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  1. Can’t wait for this!

    I have high hopes – Dan Slott, JRJR and Doc Ock! Stan Lee and Marcos Martin, not to mention Mark Waird and Joe Kelly.

    I think Amazing has been hit and miss a bit lately, but this sounds like it is going to be a HIT!

  2. Good chance i may end up with 25 of these…

  3. @ omegadark

    Lol, I don’t normally go for varient covers but I can see myself getting one of these.

  4. Can’t wait! I’ve been loving Amazing Spider-Man this year. I hope all that talk of returning to the Clone Saga is just that – talk.

  5. 104 pages, and it’s "all-original"? Yowza. $5 is a bargin.

  6. Oh man i am going to lose it when this comes out. So excited

  7. I really might have to get the Romita Sr. variant…

    very, very excited.

  8. Holy moly! No reprints!?!  Now that’s the way to do it.

  9. So I think I’m going to jump on with this.

  10. Too many fucking writers!!!!

  11. JR Jr cover for me! Very much looking forward to the 60 pager from Slott and Romita Jr!!

  12. No reprints! Thank you Marvel!

  13. This has pick of the week written all over it. Spidey has been really good lately. The thrice-monthly schedule has allowed the book to get a lot of momentum and I love how they have tied in Dark Reign and Norman Osborn into’s spideys’ world.


  14. Can’t pass up JRJR on Spidey.  (or Marcos Martin)

  15. Seriously? Stan Lee and Marcos Martin! wow, color me even more excited that i was before

  16. Going to be awesome. No REPRINTS!

  17. @Darth Duck, I also hope I can score the Romita Sr. variant, it’s definitely a thing of beauty

  18. Super excited for this one. 100% all new content is nice as well!

  19. the romita sr. cover is colored by martin…you can tell the HUGE influence romita sr had on marcos.

  20. i’m sad the bendis story got pulled. bastards.

  21. I heard there’s like no ads in this either. Plus, from the solicits today, this is the first issue after the last trade, so HELL YEAH I’M JUMPING ON!

  22. @bobdoad

    It’s in the next issue 601, I think. I would rather Bob Gales got dropped all together, and Bendis took it’s place. I wasn’t impressed with Gales previous arcs.


  23. This is paperback sized right here, for cheap.

    Gale got an unfair wrap, for reasons I don’t know.  His Freak story, as well as the Booker/Enforcers story were excellent.  I think the haters just stuck to him harder for being more new than the other writers.

    Waid & Kelly have been A List for me.

  24. @ KickAss

    I didn’t enjoy the style of the Freak and Bookie stories. I didn’t think they flew as well as the other stories, but like the guys on the podcast keep saying – to each his own. Hope you like the Gale outing in #600. I’d never read any Slott or Guggenhiem before Amazing, but their stories worked better for me.

    I’m looking forward to the Slott/JRJR/Doc Ock story the most.


  25. I didn’t like the Freak story at all but I loved the other stuff Gale did

  26. Just spotted this over on CBR:

    Dan Slott wrote: "Hey!

    Quick heads up for Spidey-fans in the NYC area…
    I’ll be doing a signing for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #600 at Jim Hanley’s Universe:
    4 West 33rd St., New York
    (opposite The Empire State Building)
    (212) 268-7088

    The signing starts Weds. night, July 22nd, 6:00 pm… and there’ll be CAKE!
    (For all you fans of Portal, "the cake is not a lie". No kidding. As long as it lasts, there will be cake.)

    So please, if you’re in the friendly neighborhood, drop by and say "Hi!".

    ASM #600:
    104 Pages! No reprints! No ads!
    You get a 61 page lead story by myself, John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson, and Dean White
    A 12 page story by Stan "The Man" Lee and Marcos Martin
    All-new short stories by:
    Kelly and Fiumara
    Waid and Doran
    Guggenheim and Breitwesier
    Gale and Alberti
    Wells and Donovan

    Plus special one-page features by:
    Brubaker, Loeb, Bendis, Fraction, McKone, and Janson

    Added bonus: Each issue contains actual blood, sweat, and tears from Steve Wacker & Tom Brennan– the hardest-working editorial team in the UNIVERSE

    And, of course, a gorgeous cover by John Romita Jr. –with alternate covers by Alex Ross, Joe Quesada, and the legendary John Romita Sr.!

    That’s close to a TPB’s worth of material for $4.99!

    And, if you’re in NYC… CAKE!"

     This issue sounds awesome! Why do I live in England – no cake for me 🙁

  27. I’m happy for no reprints as that’s what they usually do a lot in this 100 page specials.

  28. This sounds so awesome.

  29. Is this a done in one or part of a story line?

  30. I believe done in one.

  31. So I heard this rumor that there are no reprints in this issue.  Is that true?

  32. @DarthDuck  Thats what i heard on the streets… and by streets i mean the little isles in between the longboxes at my comic shop

  33. i may just go to my lcs on my freaking lunch break i’m so excited for this. coooooome on 430, i got some nerding out to do.

