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As Nekron continues to wage war on life throughout the universe, Hal Jordan discovers the grim, true mission behind the villain’s return. But the truth is so cosmically abysmal that it threatens to expose a secret that could tear the very universe asunder. You can’t miss this stunning, penultimate issue to the year’s biggest event!

Written by Geoff Johns
Art and cover by Ivan Reis & Oclair Albert
Variant cover by Rodolfo Migliari
Sketch variant cover by Ivan Reis

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.2%
Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. I’m really excited for this. 

  2. Boo on putting Hal in with the deputies instead of Ganthet.

    Can’t wait for this though.  I don’t think a single issue of this book hasn’t ended with me needing new pants. 

  3. Heck yes. Bring it.

  4. Hmmm, might go for the variant. This one looks weak to my eyeball…

  5. @JJ-Your eyeball is broken. Fix it.

  6. This not the cover. It’s still top secret.

  7. Kind of growing tired of this run.  I’ve enjoyed it yes, but I guess I’m ready to move on.

  8. @AmirCat They announced this was the cover to Issue 7 back in December.

  9. So is the Anti-Monitor finally going to show up, or…?

  10. I’ve enjoyed the series, but it feels like something needs to happen in this issue that moves us toward a conclusion.  This is the penultimate issue, yet it feels like we are no where near a climax.

  11. I feel the momentum of this series faltered a bit, but not too much, as this has been a great series so far. Issue 5 on has been especially impressive, and I cant wait to see how this ends.

  12. Ever since like issue three it seems like a LOT of people have been saying "Well, this is good but something MORE needs to start happening soon…" And here we are at the penultimate issue. I’ve liked this series, but I feel like everything has just been a blur–one big fight scene. I don’t think many of us could pass a pop quiz about what exactly happened in which exact issue, because most of the issues feel pretty much the same. Again, I’m pleased with this, but it hasn’t lived up to the hype (not that I was expecting it to; I don’t usually believe the hype). It’s been very enjoyable, though, and even if it wraps up in a predictable manner (with the Anti-Monitor or something) I’ll still be pleased. I gotta be–just for the art alone. It’s been great fun and awfully, just not very memorable, imo. I liked Sinistro Corps War more.

  13. *Oops, I meant "It’s been great fun and awfully exciting".

  14. The event (both here and Green Lantern) has been on a roll the past couple of issues. I hope this penultimate issues forwards the story but still give us some kick ass stuff. It’s funny how it is issue #7 and Nekron hasn’t been used all that much.

  15. Here’s the problem with Wonder Woman.

    They want us to take her as seriously as Superman and Batman but at every chance they put her in a costume with her boobs hanging out and a design feature which points to her vagina.

    I couldn’t really respect my boss if she showed up in something similar

  16. @edward yeah but has your boss ever saved the world?

  17. @Roi: she got really drunk and spilled heaps of stuff on herself at the christams party. does that count?


    Seriously, Has Wonder Woman ever save the world? In these crisis events she just seemed to show up and say something like you’re not man enough to do whatever

  18. Ha ha. i just noticed Barry is making the wanker hand signal on the cover. ha! how did they let that pass?

  19. I can’t wait to read this!!!


  20. @edward he’s just moving his hand toward in one direction, you have to move it back and forth to do the wanker signal

  21. Barry is just telling this Nekron fellow what he thinks about his "power."  In a characteristically vulgar and immature way, of course.

  22. @Roi: I’m not going to get into an arguement about this and this is my last comment of the topic. You’re so obviously wrong i don’t know why i’m responsing. ok?

  23. eh, I’ve come this far, may as well pick it up

  24. @edward: That is actually a good point about Wonder Woman (not so much on the wanking part). I’ve read this event, Final Crisis, Infinite Crisis, Identity Crisis, COIE, and a few others…..What has she done to make her part of the ‘Trinity’? She definitely is a great hero and she is one of the best superheroines created. But when it comes to big events like this, no one seems to really know how to write her all that well.

  25. @TNC: Forget about teh good heroine part. she just belittles Batman or Superman or whoever. total bitch.

  26. seconding the ganthet thing. this cover in my opinion would be an awesome companion piece to 6 with ganthet on the cover.

  27. NOT a good jumping on point

  28. @Edward: Yeah, the cover is kind of weird all around I find…

  29. When will Daffy Duck Green Lantern be featured?

    Green Loontern

  30. They actually made an effort not to have WW’s outfit point to her special ladyparts, unlike poor Carol. But, yes, the Sapphires should be the emobdiment of lust, since they all dress like whores. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but they are not the best female role models of the DC universe.

  31. @JimBilly4 For the record, Miri is relatively conservatively dressed.

  32. No cover with Wonder Woman in that outfit can be considered weak.

  33. @JimBilly – I think all superhero’s show their good. It’s not fair to say they dress like whores. I can’t name any superhero male or female who does not wear tights. Even the fat ones wear tights. Maybe it’s time to usher in an era of baggy costumed superheroes.

