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Don’t miss this fantastic finale as BATMAN AND ROBIN’s storyline connects with THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE!

The climactic showdown between Batman and the Black Glove is finally here. It’s payback time for The Dark Knight as Batman and Robin face the ultimate evil. Will Damian betray his father’s legacy? Will Bruce Wayne return just in time to see Dick Grayson die?

Plus, The Joker and Professor Pyg!

This is only the beginning of a startling new status quo for the Batman…

Variant cover by ETHAN VAN SCIVER

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  1. Isn’t RoW #6 supposed to come out before this? Should I just wait a week? 

  2. I’m looking forward to this.  Can’t wait to see where this goes.

  3. This is gonna rock. I’m sure someone will complain about the art being divvied up between three artists. But I enjoy the work of all three guys immensely. Just think of this finale as being a "jam piece". Which makes sense because the whole series has really been a "jam" of Morrison working with multiple artists. It’s appropriate.

    @NawidA: Yeah, seems like chronologically this (and maybe B&R 15?) come before RoBW 6. But other than seeing exactly how Bruce returned to this timeline, there’s not much from RoBW 6 that’s going to inform the narrative of B&R 16. At least, that’s my impression. This is (apparently) Bruce helping Dick and Damian deal with the Joker, Prof. Pyg and Dr. Hurt. In other workds, it wraps up the B&R storylines. RoBW, on the other hand, is about the Darkseid/time-travel part of the equation. And it is all connected, but probably not enough to warrant waiting to read this issue, imo.

  4. aww Burham’s drawing a bit of this? Sweet! That almost makes up for Frazer Irving.

  5. I actually think that this issue may benefit for Return Of Bruce Wayne #6, and visa versa. Looking at the preview art, it looks like Morrison is going to delve into more characterization involving Barbatos, so it’ll be useful info for when we read Barbatos Bruce go on his rampage in that issue. This’ll be a great issue for sure.

  6. *benefit for being released before Return Of Bruce Wayne #6, and visa versa.

  7. I’m going to stick to this comic either way.  I need a good Batman book and this is just hitting all points.  For this to get bad quickly, it’d have to bomb and I don’t think DC would let that happen.

  8. Oh three artists with three completely different styles? How can we lose!?

    This better be worth it. This is suppose to be a finale for Morrison on the series but it’s delegated to be part 1 of the massive finale for his delayed ridden Return of Bruce Wayne.

    I like all of the talent involved; but we’ll see how rushed this is gonna look. 

  9. Because using different artists for different segments and themed scenes is an unheard of and proved failure of an artistic device.


    And water flows up.

  10. @comicbookchris: Right, right; that’s why this is happening. Not that Quitely was suppose to do this, then got injured. Then Stewart was suppose to do the whole thing, then it turned into him AND Irving doing halfies. Now apparently Chris Burnham is going a portion of the book.

    But no I’m sure this was the original plan. 

  11. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

  12. hey, when life gives you lemons, they’re worth two in the hand and gather no moss, know what i mean? 

    here’s my advice; read this and read the return of bruce wayne. Wait four months and pull them out again during a raining day and enjoy the story as a whole 

  13. I wish DC would give out a definitive reading order of all this shit.  Morrison waited until 2 weeks after FINAL CRISIS was over before letting us know, you’d think he’d learn from his mistakes.  Oh well, despite the confusion I’m enjoying this and looking forward to a massive re-read starting back at Batman and Son

  14. I don’t think there’s much of a strict reading order, but instead are parallel stories that are happening side by side. Kind of like Age Of Apocalypse. That story had a definite start with X-Men Alpha, but after that, it didn’t really matter in which order you read the titles.

  15. That’s the weakest Quitely cover i’ve seen in a while. he is a delicate genius though so shut up 

  16. @chris – by that logic, now that Bruce is back in B&R, would the last issue of Return of Bruce Wayne be X-Men: Chronicles?

