Who are the Secret Avengers? Are they a covert team of heroes working the darkest corners of the globe to stop disaster? Are they part-spy, part-superhero? Are they Steve Rogers’s newest idea to save the world…or all they all of the above? A new era begins as Marvel’s hottest team takes a 21st century twist!

WRITER: Ed Brubaker
PENCILS: Mike Deodato
COVER BY: Marko Djurdjevic

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.9%
Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. I can’t wait for this book.

  2. Anybody else feel like Brubaker’s put out nothing but mediocrity over the past year plus? 

  3. @cutty – he hasn’t wowed me since pre-Incognito-era Criminal. 

  4. @ottobott – same for me.  I dropped Cap and Marvels Project a long time ago, DD was a slow death, Incognito was very disappointing, and the last arc of Criminal just wasn’t up to par with what came before. 

    I don’t know if he’s a team-book type of writer but there are a lot of interesting opportunities with this cast.  Hoping for the best

  5. I know a lot of people like Deodato’s art and he is well-respected, but his stuff is just too dark . . .

    Naw, I’m just fuckin around.

    Enjoy the book. I’m going to read this in trade.

  6. I am looking forward to this, but unless this is in the running for POTW, I will wait until it’s in the dollar bins.  There are just too many Avengers books right now.

  7. Picking this up just because Moon Knight and Nova on the same team.  Enjoyed Avengers last week, see what this book provides. 

  8. I dug Incognito, just not as much as previous Criminal arcs. Sinners was…alright…ish. I guess. Reborn, Cap and Daredevil didn’t do much for me.

    I think the only superhero work I’ve liked of his was Iron Fist, but that might’ve been partly due to my affinity for the character.

  9. @cutty – nope. Cap Reborn was my favorite thing from Marvel in years. I’ve loved everything he’s done at Marvel/Icon except for Marvels Project.

  10. I’m giving this one issue but the writing from Ed has me less pumped. Cap has been so so for the last two issues

  11. This issue needs to floor me. The only member I’m excited to see is Hank McCoy. If I don’t enjoy this as much as Avengers, I’m out.

  12. i just want cap back! If Steve wasn’t in this book i wouldnt pick it up. But i’m hoping that it’s not too long before he dawns the shield again.

  13. Avengers book I’m most excited for.

  14. I can’t wait for this. I love Brubaker. Having said that, I wish a different artist was on this. Deodato is an on artist, but he’s far from my favorite style. I’d much rather see somebody else on this

  15. his run on Uncanny X-Men was great, so he definitely can do good team stories.  on paper, this should be a mix of that, Sleeper, and maybe Gotham Central.  I’m looking forward to what he can bring here.

  16. We’ll see…

  17. you have one issue, brubaker, one issue to get to read this. don’t messed it up

  18. I’m not a huge deodato fan, but the cover he did for nova was great and he did have some really good issues in dark avengers.

  19. Let the great Avengers issue-off begin. I will read one, maybe two Avengers regular titles at most. You all have two issues to sell me. Go.

  20. I’m excited for this because I want to see what Brubaker will do with Moon Knight and Nova.

  21. Nice line up. Sharon Carter and Ant Man are not on the cover. I thought they were going to be in this team. Been a fan of Brubaker in Captain America so I am excited to see how he is going to write a Avengers book. Mike Deadato’s art in Dark Avengers was nice as well so I am expecting this series to be great.

  22. I haven’t liked a Brubaker book in years.  I’m hopeful though.

  23. I really like the direction they’re taking with Steve Rogers. It’s a neat chance for them to do something completely original with this great character. Super excited.

  24. I’ve not been a huge fan recently of Brubaker’s stuff, but I’m buying this book becasue Moon Knight is on the team. Hopefully it turns out to be pretty good.

  25. I’m gonna try this out. Avengers was bad and I just need an Avengers fix.

    Brubaker doing a spec-op/covert team? Other then Rucka I can’t think of anyone else doing a good job with this concept. 

  26. Gonna give it one arc.  Count me in the number who has been unimpressed as of late of Brubaker’s work.  Also, remember how bad he was on X-Men, I think that was the last team that he wrote.

  27. I’m all over this. I love Moon Knight, I love Steve’s new outfit, and I love Rhodes in the War Machine armor. This book was totally made for me.


