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  1. wow, this book just got tore up from the floor up. I love Remender and Fear Agent is awesome. I just snatched up issues #1-11 at a boxing day sale and without a hesitation I can say it’s one of the TOP 10 books out there. Reading them made me want to read his marvel work, but readind you’re review makes me want to hug my knees and rock back and forth because I don’t know what’s what now. I will read it in the shop and have final judgment but you gave me something to think about.

  2. The Sentry is homeless and he slept on people’s couches ever since his "forgotten" history. That is why he cries so much and why we haven’t seen him.

  3. @kymsoke

    Ok thanks for talking me down off the ledge. I think I was just too pissed about this issue to get the rest of his stuff, especially since I was going to buy the trade this weekend, but i’ll give it a chance bc of the reccomendation.

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