    I think you are right.  For the first time in the entire run I’m a little lost and it’s probably because I can’t recall the little details.  Having a more linear "reading order" would certainly help though

  17. Just hope Morrison keeps the cryptic crap to a minimum just like last issue, so I can enjoy it without having to feel like I can only make sense of it if I remembered line 3, panel 7 of page 18 of Batman RIP #4 or something.

    Not a huge fan of Cameron Stewart’s, but last issue was so good and have really enjoyed The Road Home issues, that I can’t wait for this either.

  18. I’m just glad that Irving is almost gone. While he definitely improved as the arc went on, I mostly disliked his work. Though he did have a few shining moments.

  19. 7 Soldiers Of Victory (also penned by Morrison) is another great example of what’s going on here.


    This is the beauty of this storyline and, additionally, most comics. The issues of Batman And Robin and Return Of Bruce Wayne can be read in a great number of ways, and no matter which order they are read in, the story is just as brilliant and enjoyable as any combination. There’s a minute amount of variation. Reading all the Batman And Robin issues and then reading all the RoBW issues would be just as smart and enjoyable as reading them according to any "official" checklist someone puts out.

  20. @chris – you’re right but I just wonder if a definitive order would help reader comprehension for those of us who keep forgetting the little – albeit important – details.  I didn’t get the fist pumping moment of Bruce showing up at the end of last issue because I was more "wait what?". 

    I think it’s more of a function that I’m not re-reading my issues like I did during his BATMAN run, especially RIP.  That definately helped me keep track of everything, my memory recall sucks for some reason these days.

  21. Funny I’ve read every single Batman/Batman & Robin issue since Morrison started his run (SEVERAL times actually) and I am still lost in a few places. The RIP/Final Crisis stuff I fully get now; but all of this stuff for Return of Bruce Wayne is getting a bit too weird even for me.

    Again, the lateness doesn’t help.

  22. As much as I will miss Grant Morrison, I am looking just as forward to Tomasi & Gleason 🙂

  23. It’s true that reading order is highly subjective, as many of you mention, but if you’d like a list to follow along with we’ve been working hard on one. This is a link to the most updated version:



  24. Morrison’s Batman run is nowhere near as complicated as some commenters in this thread seem to think.

    The preview for this looks totally awesome btw.

  25. @incredibledave: It really isn’t. I don’t see the confusion. Everybody can miss a detail here and there, but I don’t understand how someone can be completely lost at this point. Especially if they’re willing to re-read, or use this thing called the internet.

    As far as the "lateness", unless you count Road Home (which really doesn’t reference the return itself in the slightest), we’re really only one issue out of sync. We’ll find out the details of Bruce’s return in ROBW #6, and in the meantime we’ll get to see him kick some ass. What’s the problem? If you let things like lateness ruin the book, but then turn around and complain about artist swapping (which is usually done in an effort to minimize delays), you’re only shortchanging yourself. No one loses but you.

  26. As long as Batman: The Return #1 is read last, the order in which you read the issues sequentially makes absolutely no difference.

  27. @incredibledave & wheelhands – I don’t think anyone’s completely lost, at least I’m not.  What I am trying to say is that I’ve lost the little threads along the way, and as a very seasoned comic book reader, this is rare. 

    Considering the insanely great quality of the work, it’s more of an obervation than a complaint

  28. I read this book. I’ve been reading it since issue #1. I can’t wait until Morrison leaves the book so I don’t have to feel like an idiot every time an issue comes out and I still have no idea what’s going on.

    Another book, like SHIELD, that I just may not be smart enough for.

  29. Everybody should have skipped The Road Home anyway.  I wish I had!!  Every single issue was complete garbage!!!  EVERYONE!!

  30. Umm…no one is really talking about the Road Home issues. Nor do I think anyone will. Move along now.

  31. Are we sure this cover is not for The Boys #7?

  32. Really enjoyed The Road Home Catwoman and Ras Al Ghul books, the Batgirl one was just fantastic, thought Batman & Robin was decent too, and the art on the Jim Gordon issue was notable at least.  Skipped Outsiders and Red Robin, and the Oracle issue wasn’t very good; all these interesting IMO as to how Bruce re-introduces himself to these players in the Bat-family, and Vicki Vale’s crusade of exposition, which turned out to be a personal vendetta, intrigued me as well.

