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  1. Corps has gotten really exciting in the last few books

  2. Really?  I need to get cracking, think that I have a couple of issues on my reading pile.

  3. Aggghhh…another Wednesday night with more Krybb nightmares…

  4. Sweet! The GLC kicks butt. They have really pulled this together into a delightfully readable book.

  5. Yeah, Krybb is one scary bitch.  I found last issue was just amazing!  Creating a baby construct and having it beat the shit out of Krybb?!?  Priceless.

  6. My favorite DC book that’s not written by Geoff Johns.

  7. @Kory – I agree.  The amount of goodness in this title is a welcome surprise.  To my memory, not a bad issue in the last year’s worth of books from this title.  Great stuff.

  8. That last page in the previous issue scared the bejesus out of me. Overall though the arc has been flat for me; just not that interested in this ‘Love’ corps.

    But if Mongul is going to be a factor in this issue then I’m all for this.

  9. 4th most pulls on the site! Awesome! People are starting to see this book rules … or, is it just a slow week for Marvel releases? 

  10. @WadeWilson-Both?  Hell I ain’t complaining.

  11. yep, this is the only mainstream book i am reading that is not written by Morrison or Johns…  it has never disappointed me…

  12. I hope Kryb comes back in the future; she was a great villain.

    Overall this arc was a bit lame compared to the Mongul/Black Mercy arc from previous. Still this is better then most of DC’s titles that do come out. So saying this was ‘medicore’ isnt that bad when you think about it.

  13. Fantastic story arc.  I very much enjoyed the intergration of love into this story, without necessarily always having the star sapphires in the scenes.  I cared more Matoo and Amnee than I have ever cared for characters that I have just barely been introduced to a few months ago.  The panel with them, their baby almost made me tear up.  And the idea of all those lanterns calling it quits is just blowing my mind.

    I firmly believe that this is required reading for anyone that is enjoying Green Lantern and wants to learn more about the various corps.

  14. I agree with drakedangerz, if you’re enjoying Green Lantern, then you should definitely check this out.

  15. Part of me was hoping they would kill Kryb, but then thats sort of a cop out.  Thats how much I love and hate her

  16. I only recently got back into comics after a long time away and have been sampling a wide variety of stuff. I have to say, though, that Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps are already becoming my favorite mainstream superhero books.  The story lines seem much richer and full of exciting possibilities compared to what I’m seeing in many other books.  The writing and art of this issue really resonated with me.  I thought it was great ending to a pretty cool story arc and that Kryb was a spectacular villain.

  17. I agree with Ungaro–both GL and GLC are among my top monthly reads and simply have not disappointed.

  18. I didn’t like this issue as much as recent ones, it just seemed like not a lot happened. *shrug* It was still good, just not AS good as it has been.

    But, I guess the big question is — who would u rather date: Kryb or Junior from Secret Six?

  19. Kryb is great because she represents a truly unique villain.  Her motivations and design really stand out from the crowd.  I’d say GL Corps is now an indispensable book if you want to keep reading GL.  The two books really play well together. 

  20. @Crippler Not to poo-poo your statement, but Kryb isn’t terribly unique. Besides being based a good deal of Eastern European folklore and myths, there was an X-Men villain duo called Nanny & the Orphan Maker who had more or less the same MO. (That is Nanny kidnapped mutant babies, the Orphan Maker killed the parents.) The Nanny costume recently appeared in X-Force #9 & #10.

    Did anyone notice that the Star Sapphire’s (or Love Lantern’s) dialogue was speckled with references to popular songs? She quotes "Somebody to Love" by Jefferson Airplane and "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar.

    Good issue, really proves that the GLC concept works. That’s all I can really say. 

  21. @praxjarvin – I thought as I typed it that it was entirely possible there was another villain out there somewhere with the same motivation, but the execution on Kryb…and the fact that she is a DC villain makes her unique enough.  Maybe it’s just the fact that I personally find her really creepy that makes me think she’s so unique.  That design certainly raises my hackles. 



  22. the odd thing to me was that this arc was called ‘sins of the star sapphires’.  After reading it though, it seems that the Sapphires have their shit together more or less and the guardians are wacky.  maybe that was the point of the story though. 

  23. @Crippler Oh yeah, Kryb certainly is a better character than Nanny or the Orphan Maker. And I do really enjoy her creepiness, which is what I think makes her a great villain.


    @speaknspell I had the same thought as well. Unless it’s the idea that they’re atoning for past sins, that is, for being an alien race predicated on hunting down men to mate with? 

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