Wonder Woman Gets a New Look

DC had debuted an all new design for Wonder Woman from Jim Lee, just in time for her 600th issue, on the racks this Wednesday.

Diana still sports her trademark red, white, and blue, including the iconic tiara and lasso, as well as updated gauntlets. But even with the classic accessories, it's a truly substantial redesign. The most dramatic change? Slacks!

Wonder Woman's look has remained largely the same for 70 years. Here's one look at the character's evolution (predating this design). Click for a larger view:

By the sound of things, JMS is taking a square one approach at the character. It's basically a reboot, giving Wonder Woman a new origin and circumstances. The costume reflects that, both in its contrast to the original design and its functionality. The Source Blog describes the new Diana as a "street fighter," which seems appropriate to her new hard knock life.

Did we mention she has pants now?

My take? Well, it's a Jim Lee design for sure, and that definitely adds soemthing of a 90s vibe. It's really all about that jacket. She almost seems more closely related to the original leather and shades design for the current Superboy. Then again, it does look a hell of a lot better in action than it does on the runway:





  1. She looks very Donna Troy-ish in that image.

  2. yeah, too much like Superboy. I don’t mind slacks, but those straps at the heel seem odd. How about adding the red boots to this design. 

  3. I like it. I have to adimt that Wonder Woman’s costume has always driven me nuts. It just was two swimsuity for me especially considering her role in the DC universe. She is not only DC’s premire female superhero but arguablly the most well known and established, period. Especially with non-comic auidences. So why give her a look that isn’t so cheescakey. Then again I’ve been begging DC to change Superman’s costume (underwear on the outside is so 1930s) for years as well, so what do I know. 

    P.S. I love the jacket. Don’t care what anybody else says, I. Love. The. Jacket.

  4. Yeah, I feel like this should be a Wonder Girl costume, not a Wonder Woman costume.  It’s the jacket that does it though, I think.  I don’t mind a change to the Wonder Woman costume though, I just don’t know if this is the best one that’s out there.

  5. I mentioned this on Twitter, but: I like the costume change. I understand it, and i’m all for the icon’s getting 21st century makeovers. Not crazy about the jacket, but overall I’m okay with it.

    What I’m less crazy about is the story. It’s an odd thing — it’s at once a reboot AND a time-travel story, a la the recent Star Trek reboot. And I don’t necessarily care for the revamp. WW is an icon, and while her continuity has been rebooted before, I’d much rather keep her basic origin as is, while trying to find a modern viewpoint for the character in the present. It seems like maybe JMS didn’t know what to do with WW, and thus decided upon a reinvention that suited him better. 

    However, if this is just a one-arc story that’s about her fighting against this alternate reality and if it RESULTS in a strenghtening of her core concept/character — that could be a cool end results. But I’m a bit skeptical as it is. It seems like more of a "reboot that can be undone if fans don’t like it."  Of course, that may just be my jaded skepticism. πŸ˜‰ 

  6. I like it, but I’m not the biggest Wonder Woman fan either.

  7. Animal Man called. He wants his jacket back. Jack Knight too.

  8. its hard to change the costume of an iconic character and have it still work. This looks a bit casual…almost like a secret identity disguise. something a bit more combat-y might have worked better. 

  9. WHY?!!

    I’m not convinced this will be around long and is just for story purposes. But if it is, I would like it to be on record that I think this is absolutely horrible. MODERNIZE? Its WONDER WOMAN not Green Lantern. There should be a since of mythology in her costume. Was the previous costume perfect? No, not at all but it certainly wasn’t Young Justice Superboy either.

    This is  ridiculous, and looks really bad on JMS. First he destroys her home, then her costume…does he realize he’s not starting with issue #1 here? Does he realize that they JUST rebooted the damn series?! THIS is the reason why we don’t have any classic Wonder Woman tales. Because writers always want to tell their version without adhering to what the previous did. For once, I’d like to read a Wonder Woman story that didn’t erase or ignore what the previous writer did. Have some damn respect for continuity. Again I must ask WHY?

  10. Conceptually I like the idea. Wonder Woman could probably use and update and pants are a good thing.

    In practice? I don’t know that Jim Lee is the best at costume re-design (see also: The Huntress).

    I’ll have to see how this plays out on the page over a few issues.

  11. In five years we’re going to laugh at this costume the way we now laugh at Superboy, at Az-Bats, at Mullet-Superman, Blue Electric Superman, etc.  

