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  1. How can you rate a comic if you haven’t read 2 of the stories?  Stan’s a 0?

  2. I wasn’t so happy with the art.  Everybody in the other reviews are down right raving about the pencils, but I thought they were kinda sloppy.  I’m not that big of a fan of Frank Quitely either so it goes to show that I’m not a fan of every style.

    The main story seemed like it was drug out way too long too.  I gave it two and a half stars at the end of the day.  It wasn’t my Pick Of The Week.  I think Herogasm will probably be my pick.  I didn’t read Wednesday #3 yet though.

    I was excited to see Mary Jane though, even though I just started reading Spidey when Brand New Day happened (not One More Day) so I don’t really know much about the girl other than what I see in the movies and the TV shows.  

    I guess I should put that ASM DVD-ROM I got in my laptop and start catching up sometime soon?  Digital comics are such a pain in the neck though, especially if you wear glasses.

  3. @Mr Wilson Easily.  I just clicked on the ‘write review’ link and started typing.  I began the stories and had no interest in finishing them.  I can’t stand Stan Lee’s style of writing.  It’s silly and basic at best.  The other stories sparked little to no interest.  Sorry that my review disturbed you.

    @robby Well, I’ll disagree with the main story.  I think it was entertaining and the length we paid for, so I had no problem with that.  You should check out the Civil War and Back in Black runs, which would number right in front of what you currently have.  They’re some fucking sweet stories bro.  I hear you on the digital comics though.  Some of the formats are tedious and honestly, I think you’d need a larger monitor to truly enjoy the experience fully.

  4. I had almost the same reaction to the back-up stories, vadamowens. I enjoyed MJ’s return, but that’s mainly because Peter’s love life has been set at -11, and the bimbos they’ve created as love interests have been vacuous and cliched.  Otherwise, I agree with you about the 100% that many of Marvel’s flagship titles have slipped precipitously.

  5. Yeah, he’s definitely not a sexual character.  MJ offered the strong support of a healthy relationship, which has been missed in the stories.

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