  33. I do like how almost all the artists that have worked on the title so far are being represented somehow in this issue. We have Frank Quitely on the cover and Irving and Stewart doing interiors. It’s too bad we didn’t get Andy Clarke as well, since I loved the arc he drew. But luckily, by the grace of god, no Tan art!


  35. What a finale! Still a lot of unanswered questions, but Morrison tied this up tighter than I expected him to. The mystery of Dr. Hurt is unraveled enough to put it to rest for a while, but still fuzzy enough to make for great future stories. Morrison struck a really nice balance there in my opinion.

    Joker taking Hurt out is something I was hoping for, so that made me giddy too. I would’ve like a face to face scene with Joker and Bruce, but the punch was a great gag. I wonder if his plan to make his newest identity a crimefighter will be carried on by other writers, or ignored like most of Morrison’s changes. Or will he give up on that now that he knows Bruce is alive?

    The action was great; that two page spread with Bruce and the boys was fantastic, especially Damian firing the arrow into the flamethrower (even if it is impossible). The dialog was spot on; Damian’s "Father, at this stage I really don’t think I need your help." and Gordon’s "Get me some clothes and don’t ask!" being two of my favs.

    Not sure how I feel about the epilogue. It was exciting, but Bruce telling the world that he funded Batman for all these years is a little too close to revealing his identity for my comfort. And him standing up there with three guys who curiously match the age and shape of three crimfighters pushes the disbelief pretty far. But like I said, it was exciting and a great set-up for Batman Inc.

    All in all a great finish to a great run. I’m just glad this Batball can keep on rolling.

  36. I just……oh read my review. I can’t bring myself to critique this on here right now. I’m so angry.


  37. This hit all the beats that I was hoping it was going to! The dispatching of Dr. Hurt in a super satisfying way. The satisfying reunion of Bruce Wayne and the current Batman & Robin. The satisfying chapter closing of this phase in Grant Morrison’s Batman epic. Satisfying. That’s the best way to describe this issue. This is the best type of issue you can get at the near end of the story. Can’t wait for Return Of Bruce Wayne #6 for the other penultimate chaper to this phase, and for Batman: The Return for the end cap.

  38. It has never felt sooo good to be reading Morrison on Batman all these years. The payoff here was freakin’ fantastic!!! I can’t stop geeking out!

  39. This was soooooo much better than the last two issues, it’s not even funny.  I wish Stewart could have done the art for the whole issue but w/e.  Also, the panel of Bruce punching Joker looked like he was punching Joker’s head clean off.

    Not entirely thrilled that Morrison has had Bruce assume a Tony Stark style relationship with Batman. 

  40. Excellent. Tied everything up nicely in a bow from Batman and Son through RIP, as well as having a beautiful symmetry from Issue 1 through 16 of Batman & Robin. I for one am interested to see where a Tony Stark-esque Batman relationship would go. It’s not been tried before. 5/5

  41. Wow. That was a whole lot of art changes. Bit much for my taste. Good represenat of what this book has been like of late. All over the place, both art and story wise.

  42. Three things:

    1. Robin’s fight scene choreography. Wow.

    2. The subtlety of Damian’s joy with the return of Bruce, and the pride of having worn the Robin costume during Bruce’s absence.

    3. I can’t wait to see what becomes of Bruce’s announcement made at the end of the issue.

  43. I don’t quite know how I feel about the ending, but everything else about this series has been perfect to me. Morrison has been my favorite writer for quite sometime so I have faith in his master plan.

  44. Bring on Batman Inc.

  45. awesome, I totally called the Joker banana peel bit last month!

  46. Aw, c’mon! You guys really think that the Tony Stark thing is a good idea? It’s too much of a game-changer for me. The only thing that would please me is if the first panel of B+R #17 somehow undoes Bruce’s press conference- it was a dream sequence, it was a fantasy- anything. And on top of it all, (though I’m certainly no authority on the character- I’ve only been reading Batman since Dick took over), based on the Return of Bruce and the Road Home books, Bruce comes off as kind of a jerk. Just saying. 