    I’m not saying we’re not laughing now, I’m just saying that the enduring quality of this costume is going to be how hard we’re laughing at it.

  12. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @daccampo – No, I think you’re right. It’s just sounds like a situation where it can either continue on as the official costume or be phased out. 

  13. I want to like it and some elements are great, but she no longer fits the iconic look like Batman and Superman.  Now, what if they gave Batman a leather jacket over the cape?

  14. As someone who hates Wonder Woman’s original costume, I can’t really say this is a step in the right direction.

  15. Seems a bit generic x.x

  16. @West–  Why?  Because is a movie is imminent and they’re not going to ask an actress to wear that costume.

  17.  @StorytellerSJK

    I love the jacket, too. Especially how it looks in action. Gives a bit of a cape vibe while she’s fighting, but it’s ultimately just a practical piece of clothing. I much prefer this grounded, practical design to the pin-up swimsuit-wearing vixen. She looks stronger, physically and emotionally, in this new look. And I can certainly take her more seriously as a hero, a woman, and a role model for women. This look just screams strength.

  18. I don’t care about the costume change, and I’m probably one of the biggest Wonder Woman fans here. I don’t want a reboot though. In fact, the thought of another WW reboot really upsets me. I already miss Gail.


    On the plus, I dig the "W"s on the bracelets. 

  19. @conor: You had to give Jim Lee your Super Dictionary didn’t you?

    I think WW looks very teenager-ish. It’s true she could use an update to draw new readers but she doesn’t look quite as fierce in the above images. Woder Woman is supposed to be a strong female role model and her iconic costume accomplishes that more so than the new redesign. From looking at the preview itabove it also looks like she may be "Karate" Woder Woman again. I hope she doesn’t lose her powers.

  20. I looked at this for a while and…

    I love this costume!

    Jacket’s too short is all.

    Will it work? Probablu not. It does not retain enough of the original design to be instantly recognized as WW. It loses it’s icon(icity?). But put it in a movie, hang on to it (hard and jealously) for a few decades and the character will be better off for it I think.

    I was still on the fence about the book a little bit but not anymore. I’m totally in! Very bold move by everyone involved. I got to respect that!

  21. “It looks cool and I have a place to keep my keys and money.”

  22. Won’t someone think of the cosplayers?

    Er, wait… just thought about some of them.  Pants.  Yeah, probably a smart move. 

  23. I like it. Not perfect, maybe, but it’s high freakin’ time WW stopped looking like a 50’s swimwear model.

  24. she needs a motorcycle (a triumph Rocket 3)  and a cigarette with the new design, I like the old design, but I can see how the old design would have problems relating to real life situations that are what allow people to relate to characters, but it’s classic and really looks good, the old one looks superhero, the new one looks like a night out on the town, maybe they’ll find a way to make Wonder Woman relate to the readers better, not sure a costume change that says I’m just a normal person with the title being "Wonder" woman is a good starting point, I want to like wonder woman, this isn’t working for me though, maybe it’s just the jacket . . .

  25. Reminds me of this…


     Probably just because of the jacket. I think Wonder Woman would look better with a cape as a regular piece of attire – a bit like Thor.

  26. One costume left off the redesign: The John Byrne era. 


    Remember the only two star pants and extra large braclets. Ah the 90’s… 

  27. I don’t mind the pants. I think making the boots red would be a good idea. And I hate the jacket. The only costume that looks good with a jacket is Gambit’s, and I’m 75% sure that’s because I loved him so much as a kid. It’s gonna be too hot for the jacket at least half the year. Unless she’s moving to Alaska or something. Russia, maybe.

  28. Her breasts are going to remain huge, right?

  29. And are they going for a Phantom ring motif with the braclets? It leaves a W on their face just like the ring.

  30. I’m glad she’s finally discovered pants.  Don’t know about the jacket… I really hope it isn’t denim.

  31. The new costume is fine, but it’s not the classic costume! What’s great about the original is an artist can just show a little piece of the costume and we know who is on the panel. They won’t be able to do that with the new one…

  32. Whatever, I like the costume.


    Yeah, is has a tinge of that 90’s vibe, but no where near offensive as Adam X The Xtreme or armored Daredevil. It’s a decent look.

  33. I’m all for a new Wonder Woman costume, but a new origin? That’s just wrong. One of my favorite things about her has been her tie to Greek mythology, and you can’t get too much better than Perez’s reboot from the 80’s. If anything, a new costume should look more like her Kingdom Come armor or the Donna Troy WW design from One Year Later. Something that is both functional and relating to her origins.