  34. @Amircat: yeah, they all wearing skin tight costumes but some are more sexualised than others

  35. @AmirCat: That is actually a good idea.

    I mean I have no problems with the costumes right now. But maybe down the line we can see a massive change up in terms of costumes…..Which I’m sure will get us all angr…..I mean ‘discussing’ the changes so warmly. 🙂

  36. So what we’ve learned is that 8 issues is too long for an event. It just starts to drag. SI was too long, SCW was too long and this event has been too long.


  37. @Diabhol: I don’t think you can say that universally.  I think it depends on the story and the audience.  Personally, I am enthralled with Blackest Night and can’t wait until it bleeds into Brightest Day.

  38. I found the first half of this event nothing special, i really enjoyed only the Corps numbers, but i think this second half is really good… Just finished this book, i feel well and in peace with all living beings like after some great sex

  39. @Ragnarokker – have a cigarette

  40. @Diabhol & ctrosejr – I like this event a lot, I just don’t like the fact that we have to wait 8 months. #7 was amazing!

  41. Well…..Sinestro is gonna be a factor in the DCU for awhile longer isnt he?

    I had some nitpicks in this, the Luthor scenes just dragged on a bit, but overall this was a fantastic issue. Ivan Reis is artist of the year, no questions asked. I just wonder what the hell does Geoff Johns have planned this time. Cause… can you just sweep this all under the rug with one issue to go?

  42. Sinestro.  Word.

  43. I’m assuming the final issue will be roughly 100 pages so Mr. Johns will have room to actually wrap this story up.  Either that or the eighth issue won’t actually provide a conclusion and the whole thing will just move into Brightest Day.


    If Brightest Day is simply Sinestro wrecking havoc, then I’m all for it.   What is the Sinestro Corps. going to be called from now on?  Yellow Lantern Corp.?


  45. @intergy – Word indeed.

    Mr. Johns, how do you do it?

  46. This issue was great.  I don’t really follow all of you who have been annoyed with this taking so long, its a big story and it was told in a big way.  If you read the whole event, all the minis and the GL titles its been really a lot of fun.  If you don’t feel you should have to buy the minis thats fair, but they’re there to enrich the whole story and you just pick and choose how enriched you want it to be.  I’ve bought it all, and while I’m ready to move on to whats next, I’ll never say I haven’t enjoyed the ride on this one 🙂

  47. last panel is worth it all in this issue

  48. Remember that iFanboy episode where they interviewed Geoff Johns?  Someone asked if Hal would become a White Lantern, he grinned, changed the subject, and everyone thought he blew it?  Would never have seen Sinestro being the savior of the Universe coming.

    Not my POTW though.  JT Krul blew everything else out of the water with Black Lantern Green Arrow. 

  49. Wow!!! Blackest Night has been a treat. I love the integration of characters being used from the DCU. I can’t wait for the conclusion!

  50. @stuclach: See that would bug me about this. I know ‘Brightest Day’ will further the end of Blackest Night….but I read a story to see an actual conclusion. Not to see it ‘end’ but then be told it’s not really the end until you finish ANOTHER title.

    At this point I have no idea where this event is gonna go. But still….I hope nothing gets rushed or there is no ‘finale’ to this thing.

  51. I think the problem is that we usually assume that when they tell us a limited series is 6, 8 or 12 issues long . . . that closure is guaranteed by the last issue.

    I think the market with it’s rise of trades has created this "story arc" system and I think it hurts the readers’ enjoyment because it’s all becoming too formulaic.

    Personally, I think it would be great if books, especially ongoing series, just went back to being single issues without numbering how many issues are in an arc. 

    But I’m guessing the true reason why they create arcs is to help force us buy more books in the long run. 

  52. Just before the halfway point in this issue I started think that maybe the journey was going to prove more fun than the destination.


    Shame on me for having even a few pages of doubt.  This is fantastic stuff and Sinestro as the "White Lantern"?  Oh hell yeah.  Never thought that’s what would happen and I love that a series like this can surprise us over and over with it feeling like its going out of it’s way to surprise us.

    Easy, if unsurprising, POTW.

  53. awesome issue BWAAAAAA

  54. I don’t expect Sinestro’s White Lantern status to go on for much longer than the next issue.

    Solid issue, but the Larfleeze and Lex moments are annoying now. Too much. 

  55. OMG, everytime one of these comes out, I have to read the whole series over again to remember what the hell is going on!  Everything else I pulled this week I could just jump right into though.

  56. Folks, this is a serial storytelling format. We’re reading a soap opera. I t will never ever ever end. There will mild closure, but never an ending.

  57. @jumpingjupiter Thank you.