  28. Is this the first team Moon knights ever been on ?

  29. No, i think Moon Knight was in this awesome ‘non-team’ team book called Marvel Knight (because it was part of the Marvel Knight line) It was written by Chuck Dixon and featured Black widow, daredevil, punisher, moon knight and some other people. It was really good. You got the sense that all the people of the team hated, HATED, each other. Awesome stuff

  30. Moon Knight has been an Avenger before.

  31. I’m with Edward, Brubaker has one issue to grab me or I’m out.  Avengers used to be my favorite book but Bendis has really lost me.  It would be nice to still be pulling an Avengers book…please be good.

  32. the only reason you need to buy this: the Irredeemable An-Mant!!!!!!!

  33. Nova and Ant-Man.

  34. I loved the writing from the preview we saw. Though, I’m not too big a fan of Deodato’s art.

  35. The new Avengers line-up is 0/1 so far thanks to JRJr. Hope this can redeem things a little bit.

  36. This should be the right tone for another great Bendis/Deodato look at a dark rorner of the Avengers universe. Can’t wait. I dug the look and feel of Dark Avengers, and I dig the characters that are going to be in this book. Happy Wednesday.

  37. This was a fun read. I’m sold.

  38. As much as I loved Avengers #1, I liked the direction this took even more.  I think the last page cliff hanger was definately better as well. 

  39. This book had me at "Serpent Crown".  I did notice some word balloons pointing at the wrong characters, though.

  40. Loved this issue from beginning to end.

    It was fun, exciting, and everything I want in an Avengers book.

    See Brian Michael Bendis? This is how you introduce a team and make them interesting. 

  41. I fell off of the Avengers about a year ago. I picked up this and Avengers. Holy crap, I am an Avengers disciple once again.

  42. As someone who loved Avengers #1 this was just more awesome in a much sleaker style. this was the tits. Damn I want Brbaker on more team stuff from now on.

  43. Knock the Secret off this and make it plain old Avengers, this was great.

  44. This was pretty good.  Picked it up to test it out and loved it.  But what’s not to love?  It’s got Brubaker doing espionage, Moon Knight and Nova.  The only way this could have been better is if it was called West Coast Avengers.  I’ll definitely be checking this out when it hits in trade.

  45. Oh this was so good! Quite enjoyable, moved at a fair clip. We only took time to show how "questionable" characters got invited onto the team. I’m sold that Rhodey and Beast come running when Steve calls. Deodato is a good artist, I just wish we could lighten the color treatment a bit. Is it never day in the Deodato-verse? He draws a great Beast and Rhodey. I will say, I keep thinking Cap is Venom for a split second. 😉  I have to admit, I kind of lost interest in Brubaker after what I consider to e misfires (Reborn, Capt. America Post 600) and this immediately instill my trust. I’m in. I’m so, so in. 5/5 for me and in the running with three other books for POTW.

  46. @Prax: I’m still a bit confused on why War Machine and Val wanted to be on the time. The idea of Rhodey following Rogers is okay…..but everyone else almost got a backstory in why they joined. So why not those two?

    Come to think of it, neither did Natasha. But hey she is always involved with espionage, so it makes sense in general.

  47. @TNC: As Prax said, you don’t need a backstory as to why those particular characters joined.

  48. @conor: The problem is that Brubaker did give backstory for about half of the team. So why not do Rhodey or Val is just weird.

  49. This is my first avengers book. And the only marvel book I’ve picked up in years. Loved it. I was totally able to keep up with most of the story with no reference other than the POTW podcast.

  50. @TNC The only people who had backstories for joining – if I recall correctly – were not former Avengers. 

  51. @TNC: Again, because it’s not necessary. Why did the three long time and loyal Avengers join back up with the Avengers? The answer is in the question.

  52. @Prax/conor: On a whole it didn’t hamper the issue, I mean it was my pick. I just felt that if some were given explanations (whether they were former Avengers or not) then all of them should. But your reasoning, and others on other websites, fit fine I guess,

    Maybe it’s just that I know very little about Valkyrie so I’d like to see more of her backstory or explanation.

