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Avg Rating: 4.6
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Story by Mark Waid
Art by Marcos Martin
Cover by Marcos Martin

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99

Why can’t comics be more like Daredevil? Seriously, why can’t comics be more fun like this? There is so much to like about this comic that it’s amazing I can’t find any faults to it. Seriously, there is nothing to hate about this issue.

The story is so damn entertaining and Mark Waid writes a lot of twists and turns into this issue. The fight with Bruiser was very fun to read and the idea of Bruiser itself was a nice twist on a superpower too. Then you have the whole macguffin on why these super criminals are joining up and I cannot wait to see how Waid expands on this threat in the near future. Also, Waid has concluded every issue in a nice twist and how he makes Daredevil the ‘Most Dangerous Man’ was a great way to introduce a serious threat but without making it grim or gritty.

It’s so tough to choose between Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera as who should stay as ongoing artists full time. Both are showing why they’re masters of their craft that picking them apart with a fine tooth comb is necessary. Having said that, I am disappointed Martin is going to disappear for a bit with another project preoccupying him. This issue opens with a gorgeous full page of Daredevil sinking in the water. It really feels like Martin puts an incredible amount of work into each panel. The way he draws the resolution to the early conflict from the tiny little bubbles to the constant ‘RRRR’ sound effect is really marvelous. Then he continually follows it up with the epic fight with the Bruiser and even a generic looking boat can look gorgeous on the inside. Even though Martin’s pencils may look simple or straightforward at first glance; all you have to do is just stop and pay attention to a single panel and see the complexity Martin puts into each drawing.

I love this book, it’s easily the best ongoing book Marvel has right now. I would even dare say it’s the best ongoing comic period but there’s a few DC titles that I slightly put ahead of this. (Mainly Batman and Batman and Robin) Mark Waid does deserve an Eisner though for not only rejuvenating Daredevil but for making each issue more entertaining then the last. Also, what more can I say about Marcos Martin that I haven’t already described in this review? It’s gorgeous and quite simply might be the most complex art you’ll see in a title today. I pray that Marvel will not only continue to let this book be untouched but also take a lesson from how to actually make a great comic book. It’s not hard guys; just get some actual talent on your comic and your business is saved.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Yes and yes!

    • Yes and yes and YES!

      If more Marvel books were like this, my pull-list would be more balanced between DC and Marvel, unfortunately it’s not the case…

      But Daredevil is my guilty pleasure of the month, oh yes! 😀

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