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So I’m a HUGE Fear Agent fan.  Remender and Opena on Punisher was a no brainer.  The only thing holding me back was the $3.99 price tag.  I’ve been boycotting any book that’s 32pages and $3.99. (I should point out that almost the vast majority of my monthly books are Marvel, so the decision to boycott the $3.99 books with no extra pages was a very difficult one).  To my joy, the book was solicited as 48pages, so I of course added it to my pull.  Yeah, it’s only 22pages of story, a Punisher Saga – Oh, hey! Didn’t Marvel give out another Saga for FREE this week too?!?! and a preview for Agents of Atlas! FUCK YOU MARVEL!  I’m so damn annoyed with this.  I’ve dropped New Avengers from my pull as part of my protest, and then they pull this?  Argh!  I’ll definitely be flipping through the next issue first, and while the story and art were great, I’ll be switching to trade on this if the next issue is filled with anything but extra story pages. My love of the creative team means there’s no way I’ll stay away permanently, but there’s no way I’ll be supporting a bloated 22page story book and paying an extra $ for crap that should be free, or simply found on wikipedia.  Story was great, art was fantastic, but don’t buy this issue.  It’s sure to come out in trade, so get it then.  In the mean time tell Marvel where they can stick their over-priced comics, and give your money to the creators directly by buying Fear Agent in single issues.  Higher quality book, and a much higher value for your money. It just deserves it more.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I just rechecked Marvel’s Dark Reign solicit and their March solicits as well. This book is listed as $2.99 for the next 2 issues.  Thank goodness, cuz I really did like this first issue!

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