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• It’s the epilogue to “The Court of Owls”!

• The next major storyline begins here!

Written by Scott Snyder
Backup Written by Scott Snyder & James T Tynion IV
Art by Becky Cloonan, Andy Clarke, & Sandu Florea
Colors by FCO Plascencia
Letters by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt
Cover by Greg Capullo
Variant Cover by Bryan Hitch

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 19.1%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Is that the symbol of some lantern corps?

  2. Oh yeah! Nice catch!

  3. Art by Becky Cloonan? Interesting. Capullo isn’t done though, right?

  4. Awesome cover.

  5. So excited to see Cloonan on this, even if it’s just a fill-in.

  6. Yeah, I’m really interested in seeing what Cloonan could do with Batman, the two panels I saw looked great even with no color.

    I’d like to see her work on Batman Inc. It just seems so fitting to me.

  7. Oh hell yes Becky Cloonan.

  8. Shouldn’t she get top billing? Sorry, Mr. Snyder, I love ya’, but Cloonan is my hero!

  9. I thought the art looked different, Lol……..

  10. Oh man…I hope this follow up is as good as the Owls stories. I worry.

  11. Whats the back-up about?

  12. You got Cloonan, Clark, Tynion, AND Synder?

    The makings of a POTW book I think.

  13. Definitely picking this up.Can’t wait for the Joker story to start.Sounds crazy from Snyder’s interview!

    • Just saw this about the Joker returning! Will I be in trouble if I haven’t read any of the Detective Comics? I avoided it after all the negative reviews

    • @taylorrust01: i don’ think anyone’s seen the joker since the end of detective #1, so i think you’ll be fine. DC intentionally kept the classic villains off the table for the first year, so this arc will kind of be his debut. Expect accessibility.

    • Yeah, I don’t think anybody has seen the Joker either. We’ve seen his face in police headquarters in Suicide Squad and Detective Comics since then but that has been it.

  14. Looking forward to the artwork by Becky Cloonan, like so many others here. Bet it would look amazing in black and white!

  15. Anyone know how long this story arc is going to take? Intrigued by The Joker’s return but not sure I can stand another DC boreathon.

    • I think Scott Snyder said 6 issues (starting with #13?) in the recent interview he did with the guys at SDCC.

    • Thanks, 6 sounds about right-these year long arcs havebeen wrecking my head. Doesn’t give you any jumping off or jumping on points, which I think is important in comics.
      From now on, I’m going to avoid reading a story that takes as long as The Court of Owls. Not enough happened to justify the multiple chapters. The back up story set in the past was much better.

  16. Absolutely adored this issue. Great writing.

    I really like it when Batman writers deepen Gotham City with everyday, non-powered, people. A city is, after all, comprised of people who dictate its character. Not everybody in Gotham can be a pervert, killer or gang member, after all. Both Harper and Cullen were affecting, likable and funny and made for a charming duo.

    When I was little I adored Doug Moench’s Batman stories because they were full of minor characters like Mortimer Gunt or Vesper Fairchild. The villains of the Moench era were often ‘little people’ as well (the two part story ‘Faceless’, a take about a psychopathic mailman who murders people on his route is an all-time fave) and this approach really adds a depth to the fictional environment that some writers seem to think is only populated by Batman, Alfred, Jim Gordon and a cavalcade of murderous bastards.

    Overall, this was a great issue, its POTW by default because I dropped Batgirl and Green Lantern is shipping late, but it would have been POTW for me anyway.

    Also: Anybody else find the scenes with Batman to be eerily reminiscent of David Mazzucchelli’s sterling work in ‘Batman: Year One’?

  17. Batman #12 is awesome. One of the better books I’ve read in a long time. Well, it WAS, right up to the point where Becky Cloonan gives up and lets someone else do the final 6 pages. It’s a one and done. And it could have easily been planned months ago, with more than enough time to let her finish. Instead, what potentially could be a great single issue is a gigantic disappointment. 

