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  1. I’ve given up on this series….Nothing has happened that makes me wanna waste another 20 bucks to see what happens. Slow pacing, and just uninteresting; two statements that completely discribes this title.

    So thank you Marvel, you’ve given me hope that you arent the comic juggernaut many people think you are. Your just as equally as good as DC now.

  2. We don’t agree! (see Action Comics comments to understand)  I’m still onboard this one, my faith in Bendis is unwaivering.

  3. I’m still excited about this. I have low expectations for the pace of this issue. But I expect at least a couple of awesome things will happen and that the art will remain great.

  4. I believe in Bendis! So far, I’ve really enjoyed this series and this event as a whole. Now we’ll see how the tie-ins, which are finally kicking in in a major way, turn out. So far so good though.

  5. My only pull for the week. I hope something happens.

  6. Go Go Bendis!

  7. Yeah, I’m not picking this up unless something happens that makes me care, first and forthwidth, the Avengers leaving that frickin’ island.

  8. I think the chances of the avengers leaving the savage land by the end of this issue are about fifty/fifty. I’m hoping for cool Thor/Cap stuff and cool Agent Brand stuff. Also, I’m hoping something special happens with Iron Man. A new suit maybe. Maybe just a haircut. Maybe a rescue by Nick Fury.

  9. Hoping to see more Agent Brand action, as well as more of the hood.  At the very least there should be some great Thor/Cap action to make it worth my $4. Oh and i hope the Sentry is still crying in space. It’s hilarious.

  10. DO not ship – ordered by MISTAKE –  I QUIT !! I Will not pay for this STUFF… BYe bye Forever

  11. Yea was so excited about this before it started now im just bumming but enter cap and thor two high points of the marvel u should be hard to mess this issue up.. I still think final crisis is so much better i think DC is just running on all cylinders right now. Morrison and Johns are just doing great work

  12. I probably wont go POTW on this but I really am looking forward to it.

  13. We’ll probably get one panel of a group of Skrulls saying "Embrace Change!", and then it’ll move on to any one of the other snippets of action taking place. Seriously, this series is just a bunch of brief clips of action and not a cohesive story in the least. I’ll keep reading it because I’m such a whore for Marvel, but this might be the last major Marvel wide event that I buy for awhile. Time for me to go back to my roots and stick with the X-men books only.

  14. Oh just wait till the cry finally happens "Avengers ASSEMBLE"  you’ll all be fist pumping with glee.

  15. If I see the Savage Land again…. man o man….

  16. I cant wait for this. That last page totally left me wanting to see thor and cap tear it up! I was re-reading a bunch of the New avengers stuff before this and i want to know whats happening with the hood now. That one page teaser could lead to some interesting stuff from last issue.

  17. @Cam: Sadly my friend, as awesome as that might be….That isnt enough to make me waste another 4bucks on an issue.

    Oh and why should we care about Thor in this series anyways? He can barely hold up against Red Hulk so how well is he gonna do against Skrulls? (notice head in flames with anger on the lastest Hulk issue)

  18. @thenextchampion: I’ll let you know when it happens. 🙂

  19. Yawn.  Call me when the trade is out.

  20. Yea, I’m swinging back in forth between the fact that the four issues he’s given us so far have been pretty lame, and the fact that Bendis seamingly hasn’t layed out all his cards yet.

    Plus I really cannot tell whether this is supposed to be sattire or not. I’m not sure if it actually being sattire will earn it brownie points, but I kinda want to figure that out.


    Sorry for the caps but I really think this is something that people will want to know.

  22. Instead of having the Avengers in the Savage Land for 4 issues maybe they should have trimmed this series down to 6-7 issues, then maybe it would have flowed better.

  23. Anyone else think its weird how much this cover looks like the cover for Amazing SpiderMan 568 (out next week)??? 

  24. I’m pretty much committed to getting the whole series at this point. I kinda don’t want to, but I hate leaving holes in any miniseries in my collection. It’s just a bad habit/neurosis I guess. NEXT frakking event I’m waiting for the trade or good buzz, fer shure!