  47. Bruce Wayne is a jerk. 

  48. He was a jerk to begin with, and now he is literally going to be the boss of the whole operation in addition to being the Big Daddy figure, you can bet he’s going to be even more of a jerk. 

    Even were that not the case, I bet the writers would play that up anyway in an attempt to make him distinct from Dick.  Characters are always written differently in team books/group settings than in their solo stuff (where they are typically more well-rounded).  So Bruce will be the Angry, Controlling Batman and Dick will be the Friendly, Spontaneous Batman.

  49. HailScott – 

     They’ve obviously been working towards Vicki Vale exposing all their identities for some time now; I’m sure this plays into it. This is their attempt at a cover story, I think.  

  50. The idea of Bruce turning into a Tony Stark-like character with this ‘corporation’ angle just seems out of character. I find it hard to believe at any point, in the 72 years this character has been around that Bruce would even think of doing this. Having a sidekick, yes. But making an entire ‘League’ (of sorts) of Batmen? That’s just doesn’t fit for me.

    But hey, we still gotta wait for INC #1 to see just where this is gonna go. 

  51. A League of Batmen! Outlandish!

     Imagine a concept like that in the hands of say, Grant Morrison and J.H. Williams II!

     (sorry, I’m a douche!) 

  52. Is Bruce going to claim to be best friends with Batman like Tony Stark used to?

    I’m willing to see how it goes. But I don’t think this is either an interesting or good idea. I can’t think of where this storyline can go that will be too compelling. 

    And exactly how man "Batmen" are there going to be? And why should I care about any besides Bruce or Dick? I’ve been enjoying the combination of Dick and Damien, so I don’t mind them getting to stick together. But I don’t see why there needs to be a "Batman" of Russia.

  53. The Batman of Russia was pretty cool, actually – in Superman: Red Son.

     I doubt we’ll see more than periodical appearances by other ‘Batmen’ (if they even call them that). And I’m betting that Bruce at least will always be around to keep it interesting for the long-time Bat-fans (Morrison is I’m sure aware that the book wouldn’t last 6 issues otherwise). 

  54. @Cormac: To be fair, Morrison killed off a lot of people from that run. So it’s not like he seemed to think of a League seriously around that time either.

  55. See, now, if i was a bad guy i would try to capture Bruce and torture information out of him now that he said he knows batman. 

    On the other hand, i suppose bruce wayne would actually know how to handle that situation though

  56. I wonder if he plans to continue using Hush as a decoy 😉

     Would certainly be an interesting piece of turnabout. 

  57. I loved this.  I was slightly lost at points but it was full of great character moments and payoff.

    The art was great and they did one of the better jobs of pulling off multiple artist in one book.  Cameron Stewart’s action sequence was brilliant and he did such a good job of drawing Bruce and Dick differently in the same custome.  I had never thought about it but now that I’ve seen it Chris Burnham is a great fit for this book.  Irving is a staple at this point and nailed the Joker scenes as usual.

    They’ve put the Batman line in an awesome place.

  58. That banana peel was awesome. 

    Bruce Wayne’s reveal seems like a rather stupid idea, but I trust Mr. Morrison enough to believe he’s got an interesting story to tell.

    @edward – That is EXACTLY what I thought to myself as soon as I read this issue.  I’d capture Bruce, Dick, Damian, Tim, Alfred, any woman Bruce has ever been seen with publicly and torture them until they revealed everything they knew.  I don’t know how we can expect anything less. 

  59. Not sure why I enjoyed this so much, but that’s kinda been par for the course. I may not have much of an idea about what happened, but it happened with style and character and fantastic action. This comic actually kept me near the edge of my seat, and I really didn’t have much of a clue what was happening. How do you do it, Morrison?

