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  1. Nice review.

  2. Thanks, chlop. Sorry if I come off a little grumpy. That’s been my general feeling about this book since "Bland New Day".

  3. I completely agree with you which makes me a grumpy old man as well. I think that’s the point for Marvel. They are not worried about the "old" guys but the new generation of readers. The reboot makes since from a business standpoint but sucks for us. My first Spidey story was #124 which I bought from the rack at the local drugstore. I’ve been hooked ever since. Spidey was character I related to as I grew up. In fact he married MJ right about the time I married in my life. For us this is old ground. We have "been there and done that." I think Marvel figures we are not going anywhere but what what about all the younger readers and future readers. It’s a Brand New Day.   

  4. I couldn’t agree w/you more, Indy, especially about growing upt with Spidey and relating to Peter as a growing character.  I felt that the whole ‘deal with the devil’ reboot completely delegitamized 20 years of stories and character development.  And not only on a character level, but their relationship had so much weight in the early days of the marraige. And here’s my biggest question from this whole thing, and maybe I’m a little too concerned w/continuity then I should, but when I go back and read, say, the first Venom stories that Michelinie and McFarlane did together, where MJ was terrorized by Venon AT THEIR HOME – did that happen?  Or was MJ merely visting Peter, not living in their own pad? How does MJ figure into KRAVEN’S LAST HUNT? As bad as the clone saga ended up being, did she still lose the baby??  I know that’s all really literal, and maybe Marvel will address it at some point,  but there’s ‘literally’ THOUSANDS of instances where the same continuity question exists. 

    And just for the record, I read the first 3 issues of BLAND NEW DAY, thought they were horrible (Slott/Mcniven intro of Mr. Negative and JJ has yet ANOTHER heart attack – yawn), and started picking it up again around issue 588 only because I read that they were going to start to address the remifacations of BLAND NEW DAY. 

    One more addendum to the back up features on issue #600.  The Madame Web (Geoff Johns!) device of foreshadowing the next year?  Not ONE thing I saw peaked my interest.  I guess we’re just going to have rely on NEW AVENGERS to get any exposure to the Spidey we grew up with, Indy. And yes, I’m a grumpy old man, dammit!! Flibbity floo!

  5. Marvel could have shown Peter dealing with the guilt of Aunt May’s death and milked that for awhile. I mean of all stories that need to happen for time progression it is Aunt May kicking the bucket. Unfortunately, we all will be dead before this character meets any logical conclusion.   

  6. No offense, but this was a TERRIBLE review.  It’s not really a review of ASM #600, it’s a year and a half old rant on ONE MORE DAY.  Get over it already.

     Your review for the book is a good one:

    "Yes, the art is great – actually, better than great.  Yes, Slott certainly knows how to write a witty Spidey, and I’d LOVE to see Slott and JRJR do a Spider-man/Human Torch mini-series.  Yes, the Aunt May/JJ senior scenes had some weight to them.  And, yes, Doc Ock looks pretty damn creepy, and, like Conor, I LOVE that this whole new look and raison d’etre for Ock is pretty much due to the fact that his super power does not extend to keeping his head padded when getting slammed by the Hulk and Captain America." 

     And then you say this: "But did we have to reboot the whole history of the Spider-man universe in order to get these stories?"

     Why even bother reading the book if you’re going to carry around that much hate for a story from over 50 issues ago? 

  7. Yeah, I’m not denying that it sounds like sour grapes, Greg, but wouldn’t the review for an anniversary issue be the place to kind of take stock of the direction of the series?  I guess when you’ve invested more years into a character than cumulative years worked, you feel a certain closeness to the character. Obviously I’m not alone in my disregard for the ‘deal with the devil’ horsecrap, but even still, I’ve liked the last 10 issues and will probably start buying it again based solely off of those.  I’m sure that there’s a character you feel very strongly about, Greg – otherwise you wouldn’t be a comic fan, right? – and believe me, if someone went in and waved a magic wand and said ‘poof! Everything you know about this character is crap and HERE’S how it should be.’, you’d be a little put off.  That being said, yes, I’m still a little bitter about it, and I make no excuses for that fact.

  8. I can see where you were disappointed and well it’s point well taken and honestly I had "brand new day" gag reflex since reading the trade (from the library…) So I can really see where you’re coming from.

    In all honesty what has worked with me is simply just ignoring (yes ignoring) that brand new day is continuity…. yeah sounds stupid but also constructive alltogether. I’m just hoping that they find a way to simply get to a point where Mephisto’s Deal doesn’t matter anymore (in terms of relevence).

  9. "Bland New Day". Very clever.

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