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So this is it right? No more flashbacks to tell? Cause I think we got all the basis’s covered….Until I see the next Mighty and New Avenger covers and realise we still got a good 3-4 months left of this slow, and agonizing paced story!

Obviously from the cover we got an Elektra account of how the very first(?) Marvel character was revealed as a Skrull all the way back in the long distant past of 2007. There’s also a big reveal on of a plot point that happenend in the foggy years of 2005 and I wont spoil it for you but it’s about bloody time we got to this reveal.

It seems that Bendis is trying to give us shocking reveals in these smaller books then his actual story. Which is weird to think considering he’s been blabbing about the main story for almost a full 1 1/2 years now. I mean other Marvel and DC events have been known to go at a slow pace….If it was the 1980’s…If this was Crisis on Infinite Earths, then I can excuse it for being such a slow paced series. But considering that that story took I believe a couple of months to resolve and this SI event has taken about the time span of a blink of an eye (and actually going backwards in time) it’s laughable to think this needed to take 8 issues and constant tie-ins to tell.

So this is more of a review of the event so far, but as for this issue of Mighty: It’s a nice issue to show why Elektra is a kick-ass character begin with. But with ‘meh’ of art and a story that we’ve seen a hundred times already with Skrull Spider-Woman and Skrull Hank Pym…this well of how and when heroes were replaced is getting really old now.

But dont worry kids, cause for X-Mas your parents can waste hundreds of dollars on tons of Hardcovers and Trades in order to collect this entire, and unnessicary long event. People wonder how the economic is struggling now a days anyways….

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average


  1. I didn’t get this book. But damn, that’s a fugly cover.

  2. Don’t forget, we still have yet to see how Jarvis got replaced. I bet he puts up the biggest fight of them all – all for the honor of Aunt May!

    What the hizzle was this ‘big reveal’ for? Who gives a rat’s tuckus that person was there at the beginning of New Avengers? Both Mensa and the Mickey Mouse Club figured that out a long time ago.

    I’m actually surprised you gave the art a 2 rating. I suppose there were some good parts, e.g., Daredevil/Wolvie fight scene, but mostly it was dreadfully awful.

    Next issue is the truth about Hank Pym. What, again?

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