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Avg Rating: 4.0
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Story by Rick Remender
Art by John Cassaday
Cover by John Cassaday, Adi Granov, Daniel Acuña, & Skottie Young

Size: 22 pages
Price: 3.99

Okay, what was the goal of this comic?

First, it’s the launch title for Marvel Now so I’m assuming that it’s supposed to be entertaining.

In that realm, the comic succeeds. There’s enough chess pieces thrown onto the board to keep you engaged and intrigued about the plot.

However, if the goal was to write a cohesive, character driven comic, then this simply does not work.

Thinking back to the first issues that stick with me there’s one thing that’s constant: character development (or at least the tease of it–see Synder’s Batman #1).

Although there are plenty of good questions and what if’s left to answer, I’m sadly disappointed that there wasn’t a SINGLE character I cared about. Not a single damn one.

And yes, I know this is an ensemble book, but God-damn, I’m going to need one character I give two shits about. I mean there’s a page or two given to Wolverine that could be considered character development, but that’s it.

Ultimately, I’m hoping this is just like the first 20 minutes of The Avengers where there’s no clear character to relate to, just a set up, a clever arranging of chess pieces, until the final, albeit satisfying and character driven, checkmate in the end.

But, I’ll check it out for a few more issues, hoping that an engaging, three-dimensional character(s) emerges.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. You’re right in that it’s a little hard to identify a relatable main character in this issue, but my guess is that this book will ultimately be about Havok’s development into an A-list character.

    I’m also hoping that this will also be the book that brings Rogue into her own as a hero (Carey and Gage’s work on X-Men Legacy did a lot of the heavy lifting, so hopefully Remender can run with her as a character that has finally dealt with her past). Scarlet Witch is also well-positioned to develop beyond the shadow of House of M in this book, so hopefully we’ll see that too.

    As for Cap, Thor and Wolverine? O think they’ll add some nice flavors, but I don’t anticipate this book focusing too much on them (especially with Remender also writing Cap’s solo book).

    • Much agreed. I re-read it again today, and I really feel, like you, that Havoc is going to play a huge role in this series. It seems like the arc is going to be his transition from passive observer, to reluctant leader and then exemplary leader of the group. It would be great to see Rogue and Scarlet develop into their own, too, so I’m really hoping, like you, that Remender uses this title to build these characters well.

      Overall, though, I just feel it was a little messy–Remender did say it was originally close to 33 pages– yet I’m hopefull we’ll tap more into Havoc’s character, soon.

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