the moment).

    I know its a number one issue but do you think this will be accessible to new readers after that AvX debacle?

  10. Surprisingly really excited for this. Remender can write a hell of a team book, and all the Cassaday art looks great so far. It’s worth a shot, for sure.

  11. Love uncanny x-force and secret Avengers, with Remender’s run on them coming to an end, I’m definetly picking up this and Cap.

  12. I can’t believe this is coming out already

  13. I’m a little confused. I was under the impression that marvel now was kinda like the dc new 52, and AvX was like Flashpoint. I read a preview and it seems that this relaunch is in continuity. So what the hell is marvel now? Just a banner above new number 1’s?

    • It’s really more about switching up creative teams since a lot of the veteran writers are moving on (Brubaker leaving Captain America, Hickman leaving F4/FF, Fraction leaving Iron Man). And a few new title have sprung up at the same time. Marvel’s just trying to capitalize on some of the publicity from the change ups.

    • I think that’s it. Except for the X-men young coming out of time to see the mess that the X-men old have made of the world I don’t think that anything has been shifted. This title sort of puzzles me because mutants and X-men have been on the Avengers for years, Cap deliberately trying to create an integrated team reminds me of when the US government forced the Avengers to make the Falcon a member because he was black and they needed to follow federal de-segration laws or something.

    • That’s exactly what i was wondering. If it’s just an over glorified renumbering then I will probably not grab any of the new titles. My marvel stack keeps getting thinner and thinner (AvX tie-ins made me drop a ton)

    • I definitely wouldn’t call the initiative a glorified renumbering, as every title (nearly) is changing creative teams and directions. The new books will probably resemble the previous volumes very little. For example, odds are low that Remender is going to write a similar Avengers book to Bendis.

    • That’s about the same as any other new creator run on an ongoing book, glorified renumbering does sound like an accurate description. Not that those can’t be good jumping on points, but that is what it is.

    • Thanks for the info. It just feels tiresome at this point. trying to understand a new arc vs a new run vs a reboot. I understand new number ones draw in more readers, but it’s getting to the point of overkill. The new 52 seemed like a ballsy move and it just seems to me like Marvel is trying to capitalize on that. I’m a big Marvel fan too, but I just like reading comics, I hate having to figure out what the title I’m reading is going to be retitled as two months from now.

  14. This may be a done-in-one for me. I saw some of the preview pages — and hate that Thor looks emaciated and Cap’s new cinematic armor. I guess I understand Marvel wanting to create a synergy between the movie and their Avengers books, but it’s really turning me off. Also, Cassady’s work — just isn’t as impressive as it once was.

  15. I’ll try it out. The team feels a bit weird to me but I’ll give it a go. Just feels a bit…I dunno, empty?

  16. This issue was a hot steamy pile of crap. It was both painful and boring to read. The art saved it a bit, but other then the “twist” on the last panel this book was a complete waste of time and utterly forgettable. Remender is quickly making his way onto my writers to avoid list. If I can save you 3.99 and 20 minutes of your life, I strongly suggest to save your time and money. Pick up Avengers 31 instead.

  17. Very happy to see a fresh face writing Avengers, as this was quite a refreshing read. A few scenes of excitement, but more importantly, lots of setting up the character of the team as a whole. Remender is an incredibly talented writer, so it’s good to see that he didn’t just slam all these characters together onto a team willy nilly. Plus, that last page was some next level stuff.

  18. I was left a little cold by Cassaday’s art; it felt very static, very stiff, plus all of his male figures look really doughy. I picked this up because I love Remender’s work, and the writing promised some very interesting directions, but it felt a little de-compressed, and combined with the stiff artwork did feel like it moved too slowly, despite the action on the pages. Not quite sure if I’m going to continue, as I’m looking to trim my pull list.

    • Avatar photo Parri (@pazzatron) says:

      I thought the same thing about the art. Cap was all over the place in body shape and facial features. The panel of the long shot of him atop a bit of building from behind? He’s looking a couple of stone over weight.

      You’d think all that AvX business would have kept him in pretty good shape.

    • Also, Havok’s sudden costume change was silly, not to mention one moment they’re walking the halls of Logan’s school and all of a sudden they’re in the middle of a fight. Wut?

  19. Well…it was good. But by no means anywhere near what I was hoping for and expecting. A little let down.

  20. Big fan of RR but this was a bit disappointing. I’ll still give it a few issues as I know he can develop the team, they have potential to have a great dynamic. I think the art really let it down.

