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I’m a Punisher newb.  I have a complete boner for Frank Castle.  I just finished reading all the Punisher Max series, as well as the War Journal series, and the brand new War Journal.

I opened the box and saw how thick issue one was, and my Castle boner was at full attention.  And I opened.  And I love how the book started right in the midst of the action.  And I read on, and I liked.  And, then it said “To Be Continued” on page 22, and I thought, ok, another Punisher story is going to follow, right?

No, those remaining pages are back story, and a preview of Agents Of Atlas.

Still, good regular sized issue.  With the potential of awesomeness.  I mean, he could, in theory, kill The Sentry, right.  Wouldn’t that make it the most awesome Punisher story ever?

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. i agree. agents of atlas suck and if frank killed the sentry that would be the bad asre

  2. I enjoy these rapid fire preview reviews Akamuu!

  3. I doubt they’d let Sentry die in Frank’s title. I imagine they’ll kill the sentry in a generic event title.

  4. They should totally have the sentry die in a huge battle to save new york, and then have four sentrys replace him only to have the real one come back after a year.


    no way would that ever work

  5. Thanks Jupiter.  I’m certain you’re right about The Sentry, but a man can dream, can’t he?

  6. @Roi Vampire.  In the long run, it might not work, but if you stuff the issue where he dies in a black bag, you’ll make a fortune!

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