    • “… gives up…” is too strong, but a by product of the disappointment I felt when I got to page 21. I’m not implying she simply threw her pencils in the air and said ” **** this!” But that on both ends, something in terms of scheduling and/or time management could have been tweaked in order to make this the fantastic issue it could have been.

    • The last six pages were the back-up story, it was written by James Tynion and drawn by Andy Clarke. While it did just continue the same narrative, Cloonan was never going to draw it.

    • There is no break between pages 21 and 22. That is NOT a back up- its a continuation of the story. It has no discernible difference in character, setting, time or tone. The main character looks to see a boat travelling down the sewer canal… and then Batman shows up to stop the boat and save our heroine. That’s just a straight continuation- but featuring JARRINGLY dissimilar art. Took me right out of a book I was absolutely loving and rendering a pretty big disappointment.

  18. This was wonderful. A great palate cleanser after Night of the Owls, too.

  19. Gotta admit I was hoping for some Joker but this issue was excellent. Great fucking art.

  20. I don’t know why everyone is going on about Cloonan… it was Andy Clarke who blew me away!

  21. Agreed. Not a fan of the Cloonan. Felt like I was reading Scott Pilgrim at times. The Andy Clarke pages though were spectacular. Fit the gritty and adult tone of Gotham to a tee. Would love to see his ultra-detailed style in a full run on this book in the future.

    I enjoyed this story even more so than some of the Court of Owls chapters. The ability to follow the narrative from a commoner grounds the story and makes Batman’s brief appearances that much more mysterious. Gotta admit that the whole homophobic bullying thing seems a bit cliched by this point, but I still had a lot of fun getting through this issue.

  22. This was the most disappointing issue of Snyder’s Batman. Next major storyline begins here? Hardly. A $4 story that should have been spaced out over 4 months in the backups. The art changes wildly from page to page as at least three people did art on it. As others have said sometimes it’s dark and dangerous and then just jumps to a cartoony feel. I wish they would drop the book back down to 22 pages and not try and not waste my money on long fillers like this.

    • I agree…Im not a Cloonan Fan, after what She did to Conan I will never forgiver her….Thank god that she isnt staying on This title

    • I don’t mind her art specifically. The thing that bothered me is that the art kept changing. It made the story seem likes a series of back ups. And I think it is basically a series of backups. This is a 5 month story that could have been told 6 pages at a time. If you look back at the ratings and PotW percentages of the rest of the New 52 Snyder Batman’s it’s the lowest rated in terms of stars and second or third lowest in terms of PotW (Issue 3 had 0.0% PotW which I find a bit hard to believe and Issue 9 doesn’t come up in the lineup).

    • “down to 22 page and not waste my money”. I wish we could edit posts.

    • I totally agree. This was very disappointing for me. I was expecting something great and really, I got bupkis. “It’s the epilogue to ‘The Court of Owls’!” Uh… No it wasn’t. It had NOTHING to do with the Court of Owls. This issue was not worth $4 for me. Up until now, I had never waited on reviews for Batman before buying it. I might have to rethink that from now on.

    • The art does change dramatically but not “page to page”. It changes once, and by “at least three people did art on it” you mean two. Becky Cloonan 1-21 and Andy Clarke 22-28.

    • Too busy looking at POTW stats to pay attention to the actual comic

    • Oh look I brought out the Snyder fanboy brigade. Your right there were only two artists. The art changed dramatically in terms of tone throughout the book and broke it up in a way that was not enjoyable to me. I read the comic, I get it’s blatantly obvious Batman is pro-gay message in it, and I understand that this character is probably going to join the Batfamily in some capacity. I think it could have very easily been told in the last 6 pages of several comics. It comes at the end of the first major batman event and advertised itself as a continuation/final chapter of that event. It has nothing to do with Court of the Owls, it could have been released at any time during either the old universe or the New 52. I brought the ratings and PotW percentages because they show that people on this website that pulled this comic found it to be worth fewer stars than the earlier Batman stories. Cannot wait for Joker, and when that happens we wont even remember this silly little story ever happened.