     I love Jim Lee art, but rehashing old Rogue designs from X-Men #1 is not Wonder Woman. It lacks majesty. 

  34. I’m pretty sure I have a blood elf on World of Warcraft that looks exactly like that…

  35. You think DC chose to redesign Wonder Woman’s costume now before Hollywood did it for them?

  36. It’s different for sure. She even looks a little younger maybe. I’ll have to see what it looks like in #600.

  37. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Lee loves those exo-skeleton corsets, doesn’t he. She’s got Gambit abs. 

    Still, I think it’s more important to look at the sequential art. It’s paired down a bit and I think it works okay, at least for this alt reality take.  

  38. I think she picked up the jacket off a 90’s style rack at the store.  It looks like it even comes with sewn in shoulder pads…

  39. @ultimatehoratio – the thought definitely crossed my mind. But I always kind of figured they’d go for some variation of the armored WW look for a film. But I can see this now, done in a fashion similar to the recent Cap/Thor movie costumes.

  40. The new story direction for Wonder Woman talked about in the article (linked above) actually sounds really interesting. Exciting.

  41. This is all worth is for commentary like this: "I actually just threw up…how dare you do this. THIS IS DISGRACEFUL. I hope you lose the rights to WW. I am now done collecting comics. GOOD JOB!"

    Wow! Now that’s how you show disapproval, people. Life changes.

  42. Oddly enough I think this looks more hellenistic than the previous one. The stars are very subtle so the costume is less "god bless america and it’s flag" and the bracelets, tiara and belt have more texture. Reminiscent of relief scultpure -> http://www.goddessgift.net/images/Goddess%20Athena%20Relief.jpg

    Jacket with shoulder pads is and odd juxtaposition I’ll admit. But with time this will gradually simplify and has a good chance at becoming a more iconic design. How long before Barry Allen and Hal Jordan’s costumes "took"? Is there pecedence of a golden age character dramatically changing costumes successfully (without changing civilian name like Flash and GL)?

    Does this costume first appear in 600? When does JMS take the title proper?

  43. @daccampo- She’ll probably wear armor at some point during the movie but will wear something like the above as walking around clothes.  I have a feeling that the jacket won’t make it to the screen.  It already looks kind of dated.  Aren’t those…shoulder pads?

  44. Don’t know why her boots look like robot feet but otherwise I dig it.

    Still not likely to read the book. 

  45. motorcycle jackets have shoulder pads . . .   

     hey I can hope right?  

  46. After the way that JMS burned me with The Twelve, I’ll never read one of his books ever again.

  47. Wow I think this is the most Wonder Woman talk I have ever seen. As a fan of JMS of course I’m looking forward to this

  48. I for one, think it makes her look sassy.  heh

    But @bigben2012 is right – I can’t think of a less important character – aside from killing Max Lord, can anyone name anything that’s happened in the Wonder Woman books besides not being drawn by Nicola Scott and shipping late?  

  49. Avatar photo Molly McIsaac (@MollyMcIsaac) says:

    I kind of really like it, especially her feet gauntlet thingies.

  50. You know what? Lose the jacket, the weird ankle bracelets and the ribbed elements on the shirt (which are downplayed in the actual issue art itself) and I’d really like the new design.

  51. @wonderali: don’t you mean a night elf Mohawk?

    IMO WW didn’t need a redesign (though I echo red boots are desperately needed) she needed Rucka. Barry and Hal didn’t need redesigns, just better stories. I’m shocked that dc didn’t put a “rebirth” on the front of this one but I am sure they’ll give it an issue 1 soon

  52. I like it. Reminds me of Lady Shiva in that sample page.

    Now that they have updated WW to be more practical can someone please convince them to cover up that mid-drift on Huntress?

  53. I like it but I’ve never read a Wonder Woman comic before.  I’m now vaguely interested in the JMS run after reading that description.

  54. Paul, I don’t know if the sentence, "She has Gambit-abs" is something I ever needed to read.  (Is that your revenge because I made you google Psylocke?)

  55. Avatar photo Molly McIsaac (@MollyMcIsaac) says:

    @conor, Whatevs! Leather jackets are TOTALLY in right now.