  53. I honestly did not expect Brubaker to take them to Mars. I’m in.

  54. I still find it difficult to enjoy a book with Deodato’s art, just not for me.

  55. @TNC
    I’ll liken it to editing; I make and edit short movies with friends when I can and editing is my favorite part of the ordeal. I learned through trial, error, and anyone with any insight into the skill that part of the art of editing is to trim the unnecessary. So, just because there’s footage of a man walking through the door doesn’t mean you need a full on shot of him coming from the other room, grabbing the knob (*snicker*), turning, and walking through; all of those steps are easily implied by his walking into the frame from where the door is.
    In that same sense of distilling one’s story down to what’s necessary, we don’t really need to have established Avengers explained into the team. We don’t need Valkyrie accepting the invite from while atop her flying horse or Beast going, "Well, I have SWORD… oh, right we were cancelled after 5 issues. I’m in!" It’s implied to have happened, whereas we might be left wondering why Eric O’Grady was let on the team. Also, people tend to have a thing where they want their expectations met in issue 1. There are gonna be more where we might get the secret origin of Rhodey’s placement on the team. We may have Wolvie and Spidey bow out of the main Avenger group ’cause they don’t want Luke Cage to get lonely.

    Anywho, I loved this issue way more than I expected to, considering the Deodato art. It was great!

  56. This was great. Seeing Moon Knight and Ant-Man interact was good enough for me. Plus I already like the direction of the story dealing with Mars and Nova.

  57. Does anyone else (other than Bryce) have problems with Deodato’s art?  Particularly his drawing of women.  Seriously, they look like images from 3D porn.  Expressionless bimbos.

    Damn, I dug the story but, man, I can’t take the art. 

  58. Nice to see Nova couldn’t go 5 minutes in an avengers book without being written like a rookie

  59. Loved the art. I last saw him on Amazing Spider-man, where I hated it, but this is great. Much more suited to his style.

    Loved the story. More now please.

    I don’t think Nova was in his right mind at the end, I think whatever that thing is, has mind controlling properties, can Avenger, even an experience one, might have behaved the same way.

  60. @Wulfstone-How was he written like a rookie? He handled himself well.

  61. Handled himself well? he couldn’t deal with being shot at and he got mind-controlled and captured even tho he has psi-blockers in his helmet it’s an inauspicious debut to say the least.

    Oh yeah and being an Avenger as"joining the big leagues" that might fly if I this wasn’t the same Nova that led an army in an inter-galactic war and was the top guy in the Nova Corp

  62. Getting shot at by beams he couldn’t absorb and mind-controlled by a powerful unknown force makes him appear to be a rookie?

  63. @drake  Yeah i’m with you. the worldmind didn’t even know what those weapons were or anything. Hardly a rookie move if the other guys are using a different playbook or playing a different sport even

  64. Richard has still dealt with some pretty damn big threats, and this was a bit of a low showing. He’s basically the most powerful guy on the team, so the idea that he might be downgraded so he wouldn’t overshadow the others is a very real possibility.

    However, it’s really not a big deal so far, and I’ll wait until future issues before I declare this a problem.

  65. Liked it. I’m along for the ride. I kept thinking how much Shawn Prior would dig this book.

  66. deodato goes way overboard with the muscles on his character drawings. This is like the version of superheroes that someone with severe body-image issues would draw. am i right? Superheroes don’t all need to look like they have been eating ‘roids for months

  67. This was awesome! Mars, Nova, espionage and the Serpent Crown! I’m digging these Heroic Age storylines so far. MY POTW.

    Regarding, Deodato’s art. Please don’t let the rest of the comments devolve into YET ANOTHER "why are superheroes drawn so muscularly, the artist must obviously have self-esteem issues" tirade.

  68. This was really good….Im a big fan of Deodato but I get Edwards point on the muscles being outragous. I think artist do that to show the people were reading are super powered and not average joes. Im glad I still get my fix of Moon Knight now even though I could never comment to his main title.

  69. Heroic Age Avengers titles: 0/2. 

    @edward- Sounds like you have serious body-image issues or all the muscles wouldn’t bother you. 

  70. so I was beginning to be disappointed because Deodato’s layouts weren’t as insane as his work in Dark Avengers.  I was hoping it wasn’t just going to be a result of Bendis’ scripts taking it in that direction.  Then, I skimmed back through the issue.  Deodato is producing capital S-super, capital H-hero pages here.  put the shadier espionage feel on it and we have something that is purely Brubaker, purely Deodato, purely Avengers, and purely great comics the Marvel way!

  71. I forgot to say… I like Deogato’s work, but I was really annoyed by the back of the Secret Avengers’s craft looking like the Shuttle Tydrium from Return of the Jedi.

  72. @JesseG: Dude, you figured it out! My secret shame!

  73. Steve Rogers to Beast: "Keep your distance, but don’t look like you’re keeping your distance. …I don’t know. Fly casually."