    • I consider myself a HUGE Snyder fanboy. But I didn’t like this comic because it was boring. It had nothing to do with the Court of Owls like it claimed, and it made no difference in the grand scheme of things. Regardless if Snyder/Batman is pro-gay or not, the story was weak. I LOVE Snyder’s work mostly, and I think this one comic is the worst I’ve ever seen from him. I kept waiting for something to matter in it, and nothing did. I think if the solicit had said that it was a one shot story, I wouldn’t be so disappointed in it.

  23. From a storytelling stand point, this was the best issue of Batman since the New 52 started. This is probably my pick of the week.

  24. The Andy Clarke art in the last few pages…not my favorite.
    But Becky Cloonan was awesome. I wouldn’t mind seeing her do some more work on this title.

  25. I really dug Andy Clarke’s work at the end. I’ve never seen his artwork before, it’s like a mash-up of Olivier Coipel, and Lenil Yu. Really didn’t care for Becky Cloonan’s artwork though, I didn’t like her work on Conan either. Doesn’t really seem suited for either of these comics

  26. I absolutely loved this issue. I thought it was the best Batman issue of the whole run so far. Scott Snyder is the man. I didn’t mind the artwork either.

  27. Didn’t c are for this issue at all. I was worried about the posibility of it being a filler issue with it coming between Court of Owls, the 0 issue, and the next arc. That’s exactly what it felt like. I’m hoping that this builds into something and that this wont end up on my trade-in pile.

    The art was ok, it was a drop from Capullo, but who isn’t? Didn’t care for the art of the nose ring, kept waiting for her to pick that off with a tissue. Nose rings are fine, but it didn’t work for me in the comic art.

    Story- 2.5
    Art- 3.5

  28. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Wish it’d been Cloonan or Clarke all the way through, but otherwise I adored this issue. Harper and her brother are great and I hope we see more of them.

    • I’d concur with that. The art shift was a little jarring but both on their own were excellent in isolation. Harper kicks ass.

  29. This was ok.

    Bring on the Joker.

  30. Great filler issue…..Nice writing and intersting characters…..very good all around.

  31. I found this entirely unfulfilling. I was OK with the art in the first half until I got to Clarke’s and realized just how much better it worked with the story, the abrupt change for no reason really killed what little momentum it had. The writing was borderline terrible. The whole gay/hair cutting odd jumpy storytelling made next to no sense and really served no purpose at all. Snyder again falls back to his overly formulaic and academic writing style which I have grown to detest now that it seems that is all he does. If the next arc with the Joker follows suit, I’m sadly giving it a pass.

  32. a solid 3 stars. it was good, but had no snap, crackle or pop. a filler, really.
    i guess it was good to find out who that chick was from issue 6 or 7.

  33. Really liked the off-beat “one and done” story here and how Snyder weaves it into the larger story. Coolan’s art was a great fit for this story but it was particularly jarring when the back up feature art transition took place, in most issues these transitions work and a distinct change of perspective helps. This did not work at all here though and given Coolan was only on board for the one issue I fail to see why the entire issue was not presented in on vision. Shame

  34. Really enjoyed this episode. It’s like a breather until we get to the juicy stuff coming up with Joker. Harper was a good Snyder original, and her dialogue is very natural. Also I was glad to see a scene with Batman sweeping into an alley to help, since for the last 11 issues he was mainly being trudged through Hell thanks to the Court of Owls. Overall though it’s a book which sticks out especially with the rest of the “Court of Owls” issues, but I guess that’s the idea. The switch in artists was a bit strange, but Snyder’s writing kept me from being too distracted. Let’s just hope that all this adds up to more than a one-shot about a character who appeared in the background.

  35. This is a standalone story, but I’m not immediately convinced that the DC marketing team was blowing smoke on the whole “segue” angle. It does steam from the Court of Owls arc in that we have a timeline reference with the fundraiser. I have a hunch the Harper is going to be very important in the upcoming arc, enough so that we need to know something about her before #13. I think about her archetypes being juxtaposed against those of the Joker, and I imagine some really juicy things happening.

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