  58. I remember saying to the guys at my LCS a few months before this event began that Sinestro would turn out to be the savior in BN. He did some evil shit along the way since Sinestro Corps War but he kept saying to Hal that it was all to say the Green Lanterns. He is one of the most interesting characters in the DCU.

  59. The pick of the week % on this is crazy high.

  60. All I have to say is… WOW!!!

  61. imagine if this turned out like Dark reign and sinestro became in charge of protecting the universe.

  62. Brilliant book. Lex steals the show, as expected from someone fueled by Greed.

    What else can I say other than… Destiny Awaits.

  63. @TNC @JumpingJupiter – I don’t want the story’s conclusion to be the end of the DCU, but I want some significant closure.  We generally get that from "events".  I have no problem with leaving some dangling threads (actually, I prefer that), but I don’t want the ending to feel abrupt, either.

    I have enjoyed this series, but am somewhat concerned that Mr. Johns will have to rush through the conclusion to fit it all in that last issue.  It is a pacing problem. 

  64. The last issue will be double-sized. I’m sure it will be enough room for him to finish it, so long as he keeps it focused more on the main plot and not Luthor or other minor lantern quibbles.

  65. you know, I’m a little sick of Luthor/Larfleeze too, but I think we’re supposed to be.  I LOVE scarecrow with the yellow ring though.

  66. Nekron is perfect, muahahahaha , we are all better of dead! 

  67. Loved that I’m not exactly sure how I should feel about Sinestro claiming the white light for his own.

  68. Spoiler alert ***





    I loved this issue … amazing. I don’t think Sinestro will be a hero. I think  that Brightest Day has potential to be as scary as blackest night. While it would be interesting to see Sinestro redeemed, I expect him to get more corrupt with more power. Honestly, if would not be fair for a dorner dictator to become a hero again. It’s not like he can use the same **excuse** Hal uses for doing evil stuff. Looking forward to Johns exceeding our expectation. 


  69. @mansuper bwahaha

  70. Surprisingly one of the things I’m most looking forward to post-Blackest Night is seeing how Lex and Scarecrow handle not having the powers of their Corps anymore.  That could prove most entertaining.

    Destiny Awaits.  Awesome.

  71. Just the contrast to Johns focusing on each new lantern.

    Scarecrow had a great line in the opening page; but not used much else.

    Luthor was used for over 4 pages to a pointless fight.

    Again it’s a nitpick, but Johns shouldn’t have focused on that for so long.

  72. Shame on Luthor for trying to hog 4 pgs of Blackest Night 7! Who does he think he is? Oh, an Orange Lantern? Never mind.


  73. @Smasher-So you’re saying a character controls the story and not the writer? How does that make any sense. The whole idea of a selfish Luthor has been played to death in recent issues of both this and GL. We get it. He’s greedy. At least with Larfleeze it was original and Johns played him off of the rest of the crew. Here, Luthor simply starts a random fight and, apparently, is unstoppable. It was a waste of space and considering everything else going on, Johns could have filled it with more important plot points.

  74. @TNC

    Since DC spoiled the fact that there was going to be a White Lantern this issue on Twitter before I read it yesterday, that Luthor scene was utterly badass for me.  Johns had me actually thinking that Luthor would gather all the rings then they’d somehow merge into a white ring, making Lex Luthor of all people be the savior of the Universe.

    I much prefer the Sinestro choice, but my mind was screaming when I read that fight.  I can see how it would’ve been boring for people who didn’t have it spoiled though.

  75. Is it just me or has John Stewart been neglected in this series. He had one issue of GL told to him, but that issue didn’t really move the overall story forward, just his personal story. Stewart is my least favorite of the 4 GLs from Earth, but I feel that he could of been just as important as Kyle or Guy in this story. 

  76. @Slockhart: Basically, @drakedangerz took the words right out of my mouth for that response. 🙂

  77. @supertrackmonkey  I would have to agree with that.  I am not a huge fan of John Stewart but he is really the forgotten Lantern of the Blackest Night saga.  Kinda feel bad for him.

  78. He always was the greatest lantern. 

    Awesome issue. 

  79. 998 pulls. Can the pull counter go over 1,000?

  80. I think it has before, Flash Rebirth #1 is the only one I know for sure but I don’t work here.

  81. i’m starting to think there too much continuity in these threads. i can’t read all those posts. who has that much time?

  82. I want to run back to months ago and slap myself for being so sure that this series would end with Hal as a white lantern

  83. @JaqueNargg – I think of all of the people in the series, Sinestro has been the most honest about ALL of his feelings.  He’s already been a Green Lantern, and heralded as the greatest of them in his time.  he founded the "Yellow" Lanterns.  He certainly loves the Universe, albeit in a Magneto-like "I’ll save you all at any cost" type of way, so he fits "Violet".  He’s prone to rage, thus fitting of the "Red" Lanterns.  He’s absolutely selfish, as evidenced by his "My way or the highway" philosophy (Orange Lantern).  I think he’s always hoped for a better universe, and has striven to create it (Blue Lantern).  Compassion is a bit of a stretch though.  But anyway, I think he most honestly fits the bill of a true "White" Lantern, as a mixture of the full emotional spectrum.