  74. This was great. If Worldmind said "It is critical that you pay attention at this time" I would have had a Novagasm.

  75. I like Deotato’s work. I notice his beefcake slant from time to time, as well as the cheesecake, but there are far more offensive artist than him out there.

  76. Am I the only one who was like hey is that? NO! wait it IS!?! WTF?

  77. Yup that was Jared from those Subway sammich commercials. I thought I was the only one who caught that.

  78. There’s one panel in this that will haunt my dreams forever.

    Look at the panel right after Rhodey is introduced…..What the hell is going on with his mouth there?

  79. Great first issue.  Steve Rogers, the ultimate good guy super hero now super cop in the Marvel Universe.

    Soon to be facing (as it appears in the last panel) Nick Fury’s force’s in the foreseeable future.


    Should be interesting indeed!

  80. yeah, this wasn’t good. in two issues time we’ll all see what a waste of half-asre time this is. sorry to be mean but that’s what i think

  81. @edward Care to explain why this wasn’t good?

  82. @Prax: No worries.

    First, this is not a direct comment on the book but where it’s coming from. This will be the title that exsits to capitalise off the new status quo and will be revealed to be ultimately unsatisfying when the status quo changes again. It happened before with Mighty Avengers after Civil War. It happened with Dark Avengers after Secret Invasion and even Young Avengers after House of M (although the quality of that book elevated it above the others) THis is the fourth cycle of trend.

    I feel like this cycle is now perfunctory and is leading to weaker and weaker stories.

    The book itself; the choice of characters in the book is felt really inside-marvel-baseball. I think it’s at a point where casual readers will just say who cares about Moon Knight, who cares about ant-man, who cares about valkyrie. I read comics every week and I don’t care. Honestly, these characters are horrible; either completely illogical (moon knight) or simpe irritating (ant-man)

    Ant-man’s moments, inparticular, in this book where very cringe worthy. it wasn’t funny, it looked stupid and felt childish.

    the mars helmet macguffin? yeah, fine. there needs to be some random thing for the characters to run after.

    The art is bad. deodato seems to me like the prefect example of that extreme 90’s style. The character look unreal and he’s setting also seem to be a nebulous hi-tech room.

    Ultimately, the book was extremely medicore. which is sometimes worse than bad. With bad books at least it’s obvious why not to buy more. with this you’ll just be strung along wating for the moment when the book becomes something better.

    i could go on

  83. @edward Actually, I could agree with a lot of your points. I did feel (and hope that we will) that time could have spent explaining why these people to be on a spec ops team as opposed to the "why they joined the Avengers" moments.  I’m not a big fan of the current Ant-Man and did find his scenes at odds with the book. Thanks, though, for fleshing out your dislike, man. I’m just as curious to see what makes books *not* click for people as I am what does. 

  84. This is a well-reviewed book for this site. High rating average and a string of many good user reviews.

  85. This was a pretty solid first issue, and history has taught me
    that most books take time to get their legs under them, so I’m extremly hopeful for the future. The art was ok but I wish somebody else was on it. As to the characters getting backstories, I figure we’ll probably see other characters being asked to join throughout the arc in flashbacks.

  86. Marvel are (apparently?) keen on Moon Knight making the break into main event status.  Who knows if this help towards that goal?

    Valkyrie has always been one of my favourite’s for the longest time.  I hope we will see more of her in the future.

    Peace and love to everyone.  

  87. Overall this is a great way to start an issue. I mean Fury vs. Steve in the Avengers/Espionage world coupled with X-Club’s/Science Team’s confliction of what’s right REALLY made me worry about where the Marvel Universe was headed. I mean no more unified baddy right? So now they fight amongst one another much like an eve-(….oh wait that’s a bad thing… never mind).

    Anyways I was really excited at the end of this. Moon Knight and Nova are great additions because of their expertise in their respective fields. In fact, come to think of it, everyone’s got a lot to offer, I don’t think I’ll be dumping on this book for a while to be honest.

    @drdeeeznutz: I could have sworn that Moon Knight hinted that he was when he talked with Steve about "not working well with others". After all, all those voices are going to irritate and drive you bonkers at some point. Why add more to the mix?
    @thrillkiller86: you missed alot.

    @ElFurioso: OMG! I KNOW RIGHT??? Soooooooo creepy. Especially those first few pages. I suspected it was going to go south REAL quick for a brief moment.

    @wufstone: you got a point there about the "major leagues" comment Nova made, then again maybe Brubaker didn’t read any Nova.

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