  21. Avatar photo Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    “The place we go also makes lattes if you prefer. I do.”

    And that’s why I love Remender.

  22. I am impressed and a bit grossed out that Rememnder went where he did in that final page. Impressive. Not a huge fan of Cassady, but he certainly makes a good go of it.

  23. Cassady’s art lately has been a little…. weird. Hoping he can recapture the awesomeness of his Astonishing X-Men run.

    check out what else made my top 10 comics of the week

  24. that was a pretty book to look at.

  25. No not working for me. Shame on Remender for being a Marvel sheep. You keep on trying to make Cyclops a villain and Wolverine some sort of pacifist. Someone needs to give that runt a beating. I don’t think I’ve met such an arrogant SOB. Yes I know he’s a Marvel character but you don’t see Superman, Batman, Thor, hell even the Hulk going round like psyho’s threatening to kill someone every minute just because he’s upset yet have everyone written to follow him like sheep just because he’s a top selling character for the company. I call bull Marvel and always will

    • A Marvel sheep? I don’t think so. The guy just has his own opinion on Cyclops and his current position. If he had wanted, he could of just left the Cyclops scene out and traded it out for something else, but he didn’t, because he’s showing how he think Cyclops should be treated at this moment in time. Is that great for the character? No. But it makes for a good story. I, for one, am excited to see more of Cyclops the way he is right now, because his situation makes him an extremely interesting character.
      As for Wolverine, he said in the issue that he’s going to try to stop with the hate and revenge and so on in honour of Professor X’s memory. So no, he probably won’t do as much of the threatening to kill people part from now on.
      Look, I get that you’re angry at Marvel. I would be, too, if I was a Cyclops fan. But calling a writer a sheep because they didn’t represent characters the way you wanted them to be represented? That’s a bit too much. I prefer Wolverine over Cyclops, and always have. Does that make me a Marvel sheep, too?

  26. Ok so i had some problems with this and the whole deployment of Marvel Now. First off Ive typically been a fan of remender but this seemed like it was directly tied into AvX which i only read a few issues of and then dropped. I thought this whole marvel now was going to be a fresh start to the marvel U but this was almost like a fallout issue. What the hell marvel? I was really excited for getting back into some rebooted marvel books but since marvel now is just a glorified renumbering i think i will pass on almost all of these. What a shame.

  27. Cap mentioned Alex having a clean record. Didn’t Alex run around claiming to be a mutant terrorist in the mid 90s? Also, Cap’s uniform looks way different here than it does in AvX: Consequences.

    • They need to pick a look and stick with it! And get rid of that ridiculous chinstrap!

    • Not sure about the mutant terrorist thing, but Havok was part of the late 80s “outback outlaw” group of X-Men. However, I think there was some crazy Claremont wackiness going (the X-Men were all invisible to all cameras and recording equipment?) so maybe that era isn’t in Cap’s dossier.

      I can get behind it though, it’s nice to have Havok front and center in a high profile book for a change.

    • I think the Dark Beast was mind controlling him at the time. And mind control never counts against you.

  28. Seems as though many people these days expect new issue #1’s to be much more than an introduction issue.
    I thought Remender and Cassaday both did quite a good job introducing the primary characters and the situation left by AvX.
    Some panels seemed to have too much texture and detail causing some characters to look very silly… Such as Cap’s chainmail and helm. Other scenes i thought were beautiful and powerful, such as the conversation between rogue and scarlet witch. And I have to say that both of their costumes looked very nice.
    At least now we have characters and conflict established… Cant wait to see where this creative team takes us!

  29. Overall it was a solid issue. Some of the costume designs are a little iffy, especially Havok’s which is just terrible, but other than that it was a good start. I’ll be picking up the next issue for sure but I’ll have to see after that.

  30. Ya this was just meh not that great I’m not entirely interested with any of the seeds being planted so far

  31. Amazing to me that people are talking about the brilliant writing etc. The two pages when the bad guy squad show up are frankly embarrassing. “I’m bad guy one, and this is my power works”! “Well, as bad guy number 2, I’ll just do this!!!”.


  32. I really liked this issue, last panel was a real shocker for me. Great art and I’m liking the direction Remender is taking this so far.

  33. “THIS IS IT! The greatest era of the Marvel Universe starts here!”
    “The funeral of one of Marvel’s greatest heroes!”
    “…the most loathsome villain in history will quake the Marvel Universe forever!”