  56. This a wholesale reboot it seems. That’s pretty  significant.

  57. cheap american apparel tights needs to go out of fashion immediately! ffs 

  58. OK, here’s my deal…

    The redesign fits JMS’ new direction for the book. I honestly think this could be an interesting story – but it is MUCH better suited to be an Elseworlds tale as opposed to a new direction for the book.

    There are things in JMS’ post on the DCU blog that concern me – the way he dismisses the old White Jump suit idea even though he’s doing the same thing. Not to bring the boob window argument back up, but it’s NOT about what she’s wearing, it’s about how she’s written. Revamping the costume so she can be "taken seriously as a warrior" is an excuse for lazy writing.

    I also don’t like the whole "This is Wonder Woman reborn, literally and metaphorically: fast, elegant, tough, smart…the savior of her people, their guardian and protector" thing because that is who she has always been and how she should be written. She’s just often mishandled, I think. 

  59. haha you said Wonder Woman has been "mishandled"


  60. @WonderAli  Word.  

    I think most "new direction" talk is just babbling for the sake of publicity, so I don’t take it that seriously.  But the change needs to be substantive, not just cosmetic.   

  61.  Listen people, it’s not like she’s mecha-armor Daredevil


  62. I read JMS’ pitch and so far I think it’s smart. It is very typical of the greek Gods to be capricious. They would screw with the timeline wouldn’t they? It’s not a reboot from what i read. WW will have fresh new stories for a while and probably revert back to her previous history but with a status quo change and new stuff injected in her mythos. It allows JMS to weed out the weightier aspects of the mythos and bring in rejuvenating stuff.

    I’m interested.

    P.S: All I read of JMS was his Spider-Man stuff and mock me all you want, I loved the totem thing.

  63. http://dcu.blog.dccomics.com/files/2010/06/wonderw4.jpg

    I love this more with each morsel!

  64. Droped.

  65. @ohcaroline I totally agree with that. She doesn’t need gimmicks, she needs good, strong writers who treat her and her history with respect.

  66. @atom220: She had Rucka before. The books didn’t sell then, either.

    @WonderAli: I do agree with you on principle that it’s the writing and not the costume that are the most important thing, although Wonder Woman’s costume is particularly skimpy. I do like the design element of adding the long blue pants, thouth.

    The thing to remember, though, is that JMS is, in a sense, Brand New Daying Wonder Woman so it makes sense within the new Wonder Woman paradigm that she’d have a different costume (she has a different upbringing, afterall), and it’s possible that when JMS’ story ends, so will the new look. If not before then. 

  67. People say that Wonder Woman is iconic. I think that was true 10 12 years ago, but  now not so much unless a movie comes out

  68. @JumpingJupite Your not alone man, I though the Spider-totem added a unique spin on the Spider-Man mythos

  69. @bigben: *hifive*

  70. In the sketch they look like slacks, but in the panels they look more like leather pants or spandex tights. Either way, it takes the cheesecake factor down, which isn’t a bad thing.

  71. at least she’s not a blonde πŸ˜‰

  72. Who is going to be the regular artist on this run?

  73. The first three issues are probably going to sell pretty well.

  74. I like it.

  75. @ohcaroline: The most excellent Don Kramer.

  76. @ohcaroline Don Kramer is the regular artist

  77. @Josh: awww. That’s kind of mean. πŸ˜›

    Let’s hope for the best eh? We want the character to do well eh! πŸ˜€

  78. @ohcaroline – according to the DCU blog it’s Don Kramer and Michael Babinski – I’m not familiar with either of them. 

  79. I’m thinking this could be a hit. A lot of people liked JMS on Thor. Thor = norse mythology. Wonder Woman = Greco/roman mythology. Seems to fit.

  80. This needs to happen, she needs to be stripped of every greek myth thing possible and done differently. I hope they change Black Canary’s costume next.

  81. @JJ: I would love for this to be a hit.

  82. I would like to also take this opprtunity to share my interest in WW in musical form: copy paste this url in your browser to listen to a bouncing track about the Amazonian princess! -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3jgQfKOXmc

  83. JMS will save one of these poor selling titles that he is going to work on, right?

  84. @SummerSleep – if you strip her of all her mythology away, she’s not Wonder Woman anymore…

  85. Anyone want to start a pool on how many issues JMS gets into this before being "forced" to leave the project?

  86. read the new direction idea, so now she’s twenty??  or twenty something??   I like the ageless amazon idea better, DC has Black Canary for this kinda stuff.  there’s a fine balance between goddess and humanity that could make wonder woman interest, no one’s expressed it right yet for me anyway, this new costume looks more suitable for a wonder woman sidekick. 