  34. Found this terribly boring– had to really start skimming some pages at one point.  I did enjoy one page of the book, but overall it just did nothing for me.

  35. Man… I have to take a break from reading this thing.  So far though, its not terribly interesting.

  36. Well, I got my butt to the store early and was able to snag the Romita Sr. variant for $11.99, not too bad. Those fake covers were hilarious. Felt like it took the whole afternoon to read. In the end, I’m happy with my purchase.

  37. @ crazychris: You got ripped off. I paid $4.99 for the Romita Sr. variant.

  38. @supertrackmonkey, wow thats great, cover price for a 1:25 variant. Your LCS owner must have a crush on you or something. It looks like most web sites are charging 15-20 dollars, so I don’t think I got burned, but I didn’t get a deal like that.

  39. While I didn’t really love the main story (a little too exposition-y and generally sub-par dialogue for my liking. I’m also starting to agree w/ what Sonia said when she was on the podcast during the Character Assassination run, that JRJR’s action scenes are great, but outside of that, a tad lacking) I couldn’t resist giving this a 5 for the great back-ups. Especially the Uncle Ben story. I shed some ‘I Kill Giants’ tears for that one.
    Plus Marcos Martin drawing a Stan Lee story that didn’t sound dated?? (Though, is it wrong of me to think that it was going to be a deeper exploration of who Spidey truly is, which of his two identities are the real him, and other psycho-analytical mumbo jumbo? Yes, yes it is because then I’d never get Martin drawing Spider-Hulk!)

  40. Totally worth the money, this issue it is.

  41. Oh, wait, one nitpick! When Doc Ock’s talking about how he’s going to die soon, why is Spidey all "Yeah, in a cell in Ryker’s!" I mean, doesn’t his code against killing extend to concern over someone’s life, good or bad? I know the story is that there’s nothing that can be done to save Otto, but shouldn’t our hero be a little more sympathetic? Or at the very least, not a total dick about it?

  42. Loved it! If Marvel want to scape the three times a month format, and charge $5 for Spider-man novel like what Slott and JRJR put out this month, I’d be for that.

    Spider-man got me into comics, this reminded me why I still read them. I thought the Return of Doc Ock was a great story. I was afriad they’d mess with his look, but he was creepy for a change. It was great!

  43. Wow I spent most of my day reading this and I loved every page of it.  I haven’t finished all my books yet but this is POW contender for me.

  44. i didn’t find it all that interesting. Once i saw it had such a high POTW percent, i was thinking this was gonna slay my thoughts on Tales of the corps being POTW, but this seemed like about 40 pages in, i was reading just to finish it, not really enjoying it.

  45. @ Jim:  What did you find boring?  Have you been reading this run for a while or did you just pick up 600?  Just wondering.

  46. Read it at my store–not a bad story, really, but I had the same thought whenever I see an interesting thing in ASM nowadays–nice, but did we really have to go through the character-rape that was One More Day to do this?

    I’m sure that others will say I’m stubborn for it–but I don’t like having writers talk down to me saying that something I liked about a character is dead now just because they couldn’t write it well enough. Plus it saves me money for other books I like.

  47. Dig Steve Diko as the second psychiatrist in the Stan Lee story.

    Loved this issue. Great art and interesting stories, what more could you ask for?

  48. "Read it at my store…"  How did you pull that off?  It was over 100 pages long!  And can we all please choose a different phrase other than "character-rape".  It’s really offensive and puts things totally out of perspective.

  49. Usually with a 100 page book, at least one or two of the stories disappoint.  Not the case with this one, great from cover to cover.  (whichever variant you decided on…)

  50. Man… PICK OF THE WEEK!!!

    Not to sound corny but I laughed and I cried (erm well I got choked up on parts). It was worth my five bux. I was more satisfied with this comic than I was with the previous Old Man Logan Issue (which is saying alot).

  51. Excellent! 5/5.

  52. The only thing that sucked where the covers. They were drawn by great artists, but none of them wowed me this time.

  53. How could this not have been POTW?! Easily the best contained Spider-Man story I’ve read in a long while. It feel like a big budgeted superhero action film. Everything is damn near perfect. I loved (and laughed during) the Storm/Spidey scenes. Classic. Excellent villain. Even though I was spoiled about the ending, I didn’t know the context around it. It was still quite stunning and I might have said a small "oh sugar!".  

  54. I really don’t like jrjr’s artwork. Thought the story wasn’t bad but I couldn’t get into it.

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