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  1. S.W.O.R.D. is the anti-alien division of SHIELD, and Brand is a field agent.  It’s within comic logic that she could do this.  Same with Reed Richards.  He’s the MacGuyver of Marvel.

     Expository dialogue is a tried-and-true storytelling method in comics.  Bendis uses it ironically, I think.

    I assume Richards has always had a Skrull-revealing ray, but I guess he didn’t think he didn’t need to use it on everybody.  It’s a Secret Invasion, after all.

  2. Brand is also not enterely human.

  3. Nice review!  It’s actually interesting to hear from someone that doesn’t necessarily follow Marvel closely.  I could see how this stuff could seem like logic jumps.  Always know this: Reed Richards can fabricate nanobots from a fart.  His Skrull gun is no surprise here. 🙂

  4. I guess Brand speaking Skrull is a bit in character given S.W.O.R.D. is what you say it is, but I still don’t get her instant knowledge of their technology.  She could figure out how to release Reed that quickly?  What do you mean that she isn’t entirely human?  Is she part Kree or some crap?  Fill me in.

    I still think the Skrull revealing gun is a total Deus Ex Machina.  How did it shoot through fake Sue’s shield?  Are Skrull shape shifters able to replicate the original’s powers or was the fake Sue’s shield nonexistent?  (I can’t believe I just asked that question.)  After all, based on what we have seen, the Skrull gun isn’t really a weapon, it just reveals skrulls.

    I can’t believe this book is the Pick of the Week.  Disheartening.

  5. Here’s the thing:  Reed figured out the logistics for the Skrull ray until the end of issue #1, but before he could build it, he got zapped.  When he was freed, he had the schematics memorized and built it from his memory.

  6. @ ultimatehoratio – Where did you read that?  Was that in SI: FF or something?  Is that something I would know if I read more Marvel stuff?

  7. Remember when Hank Pym(skrull version) and Reed Richards were trying to discover a way to find out how to reveal the true skrulls in SI #1 and then Richards said that he knew a way to do it. However, right after saying that, Pym revealed he was a skrull and captured Richards. I’m guessing that’s what ultimate horatio is talking about.

  8. I had forgotten that, but even with that knowledge don’t you find it a bit far fetched for him to remember it vividly and then be able to assemble it from absolutely alien scraps that happened to be laying around?
    I am trying really hard to suspend disbelief, but Bendis is expecting too much of that this week.

  9. Yea, I see what you’re saying. I definitely found that portion of the book to be a little too convenient. I just found the rest of the book to be very compelling with the bone-chilling Ronin and Mockingbird situation near the end, the fact that the story is finally moving along, and the overall desperation of the heroes (Reed Richards and Ronin specifically).

    That being said, I did find Batman R.I.P. and Captain Britain and MI: 13 more compelling this week.

  10. I absolutely agree that Batman RIP was very nice.  It was my POW with Action comics a close second.

    My crappy LCBS didn’t carry captain Britain and MI:13, so I can’t really say if I liked it.  However, I have heard nothing, but good things about the series.  I hope to pick up the TPB if it is ever released.

  11. @stuclach – I think you and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to SI…I just didn’t enjoy this issue at all (except for the art) and am jumping ship. I also plan on checking out the Captain Britain trade when it comes out…from all accounts it’s much better than the actual SI miniseries.

  12. @Paradiddle – I will probably continue to check out SI, just to finish out the series.  I don’t think it is terrible, but there are just too many plotholes left open.  Maybe I am not getting it because I don’t read the 85 tie-ins per week.

    One suggestion: Make sure you do not post in the POTW comments section that you didn’t like the book and/or the pick.  They spent 8 hours telling me how wrong my opinion was and insulting me while telling me that I was the devil for questioning Ron’s opinion.

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