  87. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    They should really just relaunch Elseworlds as a thing so JMS can use it as a sandbox without the big muscle guy coming and kicking sand in his face. 

  88. @conor: Yay for good vibes! πŸ˜€

  89. @PaulMontgomery – Exactly!

  90. My further thoughts on the story: See, honestly, for me it’s somewhat a matter of intent. IF the idea is to do, say, a year-long story about Wonder Woman facing a new reality and showing that despite what fate throws at her, she will always rise up and overcome, then, yeah, this could be a cool story. It’d be sort of like a long House of M type of story. I don’t mind the setup of the gods messing with time. I don’t. Time travel and alternate reality stories are not only fun, they are a great staple of comics. But what bothers me is that this is JMS’ first story out of the gate, and it makes me wonder if he’s really just using this as a method of rebooting Wonder Woman in continuity to make her into a character he feels he can do something with. And in that sense, I don’t care for it.

    Counter example: if someone did a story where Lex Luthor went back in time (yes, this was a plot point in Super Friends, I know), and diverted Superman’s rocket so that he landed in a junkyard in Detroit instead of Smallville, we’d NEVER suspect this was a new status quo. We’d expect that this was a temporary thing and that Superman would somehow figure out how to right the wrong. And if they told us a year later, "nope, this is the new permanent status quo," people would go ballistic. Part of the Superman mythos is Ma and Pa Kent and the farm in Smallville. I think that WW’s rise on Paradise Island, the bullets and bracelets, all of that stuff is malleable, but not to the point that JMS is taking it. I’d rather have someone modernize her mission in the present without messing with a fairly classic and classy origin.

    Just my two cents, obviously. πŸ˜‰  

  91. And admittedly, my above pseudo rant is all based on speculation. He could execute it brilliantly, and i’ll accept it. This is just my initial thought process based on what we’re seeing.

  92. After reading a couple JMS interviews and looking at the previews some more I’m down for giving this a shot.  I agree that they needed to go whole hog on this revamp.  I’ve thought about giving Wonder Woman a shot before and this will be the first time I pull the trigger.

    I think the concept will work fine in the DCU and if I enjoy it and stick with it and one day most of these ideas and the plot go away… I don’t really care.

  93. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Also, to be honest, I kinda feel for JMS in these situations because sometimes you just want to tell a story that matters without being interrupted by stuff from other books. You want your story to be Wonder Woman proper and not some sidebar. Because what we’re all saying really is that, this should be happening in a book that doesn’t count. And while that’s perfectly cool sometimes, in these cases it must be frustrating. Being a team player and making adjustments for universe-wide events and crossovers is part of the job, but if I were in this position, I’d probably want to build up walls around my story line too. It’s gotta be tough.  

  94. JMS… leaving no bridge unburned. Still not going to read WW but I’d ditch the jacket. Maybe then put stars on the pants inconspicuously.

  95. It’s about fucking time they gave Wonder Woman a new look!

  96. Is the JMS hate because he is an arrogant prick (maybe)?

    Cuz he surely writes circles around someone like Loeb and Loeb is getting a lot of iFanboy love currently.

  97. As Wonder Woman’s biggest fan from the time I was two years old until the time I was four years old, I am scandalized. The lyrics to her theme song ("in your satin tights, fighting for your rights") will have to be completely changed for the movie now and, well, good luck getting me to pay for THAT at the multiplex.

  98. Tim Gunn says the whole thing looks like faux bois. 

  99. @dacampo: That’s very smart observations. Interestingly, what you say bothers you, excites me. To echo Paul’s sentiment and put my own spin on it: I’d rather JMS flip WW around so he can do what he knows he’s good at than take her straight on and give a half assed performance.

    I totally inunedoed the hell out of this comment didn’t I? Teehee. Oops! πŸ˜›

    But seriously…

  100. Pants!

  101. @paulmontgomery-I think they are gonna do more elseworlds. I get my books through DCBS and one of the books I just ordered was solicited as an elseworlds…also, I love wonder woman and am excited for this story…wait, I mean, Ahhhhh! Stop raping my childhood! I’m a victim! I’m a victim!

  102. Yo what’s up with the pants? Me wanna see buttcheeks.

    But seriously I don’t mind it too much. Then again I don’t read Wonder Woman comics so I guess it doesn’t really matter to me.

