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  1. Hey! Is that non-skrull Elektra coming to kick skrull-hornhead’s butt? I hope so. Then we can get to hear Frank Miller repreat endlessly at the next panel he’s on "Elektra is dead. Elektra is dead…"

  2. That should be the rule for any comic with an Elektra in it. Big splash panel; Frank Miller head saying: Elektra is dead. The film Elektra, it should just be Frank Miller’s head just saying ‘Elektra is dead.’ New Avengers finding Skrull Elektra? Just put Frank Miller’s head on it and it’s last words: Elektra……is……dead!….lol

    This is my favorite of the cover redesigns though. Hopefully this is a good story like the Spider-Woman flashback was.

  3. I’m sorry. I must be missing something. Did Frank Miller say "Elektra is dead"?

  4. Since Frank Miller created Elektra, he reserves the right to do anything with her and no one else should touch her lest they blaspheme against the greatest comic writer or this or any generation!!!!! How dare a company use a character they paid someone to create!!!!

  5. Sounds like this is just going to be a "history" story, to show how Elektra got replaced.

    I’d rather see the whole SI thing move forward a bit more.  Less history stuff.  We don’t need to know all the ins-and-outs of how everyone was replaced and when.  Especially in MA.

    I’d rather this have been MAs beating the crap out of Skrulls.  Maybe Ms Marvel’s reaction to getting shot in the chest by Fury and what she did after (if that was actually her).

  6. @thebouv  I agree.

  7. yay! More SI Backstory I care nothing about!

  8. I actually want to see what Electra skrull was doing. I do want forward progress, but I can’t say I’m not excited about this. That is because I am a nerd.

  9. o.0 im more excited for this cuz of more SI background

  10. To be honest, I’d rather have a separate book for SI background.  Sorry, but all of the history presented thus far seems more like filler than actually necessary to the story.  Hell, make some One Shots for the key background stories (Spider Woman, Elektra, etc).

    I feel bad for anyone following SI and not NA/MA.

  11. I finally understand what is happing in SI since the timescale was pointed out to me. I think it’s pretty cool to have a main book that happens over hours while the other books just fill out detail leading to the (brief) event. It’s kinda Lost-ish. Maybe in the second half the other books will jump ahead in time to after the invasion?

  12. You know, if this is actually going to involve Bendis writing Daredevil again, I might have to pick it up.  But if that’s just Skrull-devil on the cover (or if he’s actually not in the issue AT ALL), I pass.

  13. I hazzard a guess DD will be in it for a page at best.

  14. Really??  This issue was not good.  The entire issue could have been told in 3-4 pages…and the revelation of Elektra skrull stuff was not a revelation at all.  Wish I hadn’t have spent money on this…sigh.

  15. After reading this I’m starting to definetely thing that are a few too many secret invasion tie-ins. There were some cool action bits, and more cool weirdo hybrid skrulls, but unlike the pym and the spider-woman issues, I don’t think this really added anything to the event. I enjoyed reading it, but it felt very uneccessary.

  16. wow.  i want my $3 back

  17. The most annoying part of this issue was "Next Issue–the truth about Hank Pym" Uhh, didn’t we get that last issue already?! We’ve got FOUR MORE MONTHS OF THIS NONSENSE!!!

  18. Is it just me or did Skrulletra snog Jessica Jones?!?

  19. @SamMorgan she did. But then again, that Skrull was in dude form earliar in the issue.

  20. @SamMorgan/@NealAppeal:  Don’t y’all mean Jessica Drew, not Jones?  Since the Queen has been posing as Spiderwoman?

  21. I liked the story but really didn’t like the art.  I think this artist is the new artist on one of the Avengers books after Secret Invasion and that concerns me because I’m liking Bendis’ writing

  22. @thebouv: No I do mean Jessica Jones. At least thats who it looked like. Remember the Skrull green eyes on her baby ages ago in New Avengers just after Skrulektra was stabbed by Echo…

  23. @SamMorgan:  Yeah, I remember the green eyed baby.  As for the art, who the hell can tell any more?  If they’re not wearing their costumes, there is hardly any consistency.  I’ve seen 15 different Peter Parkers and 10 Luke Cages in the past 2 months.

    I think in this issue though, the Queen was posing as Jessica Drew since that has sort of been her main persona during the invasion.  Both Jessicas are brunette and the artists can’t keep them similar looking in out-of-costume clothes, so who can really tell, right?

  24. @AlexG : couldn’t agree more, wtf?!

  25. @AlexG,Rooney: I mentioned it in my review but seriously…..How can we have these flashback stories anymore? I think all the basis are covered now:

    Elektra Skrull, Hank Pym Skrull, Spider-Woman Skrull, the Skrulls after the New Illumini issue, the Savage Land skrulls, the lame two issues of Nick Fury’s new team, the House of M stuff will most likely be covered, and finally the Skrull who helped with the Raft breakout from NA #1 back in the long foggy years of 2005.

    I think we got everything covered, unless we have to go into more detail about the infiltration of SHIELD Skrulls or see another issue of Sentry being a crying douchebag…..If I see either of these two off-handed references become issues I will just stop giving Marvel money until the trades come out.

  26. Does anyone remember the last time:


    -The cover of an Avengers comic had anyhting to do with the inside of the comic?

    -the last time we had any kind of issue that wasn’t "backstory" for ANOTHER COMIC?

    -the last time the Avengers were IN the AVENGERS COMIC? 


    I was so excited for SI when it started, now I just hate it and want it to be over so i can have my Avengers comics back. 

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