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  1. Last issue was pretty good; I hope we get more explaination of Larfleeze and less on the Guardian politics

  2. Agreed. Geoff Johns sold me on Larfleeze being a cool character. I want to see him in action now. Hopefully this is one of those times when the cover is indicative of the story within.

  3. I was somewhat disappointed with the last issue.  I hope this issue kicks butt

  4. Last issue was great. Really not digging this cover though.

  5. I’m not feeling the cover either, but I’m interested in the Orange Lantern Corps, and hope this issue informs us of Larfleeze a little bit more while providing the greatness that Green Lantern always does.

  6. the last issue kinda was good but i just want blackest night lol


  8. @rayclark I agree, aren’t The Green Lantern Corps books already saying blackest night? I believe they are I wonder when it’ll start for Hal. That being said I’ve been loving every issue of Green Lantern for awhile so I guess it doesn’t bother me too much.

  9. I’m not a big fan of Philip Tan’s art. but, for a Johns book i can deal with the "meh" imagey art.

  10. i look forward to bitching about how over-rated this book is once i have read the issues! Look for my comments of Friday!!

  11. Last issue was just a setup.  Hoping for some knock down drag out ring slinging in this one.  Hope we get the Orange oath too.  @TNG – Cool avatar.  Where did you get it and do they have an Orange one?

  12. @flounder: If your talking about me (TNG?)…..I just found it on AOL Search….I couldnt find it on photobucket ^^;

  13. Last issue kinda felt like a 10 page story (or less) stretched out to 22 … & now there is MORE to tell? If this wasn’t Johns writing, I’d have way less faith that this will be worth reading.

    PS — I need a Brown Lantern picture for my av … where to find that?

    @TheNextGampion — Dude, Blue Lanterns are hope. You think that suits your posts? 😛 You definitely should be rockin’ the Red Lantern!

  14. Didn’t love last ish (issue), not sure if I’m going to stick with it. I might put my hard earned moo-la towards the Sinestro TP coming out today see if that treats me better than the new arc…

  15. Brown Lantern…eewwwww

  16. @TNC – Thanks.  Must have had a brain fart in the first post.

  17. I can’t wait to get my paws on this issue.

  18. Solid issue, not great. But it’s going somewhere. I was kind of hoping the Star Sapphire set up would take us somewhere, obviously not this issue. And I liked the backup. Good stuff all around. Tan had great creature designs, but I find his layouts a little hard to follow sometimes. Also… there was a weird secene early on where the dialogue of the Guardians seemed out of sequence.

    Or at least, I didn’t read it as it was "Supposed to have." Still 5/5 for me. 

  19. A very solid issue, but I really don’t know how much longer I can wait for Larfleeze to be expanded on because he seems like such an awesome character.

  20. this is bugged out. I can’t get enough of this and GLC

  21. I’m really not enjoying this arc.  That really sucks, because I am so excited for Blackest Night.  Still, this issue had some great moments.  I just want Blackest Night to get here already

  22. Dax-Starr the Red Lantern cat should have his own mini-series. There, I said it!!

  23. ^ *Dex-Starr

  24. I’m diggin’ this series, but I can’t wait for Blackest Night to start. 

  25. This issue along with the last has made up for Rage of the Red Lanterns, but I’m still not seeing enough John, and he’s the friggin co-star.

  26. I found the art a little hard to follow in some places, but overall it was a good story.

  27. Should I be reading both this and Corps? I like Green Lantern a lot more than some of the other books, so I’m just curious.

  28. loved the last page of this "I want one of those."

  29. This was pretty awful.

  30. I want MORE. I looked at the cliffhanger and was utterly unsatisfied. In fact the back up origins story was BETTER. I’m wondering if that Lantern blume is the only COLLOSALLY sized creature Larfreeze has killed. If not… then well I see why Agent Orange owns.

  31. so i said i’ll bitch about this book on friday and here it is:

     this issue was pretty good. Maybe it’s because i can totally self-identify with a greedy little shit but i actually enjoyed the Agent Orange character. The Orange Lantern’s consumption of other Lanterns was genuinely shocking and Tan’s art was well used for these more repugnant scenes.

    Reading this i realised this Green Lantern/Blue Lantern thing and maybe the entire Blackst Night arc is Johns forcing a little bit of a self-help metaphor down the reader’s necks. Will Power plus Hope do lead to a more productive, happy individual than most fat lazy whiny bitch fanboys sitting on the net (myself included)

    Afterall, isn’t there a battle of the emotional power spectrum waging in all of us?

  32. @coleman – You should at least check it out. Most agree that it is a great book and complements GL very well.

  33. I was unimpressed by last issue, but i loved this.  The GL’s + the Guardians invading the Vega system was fucking fantastic

    And I love what’s going on with the Guardian with the scar on her face (can’t remember her name)

  34. @cutty …. You mean Scar?

  35. Orange Lanterns are my favorite corps : )

  36. Loved this issue, and I think it got better as it went on. 5/5 for sure.

  37. Larfleeze is quickly becoming my new favorite villain. Johns has writting that dude perfectly.

    The rest of the issue? Boring

  38. As much as I loved GL #40, I wish I could have picked Blackest Night #0 as my POTW. It blew this to shame.

    In fact, based on BN #0 and Flash: Rebirth #1, I’m convinced that I would read a book of nothing but Barry and Hal conversing over coffee. I’m loving this.

  39. After one less than awesome issue, Green Lantern is back to doing what it does best — kicking ass all over town. Great issue.

  40. @Noto they should bring back brave and the bold and just center every other issue around a conversation between barry and hal about how much things have changed in the DCU over the past few decades

  41. @RoiVampire – You’ve sold me. The fact your idea doesn’t exist makes my pull list very sad.

  42. This Agent Orange arc is moving way to slow. It could be better though if they get rid of Tan and his inconsistant and amateur artwork. His art really dropped off during the last few pages. I just hope he won’t be drawing any Blackest Night from July.

  43. @dirtyharry – I agree. I thought it was another artist doing those last pages.

  44. This is my first ever Green Lantern comic, well actually I did buy one in the 1990s during Reign Of The Supermen so this is my second.  I have to admit, it wasn’t TOTALLY difficult to understand.  I guess if I could half understand what was going on in Final Crisis, then Blackest Night shouldn’t be too hard, right?

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