  103. The jacket just doesn’t seem to have any purpose. It would probably get more in the way than a cape. Lose the jacket and maybe we got something, a little skin aint to bad.

  104. You know JMS isn’t the first writer to ask for a costume change? Apparently people listen to you have been nominated for an Oscar!

    I wouldn’t have a problem with it if it weren’t so…bland.

  105. Looks very Cassie-ish.

  106. @JJ – don’t get me wrong — I think the *story* sounds intriguing. But as a reboot, I don’t think it’s got quite the class of the original. Even if it’s not worse, it’s certainly not better. It may seem different and exciting now, but after 10 years will it seem like it’s still a better choice? I don’t see it, honestly. That’s why I don’t see a compelling reason for ‘streetfigthter’ origin Diana to be the permanent continuity going forward. I don’t see it as an improvement to the overall brand. And I think DC has to think like that.

    Also: I totally understand what you’re saying about JMS being given the latitude to put his own spin on it. I’m totally down with that for many characters. But I think Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have been elevated to another level. Elseworlds, even these Earth One graphic novels — I think these are cool ways to handle different concepts for the icons. But if you’re taking the assignment to write the mainstream WW title, I kinda do think you need to "serve the character" a little bit.

  107. I digg it. I wonder if anyone will dress as this Wonder Woman at cons. It’s not that hard to make that costume right?

  108. Looks someone else liked child Connor’s redesign of Wonder Woman (on the cover of Super Dictionary — see last weeks video pdcast) and ran with it.

  109. I’m glad JMS is basically redoing the continuity for Wonder Woman. If there is ANYONE that needs to get their history (ha…pun) together it’s her. Cause I can’t even begin to tell you the origin of Wonder Woman without making my nose bleed and getting a seizure. I do like it how many comments this is getting over a simple (and brilliant redo on the costume) But of course haters, like josh, decides to veer it into making fun of JMS and his writing ability. So I guess that’s why there’s so many comments.

    Again I find the redesign brilliantly. It focuses away from any cheesecake factor and makes WW look modern. Usually not a fan of denim jackets but it does look pretty good on her. 

  110. @TNC: Her origin really isn’t that complex.

    Daughter of Amazonian queen sent to man’s world to spread peace.

    That’s about it.

    (That’s not to say she shouldn’t get a reboot, but to call her origin complex is wrong.)

  111. @conor: If it’s not complexed then why is it so freaking difficult for Joss Whedon (or others) to make a film out of her?

  112. @TNC: The reasons for that have zero to do with her origin. The movie thing is about Hollywood and the studio system.

  113. If everyone here cared so much about Wonder Woman before all this then maybe DC wouldn’t have felt the need to let JMS make such a drastic change in the first place.

  114. i agree with @daccampo—I don’t mind a reboot…Wonder Woman desperately needs it, but the origin change is disturbing. If they take away the Amazonian princess aspect and giver her a new back story, its no longer Wonder Woman. Just create a new character instead of drastically changing your cornerstone icons into something they are not. 

  115. I don’t think this is going to be her look forever–depending on if/how/what she changes back, she’ll probably have more elements of her original costume, like the boots or the full logo, and lose stuff like the jacket. Either way, I think pants are going to be in Princess Diana’s future for a while yet. 

    Anyway, I hope this works–I’ve always liked Wonder Woman, but her world is pretty hard to get into. Hopefully this fixes that. 

  116. @drakedangerz – well, we’re, like, 20 people, man. We’re not necessarily indicative of the readership. πŸ˜‰

  117. pretty cool, still won’t buy it

  118. I’d say iFanboy is very indicative of the readership. This very same discussion is going on in various other comic book forums with even more people complaining about a reboot and it’s a safe bet that none of those people cared about the character before this either. 

  119. @drakedangerz: I don’t know that I’d characterize it as not caring about the character. At least for every one. I love Wonder Woman as a character. I just can’t, for whatever reason, get into her books. I’ve tried just about every new run in the last 15 years: Rucka, Jimenez, Simone, Heinberg, etc. and would never really last very long. I’m hoping JMS can end that trend because I’d love to be reading a good Wonder Woman book.

    Not buying the book doesn’t necesarily mean not caring about the character.

  120. @Conor-Fair enough. But I’m more inclined to believe that you’re in the minority when it comes to actually wanting to read and enjoy her book. Most of the arguing I’ve read just comes off as the typical internet griping (which we all do so well).

