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  1. Wait wait wait, so you’re telling me I’m going to buy a book this week featuring The Punisher and The Sentry? Two characters for which my previous apathy levels have been off the charts. I truly have become Rick Remender’s bitch…

  2. I’m hoping this will be good. War Journal was getting pretty sucky near the end. And Punisher Max is lame as hell with out Ennis writing it. So far the only good Punisher comic in the past few months, has just been War Zone.

  3. I think I will pick up the first issue but will probably wait for trades unless this issue knocks my socks off.

  4. @jerichobp hey i said it before and i say it again, fear agent, booster gold, and gigantic all good books all worth their money,so in remender i trust with my money

  5. If it’s true that Frank kills Sentry during this issue or anytime during the first arc….This will be a must buy for me.

  6. @cyberauron: don’t take my comment as a complaint. I meant that the fact Remender has garnered my esteem so quickly is nearly unprecedented. But I will happily buy this book, and probably anything else, with his name on it.

  7. @JoeCom: War Journal was the only good Punisher title until it ended. Hopefully this will keep that going, because the Punisher title of the Marvel U deserves to be the good one.

  8. The preview art blew me away. It didn’t even need dialogue. I’m coming for the art, and staying for the story.

  9. @jerichobp i didnt, i was just using ur coment as a dpringboard in saying u=in remender i trust

  10. Like Rick Remender. I just can’t support the $3.99 price tag.

  11. OPENA!  Here is your next star people!

  12. @ruo21: I’m pretty sure this issue is going to be double sized, or at least bigger then normal. Issues 2 & 3 are on as being $2.99. I think the only ongoing $3.99 books will be New Avengers and maybe Dark Avengers.

  13. Yeah, it wouldn’t be smart of Marvel to put a $3.99 price tag on this book.  Its not a big name creator (yet) and its not a big name character.  It has to be oversized.  Otherwise Marvel is dooming this book to fail

  14. This is a bigger issue, thanks for akamuu’s review….is for preview pages for ‘Agent of Atlas’ and other Dark Reign events.

    Go screw yourself Marvel and your price increase!

  15. @TheNextChampion:

    Next issue is the normal price, so… there’s that.

  16. @josh – i’m kinda wondering why there were only two other people mentioning the art. ITS FRIEKEN JEROME OPENA!!! having both remender and opena on a punisher title just put me over the top with excitement!!!!!

  17. Really enjoyed this book.  Can’t wait for the next one in a month.

  18. $3.99……..can’t do it….wish i could….

  19. This was an okay issue, better then War Journal though I can say that.

    I’m more confused on why the Sentry returns in this issue and not a more ‘A’ title. Him bonding with the Void in Secret Invasion I guess it being ignored by the Marvel editorial staff.

    Either way I’ll give this another issue or two, but it didnt blow me away.

  20. @TheNextChampion when did the Sentry bond with the void? the last we saw of him he went out into space and the void came to save his wife lindy

  21. Look out! This issue is not just a $4 comic; it is a $4 comic that ends at the f***ing staple, followed by half a book of text on the history of the Punisher. IT IS A CASH GRAB. DO NOT BE FOOLED AS I WAS.

  22. @Jimski: Welcome to comics in 2009.  $4 for Mavel #1s is the new norm.  Better get used to it.

  23. @Roi: I guess that’s what I’m taking about….Why is the Void helping Lindy and why is he now suddenly a appearing?

    But more importantly: When and Where has the Sentry been? Yes he was up in space….but for how long and why is he suddenly helping Norman with no other explanation then vagueness? That was bugging the crap out of me and it ruined the issue.

  24. $4 for 22 pages of story and half a book of completely wasted paper is unacceptable. They can kiss my ass.

  25. @thenextchampion well the void always does the opposite of the sentry when he gets out, for years the sentry was out saving people so the void was out being a villain, but then the sentry ran away from the fight and so the void went to help. still have no idea how he’s back but thats really at the fault of bendis and not remender

  26. @jimski its better than $4 for 22 pages of story period like some other books out there. at least they threw some extra content that was well put together in there

  27. @ everyone its 4 buck because they printed the punisher saga in the back. its interesting but to charge us an extra buck for stuff we already know and used to get for free. come on marvel

  28. The Dark Reign angle for Punisher looked INCREDIBLY appealing, but Rick Remener lost me on The End League, so I opted not to pick this up.

  29. @Tommy… really? I think End League has been great so far (although I’m not crazy about the new art).

    This was SOOOOOOOOOO much better than WAR JOURNAL (which was some of the worst written PUNISHER stuff I’ve ever read… man, Fraction writes a lousy Frank Castle).

    It’s Remender and Opena… so I was sold regardless (but does anyone know who Tony Moore will be trading off with now on FEAR AGENT?)

  30. @RoiVampire actually, this is vastly worse; when I pick up a $4, 22-page comic at a store, I see that it is a 22-page comic at the store. I don’t get it all the way home to find that, just as I’m thinking, "Wow, and there’s a lot more story left!" I turn the page to find goddamned back matter that is actually middle matter. I am so goddamn pissed off that they got me again.

  31. i actually kinda like the sentry as a unstoppable force. Not so much as a character, but if he was kinda like how. 

    This was clearly remender writing a superman vs batman battle. which is totally fine. One of the better one’s of the past few years. 

     I really liked this issue and i’m on board for it. Although it does have me fretting about the future of Fear Agent if one of it’s artists is leaving that book. BAH!

  32. @ButchCassidy – I REALLY wanted to like The End League, but I couldn’t get into it.  That said, I borrowed this from a friend, and I am now tempted to either pick it up or at least get the trades.

  33. How the hell can you kill Sentry?

    I mean Frank poured a vat of acid on him, and then shot him in the face…..He’s too powerful I tells ya!

  34. The art in this seriously blew me away and the way remender writes punisher is awesome. I loved everything about this issue aside from the stupid backup stuff.

  35. remender and opena on punisher wow. its like a comic dream come true .and i must say shooting the sentry in the face is a good start

  36. @thenextchampion   was that sarcastic? cause neither one of those things would hurt luke cage or ben grimm or a number of other heroes

  37. @Roi: Not really being sarcastic. I mean I know Sentry isnt gonna get killed anytime soon. But it would be sure nice to know if something could kill him….Other then the Void.

  38. Mike McKone is just one of the best

  39. so does this count as a reboot? Why does Marvel always fuck up their numberings?

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