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Trapped far beneath Gotham City and hunted by the Talon – the Court of Owls’ unstoppable killer – Batman lies bleeding and broken.

With no way out and no one to help, is this the end for The Dark Knight?

Variant cover by GARY FRANK
B&W Variant cover by GREG CAPULLO

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 78.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. So excited for this. Been the most incredible run so far, and after issue 5 I can’t wait to find out where Snyder takes us next. Wednesday can’t come soon enough.

  2. Can this issue live up to the last? Honest I have no doubt. Snyder is setting up a great story, and Capullo continues to deliver.

  3. I haven’t been this excited about a single issue in a long, long time.

  4. I thought the cover for #1 was one of the worst in all the bee 52 but this one is just incredible! Very excited for this book.

  5. Loving this cover! Very excited for this issue after the tour de force we got last month. Glad to see Snyder isn’t leaving Batman any time soon.

  6. God, look at that cover. So creepy.

  7. Ahhhhhhh!

  8. I’m definitely getting a Kelley Jones vibe from that cover! I like it!

  9. i’m sure it will be cool….can’t wait.

  10. Can’t freakin wait for this issue! It’s definately the best Batbook in my opinion.

  11. you know what would be funny? If you opened the first page of this comic and it’s the LAST page! and you had to read back to front (ala Manga). You know, continuing the disorientation of pages that started with last issue.

    but I suppose that would sorta ruin the ending. =)

  12. Usually at this stage of the story I want things to wrap up. I want loose plot threads to come together and I want to be teased with what is coming next. However I do not want this arc to end. Really hoping that we go deeper into the mystery.

  13. dahnah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah….batman!

    • Love that tune

    • it’s been in my head all week in anticipation for this book, walter. especially in the car on the way to get it every month.
      i actually watched the old 60’s movie recently. that film is so over the top it’s re-donk-ulous, but i love it.
      my favorite scene is when they’re on the ladder hanging from the bat-copter over the ocean and a shark bites batman. with his whole leg in the shark’s mouth, batman keeps his cool and asks robin for the shark repellent spray that is so conveniently in the bat-copter.
      fuckn’ classic.

  14. It’s this type of story I like to recommend to folks who don’t normally read superhero comics.

  15. Scott Snyder continues to amaze me with his story telling. Best Batbook for sure!
    Is anyone reading Nightwing? So excited for The Court of Owl crossover!!

    • Just decided to drop Nightwing as of this week. I plan on picking it back up for the court of owls cross over along with everyother bat book involved. Maybe it will win me back then.

  16. I wonder how Batman will get out of this one…

  17. Where’s Justice League?
    Is it late again?

    • Do you really care that much?

    • It seems to be a month behind now or at least thats the way it feels, I wait every month for the League also and it just seems to show up whenever now.
      The Batman has been a very good title and I enjoy this new villian Talon and the court of Owls. I think this will really test the Batmans metal and hopefully he makes it through this.


    • Justice League is on a 6 week release schedule not once a month like most of the other titles.

    • @edward

      more then i care about this book.
      don’t get me wrong, it’s great and all, but i personally like JL more.


      i heard something like that, but if you look back at all the release dates of the issues, they have all been monthly, with the exception of the first and latest one.

    • I smell a TROLL….I’m glad you like JL @thehangman

    • By reading the @thehangman response isn’t obvious he cares about the JL @Eddy

    • With my last comment going up in smoke can @ least say….You don’t have to disrespect and insult others simply to hold your own ground. If you do, that shows how shaky your own position is.

    • @drdeez

      dude, i know you’re kidding, but ANYTIME i put ANYTHING short of worship about snyder,
      EVERYONE accuses me of trolling.

      same goes for moore on that before watchmen thread, and morrison on action.
      i enjoy their work(except for about half of morrison’s), but i wouldn’t consider them some sort of “comic god”.

      know who i love? johns. bendis (on USM). tomasi (on B&R).
      there. i said it.

    • @hangman
      i want JL NOW as well. comes out feb. 29 and i dont think dr. deeez was calling you troll

    • Dude my bad @thehangman wasn’t calling you a troll I was refering too crocodile dundee who doesn’t have a pull list and talks shit to people…He knows who he is…..Dig JL too

    • Hey guys, I just started a new job and have been a little distracted. What did I miss? Oh …

    • I keep living all my days in the gangsta’s paradise.

  18. I think I might just be giddy…

  19. *shudders*

    Oh yeah let me get this in my veins!!!

  20. In my opinion, this is easily the best book of the new 52 and Detective was the best book going before the new 52. Kudos to Snyder.

  21. Jazzed to see how he gets out. Will be bent out of shape if the issue starts with him drugged in an alley and the whole issue was a hallucination.

  22. HOOOOLY SHIT I’m just gonna let that one sink in awhile before I read any other comics today.

  23. At last! Really keen to see where Snyder takes this.

  24. Just read the preview over at CBR and I must say this does not look good for our hero!! This Talon seems to be Batmans best at everything and makes the Bat look like a little bit#h, I just can’t believe how badly talon is tearing into Bats????!!
    I wanna see the rest of this issue now!! Gotta wait till I get out of work damn!


  25. And the unstoppable POTW juggernaut begins again. DC should release all the Snyder books in one week just for shits and giggles to see how the community will react.

  26. I need to look up what other books this Snyder is in. WOW just WOW, I am amazed by this story and how they are going to pull in all the other bat books and batman inc.