  121. So I just got back from the comic store (for those who care I co-host a podcast with the manager of my store so I read the comics on Tues so we can film Wed) and I read Wonder Woman #600. Like Supes last week this basically has a short (maybe 6 to 8 pages can’t remember) prologue to the new story. I will say that it definitely feels like a short term change that will none the less have some long term effects of the character. This was a feeling reinforced by an interview JMS did with IGN ( http://comics.ign.com/articles/110/1102826p1.html ) With that in mind, I liked what I saw, certainly a lot more than where he seems to be taking Supes (don’t get me started, just don’t). There are the makings of a really good story here, possibly even one never seen before with WW. As long as this does not turn DC’s already shakey continuity into more of a mess or lead to a repeat of either the whole Hawkword and/or Superboy punch debacle, I’m fine with it. Short term, maybe a year or two at most, would be fine. Of course this also means sadly that the new costume probably is temporary, a fact that only saddens me the more after getting to see it in action as it where. *sighs* I just love me a woman wearing pants and a jacket. πŸ™‚

  122. I like the new look. Except for the dog collar and the weird foot straps.

  123. Well, personally, I’m fucking amped for this.  I love the art that I’ve seen and enjoy some of JMS’ work.  I, as well, really want to love this book.  I’ve always WW as a character and I want to have something monthly that I can read about her.  I think what truly sold me on her was the animated show.  Really liked that a lot.

  124. She must look iconic. Not pedestrian.

  125. is it not high time that we quit pretending jim lee is the great creator and jms the great remaker…if superman is indicitive of the high concept comming out…get Remender on the case ! Wonder-Medusae !!! Evil makers will be stoned.

  126. @Josh, I say the over under for JMS leaving the title is at issue 8……. What do you think? And the reason for leaving will be something along the lines of creative freedom…

  127. As someone who actually reads Wonder Woman – I don’t like this costume (& I’m a JMS fan, so I’m not hating for fun).
    Not because of the iconic look of the old one, I just don’t dig the rolled-up-sleeves-leather-jacket look. She’s a princess, not a 40 year old divorced cougar at a bar.
    But, it won’t stop me reading the book, & I’m sure this change won’t be permanent, so I’m not worried about it.

  128. Jackets hamper your fighting ability though…

  129. Wonder Woman getting drunk at a bar on a Tuesday night and trying to pick up younger men? That’s a Wonder Woman book I’d read. For at least 2, 3 issues.

    OoH, ooh! Wonder Woman and Tim Drake with the plot of The Graduate!

  130. "And here’s to you, Princess Diana.
    Jesus loves you more than you will know.
    Woah, woah, woah.
    God bless you please, Princess Diana.
    Heaven holds a place for those who pray.
    Hey hey hey, Hey hey hey."

  131. Okay, DC.  I’ll read Ultimate Wonder Woman.

  132. It’s like a crazy mash up of Superboy and Wondergirl. I’d be more interested in DC creating some good WW stories rather than have the costume redesigned.

  133. a nice updated. well done Jim.

  134. WOOOOOOO! PANTS! bout time.

  135. @Josh: xD!!! I was gonna say Trunks (DBZ)

    Jim Lee’s been watching WAAAY too many shows on TOONAMI. Why does she have Gundam Wing Zero shoes? "The world may never know."

  136. "quote: krad00: Droped."

    Congratulations DC you made someone drope.

    @ron: XD! pun DEFINETLY intended.
    @bigben2012: here!here!
    @SummerSleep: Take that back! I love her fishnets-erm the design works! ok! If anyone needs a new costume it’s Static. It worked in the cartoon but not in the comic and it’s an eye sore now.
    @josh: I predict that JMS will be off after the 2nd arc of his run.
    @Scootman: I agree. Buttcheeks do sell, regardless of how deplorable it might seem.

  137. What I read of JMS’ pitch didn’t sound like a reboot to me.

  138. I don’t like the new costume in the pin-up but I think it looks pretty good in action. I don’t know whether the story and costume change will work or stick but I do know that this change is good for WW. WW is never news and has never interested me enough to pick up. Now WW is being talked about on every comic website and Im definitely going to give this book a shot. JMS has got my attention and now he needs to deliver. The pressure is on but if JMS can deliver than WW may actually sell in the top ten for the first time in a while. 

