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Matt Murdock relives some of his late father’s worst nightmares as Daredevil meets Bruiser, a fighter who can’t be put down and won’t fall! How will Matt survive–and how will doing so make him the most dangerous man in the Marvel Universe?

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Marcos Martin
Cover by Marcos Martin

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 53.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. Is this for sale digitally anywhere?

    • No don’t think so. Which is very annoying. I’m all digital, as I don’t have a shop near anymore.

      Though I think there’s a crossover coming soon with Amazing Spider-man and as that’s digital maybe this will be for that issue, and beyond like Venom was for Spider-island

  2. Yay!

    Why can’t Marvel bring this much quality to ALL of their books?

  3. This is one I had dropped my subscription on, but it’s quite a slow week for me. Besides, that cover is awesome…right down to the $2.99.

  4. Read 1 thru 5 over the last few days. Good stuff.

  5. Loving this series. Story and art are both equally strong and fun.

  6. Love this book, cover to cover.

  7. Throw the confetti and grab the blowouts, this series is worth a party every time!

    Love the ‘vintage Title Bout’ look to the cover…Now THAT would make a great poster!

  8. I’ll keep reading but I’m not a fan of light hearted Daredevil. the catharsis of the book always came from him brutally assaulting crack addicts or something like that, not fighting the shocker.

    speaking of crack addicts, it’s a bit like if Breaking Bad suddenly was written like a sitcom

    • hahahah that’s hilarious! I love this so far but that is a bit true!

    • @edward -Actually, Breaking Bad as a comedy would be worth a gander.

      “…Previously on Breaking Bad – The Sitcom…

      Jesse: “Yo! Mr. White, explain how we gonna do this?

      Walter White: “Its simple – We just have to be sure that the hydrogenation of the hydroxyl group on the ephedrine or pseudo-ephedrine molecule is properly constructed and, at the same time, making sure that we don’t mix the white phosphorus with sodium hydroxide or we’ll blow ourselves up. Got it?

      Jesse: “Ok, so yo Mr. White, explain how we gonna do this?”

      (Add laugh track)

    • I went back and re-read Miller’s first DD run and I was surprised that he wrote the same lightheaded Daredevil that Waid does. He ends up getting put through the ringer but he has that light personality. It’s weird, I remembered it very differently and was always under the opinion that Miller and Bendis wrote a similar Matt. Not true

    • @cutty: That’s interesting. i still haven’t read Miller’s Daredevil. I got them out of the library months ago but just left them laying there, accumulating finds. I do LOVE Bendis’ Daredevil though

    • daredevil didnt become really dark and brooding until miller’s second run that started on issue 227. but to be honest, at the ass end of his first run, it got pretty dark as well. electra dies, he almost kills bullseye and then sits in the hospital and plays russian roulette with him(as a gag)……so i really wouldnt compare waid to miller. stan lee is a better comparison to waid

    • it’s “meth” not “crack” that they make.


    • @sitara – I’m more referring to how Miller wrote Matt/Daredevil as a character. It’s actually pretty similar to the lighthearted guy that Waid is writing. But yeah, Miller put him through the ringer emotionally which is what DD is probably most associated with. The stuff got very heavy and obviously Matt isn’t cracking jokes when it does, that’s obvious.

      For example, read Miller’s interactions between Daredevil and the various hoods in NYC. He’s a lot more Spider-Man than Batman – that’s my point.

    • well, i didn’t actually say they made crack, just that crack addicts reminded me of Breaking Bad. that’s fair, right

    • ah…i see

    • It’s funny, I had the exact opposite response. I was getting a little sick of not having any fun when I read Daredevil (and as a result I didn’t read it very often). Now this is one of my favorite series. I don’t need my books to be a happy-go-lucky laugh fest, but I always would finish an issue and think “Jeez, this guy needs to catch a break. When the chemical spill that takes your sight is one of your better days, you’re in a bad place.”

  9. I’m still digging it.

  10. i thought rivera was coming back this issue. i like martin and all…..but i cant help feeling a little disappointed. the book is still going to kick ass, im just sayn’

    • Well I’m really bummed that this will be Martin’s last issue. Apparently he is moving on to a creator-owned project, so good for him. Thankfully Rivera isn’t going anywhere, so this book will still look awesome every month.

  11. Does anybody else secretly like new-fangled country music?

  12. Well I have a very, very lite pull list this week and I am going to enjoy the break. I have been reading comics like crazy for the last four-five months. I am looking forward to this title it has been one of my favorites lately. The artwork and the story lines have been great and Daredevil has a different feel to him. I for one like what Mark is doing with him and the amount of action has been perfect.


  13. This is the modern Daredevil book I’ve always wanted. It’s gold Jerry! Gold!

  14. Enjoyed this issue tremendously! The panel of DD coming out of the water between the two thugs and the dramatic entrance are clear picks for panel of the week.

    Can’t wait for the Christmas issue.

  15. Yet another awesome issue.

  16. This issue just continues the greatness of this series but was the first time i think i gave this a 4 instead of a 5. Still really good though

  17. Does anyone know if Marcos Martin sells his original art pages? I’ve looked around online and can’t find anything for sale. I gues it’s possible that he’s holding on to it all but I’d love to get anything he’s done and hang it on the wall…

  18. This was great… I actually havent been enjoying this as much as others but this was a seriously fun issue and keeps me going!

  19. This book has been consistently fun so far. Loved how DD talked his way out of that standoff…so smooth.

  20. i realize this is a comic book. a fictional story. having said that, im not sure i can accept DD just walking away from 5 superterrorist on the grounds of such a seemingly weak argument. i just dont buy that. especially if the info on the ff disc is as important as they stated.
    besides that, the book was awesome. the fight with bruiser kinda reminded me of back in the day when he would fight nobodies like the gladiator. very cool.
    so long martin, its been fun

  21. “You should be a lawyer”

    I laughed so hard. I love this book.

  22. Another great issue…I’m gonna miss Marcos Martin, but I’m really looking forward to the return of Paulo Rivera!

  23. That issue should be saved in time capsule so we show future generations how superhero comics should be written. I have never been a Daredevil guy but I am really enjoying this run.

  24. Great book I am no longer testing it I am adding it to my permanent pull list!!


  25. Can you make a book POW three months after it comes out? I just read this it was great

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