    Never seen batman so frail before!

  27. The Batman! I loved it, beating the owls with his knowledge of Gotham. Well played.

  28. It’s a shame Mr. Flapjaxx blocked comments on his review of this because that could have been a safe haven for people like me that don’t get the hype. I actually took this off my pull list after #5. Flipped through #6 in the store and decided I made the right choice. So I’ll just leave you all to your joy and go read my own favorite books now :).

    • I cannot blame you for having different tastes from my own, but out of curiosity, what are your favorite books?

    • i was the same way. i still love the book, but not so mind-exploding as everyone makes it out to be.
      this issue really did make me more interested, so i’ll stay on.

      still, i gotta say, batman & robin is amazing.
      nothing against snyder, he’s exactly where i hope to be in my career and i wish him all the best,
      but b&r is the best batman book i’ve ever read.

    • While I enjoy Batman & Robin, I still kinda dislike the way Tomasi writes Damian. He had the same problem pre-New 52. Maybe now this way of writing Damian will become the norm, since we’ve got a new status quo. The story is good, but what Snyder and Capullo are doing, especially Capullo, there’s just so much more depth and energy in Batman than in Batman & Robin.

    • @buck Sorry, this is a cop out, but I don’t really know. I read a fair amount of titles and like most of them. I keep trying to come up with a list in my head but it quickly grows too large. The Flash is probably my favorite superhero book out of the New 52.

      I’ve also dropped Batman & Robin and every other Bat-book I’ve tried recently aside from Batwoman. I’m really just not much of a Batman guy. I enjoyed what Morrison was doing before the relaunch so I’m looking forward to the return of Batman, Inc. and that should be enough for me.

    • Snyder’s Batman is a lot different from Morrison’s. It doesn’t have that whimsical quality that I think is the real selling point of almost everything Morrison writes. Well, as long as you’re reading Flash, we’re cool!

  29. This was insane! I seriously don’t think I’ve ever had sooo much fun reading batman before! Snyder’s black mirror run was incredible too but it had a totally different tone to it. Still trying to pick my jaw off the floor 5/5 POTW!!!!

  30. Another fun one. I am enjoying the nightmare aspect of this. I haven’t read RIP so I can’t comment to flapjaxx review, but I am finding its the art that is really interesting to me. The story is fun and cool so far, but the way Capullo is rendering this horror book is the hook.

  31. this was really good. sometimes that’s just all you have to say about it.. =)

  32. I adore everything about this book. Writing, pencils, inks, colors, lettering, editing, holy god everyone on this book is killing it!

  33. Good thing I didn’t read this first since I liked it so much better than everything else. Capullo is really coming into his own here.

  34. This issue #6 was another fun read! I mean yeah, the arc is kinda decompressed, but at $2.99 that’s forgivable (I’m staring at you, Mr. Bendis-Avengers-$8-per-month). Plus, Snyder certainly puts some interesting stuff into each issue. For example, this month, Batman does something rather ingenious using basic chemistry… ANyway, great job, Batman team! Fun comics.

  35. yep. it’s awesome.
    the bat’s exposed eye makes me want to re-read the tell-tale heart by edgar allen poe.
    the lil’ girl-owl with the baby doll: super creepy.
    the hallucinogenic art is mind melting and i’m left feeling satisfied.
    good job bat-folks
    i am not reminded of RIP. this is the COURT OF OWLS.
    bad guys team up against our heroes all the fuckn’ time. RIP did not invent the concept

  36. You know i’ve been hearing about this here batman for sometime now. My comicshop has pulled the last 5 issues for me. Next week along with my usual stuff i pick up (the flash, aquaman, wonder woman) i will spend that weekend devouring this run. Like a good thanksgiving meal. Oh yes. This is gonna be great.

  37. Awesome.

    That is all.

  38. Fantastic and this will be my POW and right behind it is Catwoman, very great artwork and story in both titles. All of a sudden Batman comes alive like Hulk Hogan and beats Talon down, it was a great fight scene for sure! Just can’t believe Bats had enough energy to come back from that type of beating and being stabbed thru the back to the front and was bleeding out? However; it is such a great story line and such great villianous characters (Talon, Talons and the court of Owls) that I really only flinched a little on that. The artwork is just so awesome just like the Hush story arc I bought the hardcover because the artwork was so good (the story as well); and already had that whole story arc in regular books I just enjoyed the art that much, I feel this will be the same for me on this arc and some of the artwork should be on posters and shirts as well.


  39. *possible spoiler*

    I would love it if batman is saved from those moloid-y things from all star western.

  40. I’ve been on board with this title from #1, it gets better and better. I really like the story arch, I am always like it when they put Batman in “realistic” type situations where he can flex his ability as a detective. With over 200 books in my Batman collection from the origional run I was glad to see that they kept with the detective theme and allowed the character to be what he was intended to be. I am not a huge fan of Bats fighting intergalactic super beings, I think that is just a little silly, leave that to Sups, GL, WW, Flash, etc.

  41. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Capullo is doing the best work of his career on this title. It’s that good.

  42. Wonderful issue, thrilling indeed! Best issue of the run yet.

  43. I bought comics in the 80s then stopped for 20 years. Now that shows like “The Big Bang Theory” are making it chic to be geek and I have kids I started buying again with this issue. I’m hooked and have since bought more! I’ve been getting back in touch with my inner artist as well. Good job DC!

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