  84. Sorry, that was meant as @ScorpionMasada

  85. @edward we really need an Ultimate iFanboy

  86. Has Sinestro’s first name been established before this issue?

  87. @Roi: Crisis on iFANite Earths would lead to Jimski and Mike Romo becoming the same person. i can’t tell them a part

  88. The build up to Blackest Night was exciting and the first issue of the mini was awesome, but since then the event has been mired in repetition and I’ve been getting bored waiting for the story to begin to move forward again.  This issue, it finally did and it was a lot of fun to read.  I’m looking forward to next issue and really hope that we’ll have a satisfying closure to the Blackest Night before we veer off into the Brighetst Day.  But for now at least I’m happy again.  And the art was beautiful, as usual.

  89. white lantern? saw that coming a mile away, from the second I heard there were black lanterns. any word of a white ring being packaged with Blackest Night 8? I doubt it but it’d be cool.

  90. See, I’m cool with the whole Lex thing. I think he’s focusing on that a bit to establish his new direction post-blackest night.

    Yup, I think all or most of the deputized lanterns are sticking around.
  91. So ….GOD has been traped/hidden on earth since nearly the begining of everything (in a grave in Gothem city) ??? Isn’t that more than a little lame …..
    I liked this until now… Shark Jumped

  92. @KnightFlight – In a story were the protagonists are space police with superpowers derived from their jewelry, and the jewelry is empowered by giant lanterns with cosmic entities trapped inside, I didn’t interpret the white entity to be the Christian God in any literal sense.  But I can understand how many readers might take it that way, and I can also understand how that might take those readers out of this story in a pretty dramatic way.  Considering that in the DC Universe the Spectre is suppsoed to be an active agent of God, I assume that God (in the DCU) hasn’t been buried under Gotham for as long as people have been on Earth.  If Johns takes the story in that direction I’ll be more than a little disappointed. 

  93. @JJ-Pretty sure Ganthet mentioned that they are only deputized for 24 hrs. and then it’s gone. Even if that’s not the case, they would never leave Lex with a ring. That would completely ruin the whole dynamic he has with Superman.

  94. Is it me or is this Entity idea feels like a Morrison concept? I mentioned it in my review and it’s still bugging me. Johns does have a great imagination but this felt too…..spiritual for a guy like him. Definitely feels like Grant Morrison came by his office and offered him some ideas.

    Not dimishing Johns or the writing in this. just an obseration.

  95. @TNC-Johns has already introduced Parallax and Ion. The concept of an entity is not new in his stories.

  96. @rwpos   I can understand that you don’t want to read that GOD was/is hidden/trapped in a grave yard in Gotham (I thought it was fairly ridiculous) but I think that is what was intended.  The fact that EVERYONE feels it when the ENTITY is attacked (and everyone and everything will die if it dies) the Blackhand/Necron statement that “He said let there be light” (as clear a parallel to the JewishChristian creation story as you can ask).

    I just thought it was a ridiculous (even sad) reveal in an otherwise excellent series.  Not worthy of what has come before.

  97. @rwpos  yeah i don’t think its god either, if god gives the spectre orders then it can’t really be in a deep sleep under gotham

  98. @Drake: I know that. But the idea of an ‘Entity’ living underneath earth and basically keeping it around….seems very Morrison-esque.

  99. Wait, how old is the earth? I thought the guardians were waaay older? Like millions and millions of years older? I though they were supposed to have been around for a long time before earth was even a glimmer in the eyes of the solar systems eyes?

  100. I had no problem with a white entity that helped bring about emotional life being hidden here on Earth, which would explain why Earth has been so "special" in terms of produing heroes and what not. Have a small problem with it being here longer than the Guardians have existed… but I don’t think it was made clear that they hid it here immediately after they were created. Perhaps they hid it here 5 billion years ago after some initial (first 5 or so billion years) trouble with life/death. I do have a problem with the fact that Geoff seemed to pull it right out of his butt to end issue 7. Has he hinted at such a being before? Has he hinted that it was hidden? Has he hinted that Nekron wanted to destory it? Yes, at last we know Nekron’s plan, but it felt like it was dropped on us without much groundwork. Otherwise enjoying the hell out of this.

  101. When it comes to age, our solar system and Earth in particular aren’t the oldest things around, not even close. And in terms of Black Hand referencing “He said let there be light…” is that meaning that the Christian God made the light/white entity as the avatar of all life, versus the light/white entity is actually God? I would assume the former, not the latter.

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