    The GREATEST MARVEL ERA would include ALL of it’s GREATEST HEROES and the MOST LOATHSOME VILLAIN would NOT quake the Marvel Universe FOREVER.

    These bullet-point solicits are useless and so full of hyperbole, it loses any impact or semblance of coherency.

    • Your post made me wonder, what *should* the goal of the solicitations be?

      It used to be that they just gave some basic info about the books so retailers could make smarter orders, and that’s still their primary reason for existing, but since they’ve become publicly available on the web I think we’ve seen them become more for readers, hence all the bombast and hyperbole.

      Do retailers still find the solicitation text helpful? Do readers put too much stock in them?


  34. LOVED this book.

    When Remender announced he was leaving X-Force to do this, I feared as an X-fan that we’d lost our best writer to the machine-like, more impersonal world of the Avengers, much like how I felt AvX treated the X-Men. However, this reads much more like an X-Men book, with Cap and Thor thrown in as ancillary characters.

    I’m incredibly intrigued with Havok’s role. Remender has shown his knack for turning B or C-level characters into superstars (ie. Fantomex) and you can already see the seeds of a star-making run for Alex with the plot points brought up in this issue.

    Also the scene with Wanda and Rogue was cool. Served to show the mutants’ lingering hatred for her, setting the scene for what will hopefully be a rewarding redemption.

    And I don’t get all the criticism of Cassaday’s art. I found it just as good as any of his work on Astonishing.

    To me, Cassaday excels in his facials and ability to express the PERFECT emotion on his characters faces. His posing and anatomy aren’t ultra-realistic like others, but as a storyteller he gets it RIGHT.


    I was hoping for an explanation for the costume changes. In Astonishing Whedon gave a perfect excuse and timed the new costumes perfectly. In this… Havok is wearing a trenchcoat in one moment… then all of a sudden appears in his 80’s garb. A little sloppy.

    Also, I have to believe that the way the villain group spoke was done to be tongue-in-cheek camp. While this isn’t made completely clear, something like this definitely fits in with Remender’s um, vivid, sense of humor.

    Overall, I’m stoked with this book. 5 stars.

    • Yeah, I read the villain group as being a bit over the top on purpose — maybe they’re some hardcore cosplayers that have been enhanced by the Red Skull?

      I noticed the quick costume change for Havok as well, but it didn’t bug me too much. I’ll have to look again, but he basically just had to lose the jacket and pull up the cowl, right? That’s doable.

      I was a tiny bit confused at the end though — did the villains take Wanda AND Rogue? Maybe I didn’t look carefully enough, but it was difficult to tell if they both were taken.

    • @wushugushu (who replied above): Thanks! I kind of glossed over the panel where Rogue gets punched out, so the panel of the villains walking away in silhouette didn’t make sense to me. That’s what I get for trying to read all my comics just before bed!

    • I regards to the group of villain’s campy lines, that kinda page helped sell me on the entire issue.

      “No mutant shall escape the anger of my living wind!”
      Followed by the wind saying,”I live to attack.”

      I love that shit and Remender has a knack for making it work. It’s a super-hero comic, the perfect place to embrace that kind of camp. I know it’s a turn off for some readers but those folks can go read Batman or something.

    • Bah, I always gloss over some of my errors!

      *In regards to the group of villain’s campy lines, that page kinda helped sell me on the entire issue.

  35. This was terrible.

  36. i think this is fantastic. love Cassaday’s work, all the bitchin’ concerning his style and how it’s not as good as it once was goes directly over my head and Remender told an engaging story that i want to follow.
    i was hooked from page 1 and the final page sealed the deal. i used to read X-factor back in the day, so it’s nice to revisit one of my favorite characters in Havok.
    so far, Marvel Now is a success for this waning Marvel reader. i was down to 3 marvel titles(USM, punisher,DD) until this. i’m calling my LCS to have this put on my pull list ASAP. looking forward to Bendis’ X-Men, Waid’s Hulk and Aaron’s Thor.

  37. Not feeling Cassaday’s work at all, figures look off and features look weird. everything about this book looked rushed and inconsistent. Remender has been a revelation for me in UXF and SA (bringing be back to x-titles kicking and screaming after YEARS in exile) So i’m willing to stick this out for a few months and see where it goes

  38. This was alright, 4 stars, not that much happened and i didn’t feel the emotion at Chucks funeral, i guess i am just so over the dead this week and back the next. Think the series will be good though. just didn’t think this was anywhere near pick of the week. if not Bats i would have still put Punk Rock Jesus ahead of this. Each to there own though, that’s the beauty of art.