  25. Nick Fury was right!

  26. I’m torn. Granted, they are in the process of leaving, but technically they’re still on the stupid island when the issue ends.   I’m so confused on how to feel about that.  I guess I should be happy, but when I saw that last page, I was slightly dissappointed.  Nice scene with Hill though.  That was cool.

  27. best book of the series so far!!!

  28. So….we’re okay that apparantly our heroes are killing Skrulls? I thought the final "fight" scene was a bit…disturbing.

    Was that supposed to be a Yay! moment?

  29. @finbarbat I agree with you about that. But I think it was supposed to be at least as disturbing as it was a yay moment. Reed and Clint were going batshit in this issue. I liked that. Makes the situation feel more desperate.

  30. Clint Barton is pissed! I was a little disappointed by the lack of Cap but otherwise blown away by this issue.  Definitely best in the series so far. Also, for the first time ever, i think i like Maria Hill.

  31. This is the best issue of the series so far.  Things actually happened this issue to move the story foward, and we’re finally getting out of the Savage Land.  The last page was amazing, and I’m excited about SI again. 

  32. It was good, not great,though.  I gave it a whole point higher for the excellent Norman Osborne speech on the first page. However, this is really disjointedly paced. Like, why not have done some of this last issue and moved the New Howling Commandoes to this issue?


    And the pay off for Maria Hill was not worth the wait. 

  33. Ok. I’m kinda convinced that Bendis is satirring big event comics. The big splash page where the girl kept ask "who are these people" without and answers. The talk about "cop outs". And that ridiculous splash page at the end. i might write a review of this one. 

    On the whole, though, I’m lost as to why Reed can make the imposters skrull-out. wtf?

  34. ehhhhh…this was…whatever.

  35. @AlexG – I am in complete agreement. I think I’m done with this book. I just don’t care about any of the characters, and think that most of the interesting aspects of the overall SI story are being told in the tie-ins, which annoys me to no end.

  36. @Muady

    If you remember, he figured it out in the first issue before getting shot.

     As far as I’m concerned, this issue marks a major payoff in terms of the series so far.

  37. it was good. the story seemed to actuly move!  not far but it did move.  next event i may get in trade.  also, did anyone else see how the heroes just comited murder?  these are scrulls that dont even know that they are the bad guys.  they didn’t even try and defend themselfs.  so what? now we kill all skrulls on sight no matter what?  there are lots of skrulls that have just been hidding on earth.  i think a line was crossed today, what will it bring? i dont know, we’ll see.

  38. I laughed when I saw that Simon Cowell was telling us that "He loves you so much"

  39. Oh, wasn’t the Vision zapped last issue? He looks fine now. What happened there? (probably explained in another comic – so much for you can understand everything without buying crossovers!)

  40. Finally something happened!

    And it was cool to see Reed being a badass.

    I know he is smart, but figuring out so quickly how to show who is a Skrull and who is not with that gun?

  41. This may be my favorite issue of the mini-series (at least equal to my enjoyment of #1) but it wasn’t my favorite Secret War title this week by far.  SI Thor, SI Inhumans and SI X-Men were all more enjoyable for me.  I could easily imagine fans choosing to follow only one of the other "side" minis and getting more enjoyment than someone only reading the "main" story.

  42. This was an okay issue, but they totally sold out on Cap and Thor. Why hype people for something like that then completely leave them out of the next issue?  It’s like they had a good idea for a story, but not any clue on what the middle of the story would be. It’s like they knew they wanted a ship full of old heroes to come out, and they probably have an idea of what the ending will be. But the middle of the story is incredibly weak.

  43. @SamMorgan I was wondering the same thing!  Didn’t the Vision have his head blown out?

  44. @shogunt Oh my god, your right! I totally forgot! I want Cap and Thor if they promise me Cap and Thor!  

  45. I still have some hope for this, but damn, how slow are we going here? What has happened over the last 3 issues?? Not a whole hell of a lot. Cap and Thor, WTF?!? 

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