    Batman Inc. seems ludicrously out of character for Bruce Wayne, but then again so has every single page of Morrison’s run, and I’ve been having a good (albeit confusing) time. Let’s see where he’s heading with this.

  60. The banana peel was probably the best Joker moment I’ve seen in years. I wonder how long ago Morrison thought that up. Must have been satisfying to finally see it on the page.

  61. This issue is just thick with details.
    Loved the trail of dominoes Joker leaves for Hurt: 8-1, 8-1, 8-1 etc
    or in English, HA HA HA HA HA
    (same as the Devil’s Hand in R.I.P. and ROBW of course)
  62. @Cormac: Wow……that is something I didn’t even notice. But that perfectly fits the Joker’s frame of mind.

  63. i think Cormac is Batman 

  64. wow, this was an amazing wrap up and jump off into the next arc for Batman (men?). Art was great, things that didn’t make sense seem well planned and I almost forgot about how we still haven’t seen how he’s back yet. Hopefully it’s as compelling as this.

  65. Perfect ending to this 27 year long story. Meaning, it was pretentious, nonsensical & disjointed as all hell. Complete shite.

  66. Coincidentally also the perfect description of your comment.

  67. I wouldn’t call it pretentious, or even disjointed…

  68. Watch this. It’s like throwing holy water on Morrison haters;

    @WadeWilson: You just didn’t get it.

    I look forward to your comments.

  69. The page reveal after Joker was pondering ‘what would be more funny?’ made me laugh out loud.  One of those things that cannot be replicated as well anywhere other than comics.

    I loved this.  I loved the art shifts.  I loved Commissioner in a dress.  As for the end, well, I did not mind the Wayne reveal for what it was, but more for the fact that the ‘friendly competition’ already has this little idea squarely in their tent with one of their most recognizable characters.

    @Cormac-When the banana peel slip happened, I immediately remembered your comment.  Nice call.

  70. This felt so good reading. 5 stars.

  71. @MisterJ It is worth noting that the Stark/Iron Man relationship hasn’t been like this in about 4 years, and with it now being the premise of the movies, is likely to go unchanged in the comics for sometime.

  72. So, Barbatos is… really a demon? Darkseid presenting himself in a form Thomas Wayne expected and could relate to? The Hyper-Adapter?

  73. I would pay $500 right now for that first Burnham Batman page.  Alright $750, but thats it.

  74. i might be wrong but did grant ignore tim drakes whole "Paralyzed" thing


  75. @Prax-I do not mean to say that they are taking the current status quo from the competition, but rather that this was done so loudly and publicly by the competition that DC should not have done it.  It is the same way that I felt about the return of Cap storyline where they used Lost’s ‘constant’ notion.  Or if Marvel did something similar to the Armegeddon 2001.  Whether or not it is being used currently is less important to me than the fact that it was a well done and well known trick that had already been used.

  76. WoW! I can not believe what I read on those last few pages, I was so busy this week, that I was only able to read now, but wow what an epic send off! I seriously thought that Bruce was going to reveal that he’s Batman, but he did the one thing that inches closer to Gotham figuring that out. It is a bit too close to him unmasking, but I still really like the idea & I hope to see more Knight & Squire since its supposed to be international @ Batman INC. This issue more that anything proves that Grant Morrison is the 2nd most perfect writer for Batman (next to the Uber-God Frank Miller, old FM not All-Star).

  77. Too much cryptic stuff in this for me to understand, but enjoyed this nevertheless.  I like the Batman Inc. concept and am looking forward to it as the next step in the evolution of Batman lore. 

    Think it fits in perfectly with what Bruce would do, cus I mean he’s perceived as a millionare-playboy, why wouldn’t he try to promote and invest in something like this as like a franchise?

  78. I enjoyed this, but since I’m not reading Return of Bruce Wayne I was completely lost by the references to Barbatos and the opening scene. Was the dude eating the bat Bruce or Hurt? Grant Morrison is probably my favorite comic writer, but I’m starting to think it’s better to read these stories in trade rather than issues as I get lost pretty easily. Will probably do so for Batman Inc.

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