Kyle Rayner has assembled the most powerful team in all the universe, selected from the full spectrum of corps.

But can he even keep this volatile group together?

Written by TONY BEDARD
Art and cover by TYLER KIRKHAM and BATT

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  1. This might end up being my only GL book going forward. I just can’t say no to Kyle.

  2. I put this on my pull list 3 months ago. Now I don’t remember why. I’m a little worried as Blue Beetle left me cold.

    I really want this to be fun. I’ve only ever read a little GL, but from what I have read I like Kyle over Hal, so thought I’d try his solo-book…judging by the over this is not a solo book.

    If anything hopefully the colour-core will be confind to this series so GL and GLC can try something new.

  3. Eh why not right?

  4. I actually think this team was doing pretty good work on GL Corps pre-relaunch, so this should be pretty good.

  5. I have mixed feelings about Blue Beettle. I think Tony Bedard did a good job I just don’t think he knocked issue #1 out of the park. It is very close to not being pulled for issue #2. It could be the character though, I just don’t know. So I am going to give this a chance, I don’t know anything about Kyle Rayner and everything I know about multi-coloured lanterns I learned in Red Lanterns #1 a couple of weeks ago.

  6. One of the things I loved about the new Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps was how they stayed away from the other colored Lanterns.

    I’m burnt out. I don’t want to taste the rainbow anymore.

  7. I’m trying out all the GL books but this one is on the shortest lease mostly because I’ve always been cold on Tyler Kirkham’s art. There are too many fresh and exciting books coming out from DC to keep reading 4 Green Lantern books.

  8. I could not think of anything less appealing

  9. if this book doesn’t really wow me, i’d be cool leaving it on the chopping block and only reading Corps and GL

  10. I really should check this out, because I dig big cosmic Tony Bedard titles (RIP R.E.B.E.L.S.). But I really can’t find the energy to care about the Green Lantern Corp or the rest of the Skittle Colored Cores flying around the DCU these days.

  11. I’m actually most excited about this book. I might be one of the few who loved the emotional spectrum Corps. It really took comic myth-making to a whole new level. I see a lot of potential in the *idea* behind this book. Hopefully it will pay off….

    • I wouldn’t say that only a few liked the Rainbow Corps. Everyone sure seemed to think it was a cool idea back when Sinestro Corps ended. I think that the problem came about when the books became ALL about them, ignoring Green Lantern the character(s).

      This is an elegant solution, I think. Shuffle the spectrum storyline over to a spin-off and re-focus the core books on the Green guys. Everybody wins! And Kyle gets his own book!

  12. I am new to DC, and don’t know anything about aliens or alien worlds. I understand that Superman is an alien and is from Krypton. I understand that Oa is the home of the Green Lanterns. Outside of that I don’t know much. I fear that a title like ths ( or red lanterns which I did not enjoy ) are not for new readers. However Tony Bedard could prove me wrong and make this fun and accessible. Here’s hoping…

    • I hope you do enjoy it. I just read it and really liked it.

      I have read GL before so know some of the players attached, but hopefully a new reader should be able to get into it as well. The premises is a mystery really, that will be explained (hopefully) as the issues come out. I think all you need to know is Kyle is a Green Lantern in the middle of some strange event.

  13. I enjoyed this might even keep it on my pull list for a few issues just to see what happens.

  14. I have always loved Kyle as GL and this book did enough to hook me for a few more issues.

  15. Loved that final two-page spread and can’t wait to see how it plays out in #2!

  16. Every other book has a tag line for the first arc. Hydrology for Batwoman, Knight Terrors for Dark Knight etc. Blue Beetle also by Bedard had Metamorphosis.

    Did this book not get the memo? Part One, and it was done on the first page. Not that it’s a problem but the other books have been doing a good job of making awesome splash pages later on in the books.

  17. I thought there was only one orange ring.

  18. Ah, finally a good Kyle book. Digging the mystery, the art and the characterization. I’m in all the way.

  19. I have no history with DC or the GL and enjoyed this alot. I would have rather read this first, then GL Corps and GL proper last

  20. Well… looks like I’m reading 4 Green Lantern books. This was great.

  21. I’ve never liked Green Lantern… that said this is the only one of that line of books I am sticking with. Very much enjoyed this.

  22. Boring.

    Sinestro, Atrocitus, Indigo, and Larfleeze were the best parts of this little team. Without them, I just don’t care.

    I’ll give this another issue or two, but it doesn’t look good.

  23. I can’t pick a side with this book!!! I don’t want to hate it because I really loved everything that came of the Skittles story lines, but with all these books I have to draw the line somewhere. Please somebody tell me if they think this story is worth keeping.

  24. This issue didn’t give me enough to go on. The time spent telling Kyle’s origin seemed wasted. I’d assume most current readers would already know it and for new readers it’s unnecessary baggage to show a time when all of the GL Corps were dead. Then a bunch of different colored rings turned up and that’s it. It was bad but it was compelling.

    The Green Lantern books have suffered for having to walk the line between previous continuity and being involved in a giant relaunch. I was mostly enjoying the GL books before the relaunch and was still into the rainbow corps. But now next to a stack of other comics that feel fresh and exciting the secondary GL comics feel too familiar.

    I dug regular Green Lantern so I’ll keep reading that. I’ll probably pick up a couple more issues of Red Lanterns just to see where the hell Milligan is going with it. The other two I’ll have to pass.

  25. I was not that happy with this title. Just one more GL title I’m dropping.

  26. 3; this was not bad at all just not sure of all of the other lanterns in this and for how long? Kyle’s origin will be just fine the way they told it quick and to the point.

    Just sayin’,


  27. Of the four GL books out there, this has now become my #1 GL read.
    It had just enough ‘lightness’ and edge to it that I’m gonna stick around to see how things play out (at least the first arc anyways). I dug the art, although a bit rushed looking in some spots, but not off-putting.
    This will be by GL from the new 52.

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