  139. they changed it cause that trying to put a wonder woman movie out.and hollywood all ways change things.so dc just beat them to the punch..

  140. for some reason it reminds me of Bucky-Cap. Not sure why.

  141. I hate pants

  142. Wow. That’s a lot of comments on a Wonder Woman story. I’d wager that will make DC happy. I hope it leads to increased sales.

  143. @Paul: It sounds like you want DC to give JMS the Chris Claremont treatment. πŸ™‚

    I’m not a fine of the redesign as I stated above but it wouldn’t hurt to update her look a bit. I also don’t know why everyone is ranting about JMS. He might have called for a change in costume but it was Jim Lee’s redesign.

  144. @Conor: I wish I had numbers but I thought the Blackest Night mini by Rucka sold well, even though it was hampered by some inconsistent art and seemed to be rushed.  Otherwise I really enjoyed it. 

  145. HOT!

    I don’t think the jacket is necessary, but everything else is great.

    We all know Lee is going to make WW slender-ish, it’s just his M.O., so who picks this up after him need to give her back muscluar build.

  146. Redesign is "ok" but until I see her wearing this on a lunch box with the rest of the Justice League it’s all kind of moot. 

    Storyline sounds fine. I don’t recall a memorable WW story other than her origin so there’s really nothing to lose. 

  147. I really don’t care for the pants myself, though I don’t object to pants in general and the bracers/gauntlets seem a bit to much like cutoff gloves.

    its not a bad starting point, maybe future artist will tweak it a bit 

  148. @ato220 Im not talking about BLACKEST NIGHT WONDER WOMAN. That book sold well as all BN books did. I’m talking about Rucka’s run as writer of WONDER WOMAN #195-226.

  149. The costume is fine, but I’m most intrigued by JMS taking over the book.  If there’s any writer out there that can rattle the cage…

  150. I don’t know why all you people want Wonder Woman to be cold.

  151. I thought the 90’s taught us that redesigns don’t really work. Look at Green Lantern ,Superman and Aquaman: eventually they just go back to the classic look.

  152. I like the new look, and while not a devout follower of the comic, I do like her as a character. There are a couple of elements I could do without. Like many other commenters before me, ditch the jacket. I would prefer the top to a long sleeve piece, or a tank top (like Donna Troy). Also, Wonder Woman is NOT a representative of the U.S., (Like Cap) so I never understood the star + red, white, and blue theme. Lastly I’m interested to see how the new direction will blend in with the recent transpirings in the DCU.

  153. no. just no. it looks really bad.’street fighter’…pah. i’m not buying it.

    I like the battle dress look from kingdom come. but i guess that wouldn’t be in character…?

    the only positive is she’s not wearing tiny tiny little pants anymore.

  154. @Kahones: I like the top! No jacket just top. Very nice lines! Very sexy but not trashy!

  155. maybe she should just go pantsless period. I bet THAT’D satisfy the fanbase.

  156. Apparently, this redesign thing is catching on.

  157. @jimski I love it. 

     Also, seeing it in action, I must say I’m glad Donna Troy finally got her own series.

  158. @JumpingJupiter. I like the top as well. It already looks tank top-ish. (Hard to tell with the jacket) I was just thinking that without the jacket, the new look may be to close to Donna’s. And if that’s the case, some other design element would be needed to help differeniate the two.

  159. After reading Sonia’s article over at CBR, I’ve come to the conclusion that Wonder Woman is getting the Coke 2 treatment. Upon realizing this I couldn’t stop laughing.  It is quite ingenious really, spark interest and/or outrage by making changes and then change it back. If anything else they should see some type of spike in sales. It’s not just Wonder Woman, it’s the entire industry in general. All iconic characters have a long standing status quo. These change from time to time, some longer than others, then everything reverts back to the way it was.

  160. U-turn alert!


    yes, i’m still not 100% on the costume. they’re still managing to get lots of gratuitous butt shots, but at least she’s covered up a bit. But 601 really hooked me in so i’m gunna start picking WW up.

  161. Wonder Woman should remain in her original outfit and the new one should be seen when she changes just like when she changes into a motor bike costume.

    Bring back the old costume that has been with the character for over 60 years.

  162. @getuh: They will when this particular storyline ends. It’s the point of the story.

  163. Is it just me or does she look like a teenage emo…

    i thought she was wonderWOMAN not wondergirl… looks way way to young

    i do agree with others that this change is only for attention however you can not beat the orginal