  39. Did anyone else notice that Red Skull has recruited Rahzar from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ll : secret of the ooze?

  40. This was a 4 star book at best. The entire issue seemed rushed.

    The two pages of Wanda visiting Xaviers grave were full of problems alone. For some reason, one panel only had narrative boxes for some of the dialogue, with no real reasoning. They used the same phrase “set these events in motion” twice, which came off as repetitive. The villains showed up and just fell short for me. And the art was just not the best.

    I did however like the Big Bad reveal, that alone will keep me on board for a few more issues.

    3.5 / 5 for me.

  41. There sure are some mixed reactions on this one. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Aside from one arc I have loved Remender’s Uncanny X-Force. Yet I dropped Secret Avengers after 2 issues. I haven’t been into an Avengers comics for a while. I didn’t read AvX.

    I enjoyed this. It’s a solid 4 star book, on the verge of a 5 star book. The cast is tight with well-balanced face time so far, similar to X-Force. There were good emotional beats. They picked a great choice of villain. My only complaint story wise is I’d like more foundation in the first issue. This really could’ve benefited from extra pages.

    Cassaday’s recent cover work has been weak. These interiors are a return to form and remind me why I loved his work so much on Astonishing X-Men. So I have no complaints there.

    I’m on board until I get bored or they have some lame crossover. Hopefully this can avoid the latter like Uncanny X-Force.

  42. Why would anyone by bothered by Charles’s death? He’s an X-man, they die all the time. Is this his second or third death?

  43. Read through this today in the store. A few things I’m confused about. Why is everyone down on Cyclops? What did he do that was different than what Tony did in cw or the Hulk did in WWH? No one seems to hold their actions against them. Also why after everything that Pof X did over his life do people reguard him as a great man all of a sudden? And finally after what she did to Carol Danvers how can Rogue be so morally above Wanda? Does the writer know anything about marvel history?

    • Stark and friends were 1) Working for the government, and 2) Never attempted to destroy the earth, like the Phoenix Force ended up convincing Scott to do. Yes, Goliath was killed in CW but it was unintentional at the hands of robot-Thor and no one cares about Goliath anyway.

      Agreed about Rogue but she’s dealt with those issues with Carol directly and has done a lot to redeem herself since then. Though I wouldn’t put it past Remender to not bring up that thread in future issues.

      And yeah, if you’ve read any of his previous works you’ll know he knows plenty about Marvel history.

    • So if Cyke were working for the government what he did would be ok?

      And to tell you the truth I’ve never bought the idea that Clor malfunctioned. I think -as will be revealed in some future retcon- that Tony sent Clor out to kill Cap and Clor just killed the wrong one.

    • “So if Cyke were working for the government what he did would be ok?”

      You can question America’s motives, but if you’re against them, you’ll probably be punished more severely.

  44. Not a bad start for the series. Havok and Scarlet Witch are the subjects of most characterization in the book. John Cassaday’s pencils are pretty awesome, and the Red Skull’s plan is… ew! About those 18 variant covers… a little over the top?

    Please check my mini-review of Uncanny Avengers #1 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  45. I really enjoyed this quite a bit, liked the art and love Remender’s writing. Definitely on board and really glad to see some less popular characters (Havok, Scarlet Witch) getting chances in a flagship Marvel U book. Great week for comics all around.

  46. I dug it. Few hiccups in the art (as noted above). This is not boring–and boring is a cardinal comics sin for me. 4 stars.

  47. Did y’all try the AR stuff? What did you think? I thought it was a little wonky with buffering issues and had to restart the app after every use but the idea is pretty cool. Made me look through the issue twice at least.

    • Yeah, I had the exact same issue. If it actually worked it would always freeze and I would have to restart it. I gave up after the second AR page.

  48. Bit disappointed in this issue. Maybe it was the HUGE hype Marvel put up for it, or maybe just that I felt a few characters’ dialogue just didn’t scan right, or seem logical. The Scarlet Witch in particular.

    The big shock ending just seemed a bit cheap also.

    I can’t quite say why it felt like such a flat issue, but to be honest AvX: Consequences felt like it dealt with the AvX fallout much better from this week.

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