Who is the Batman of Earth 2?

Today on their blog DC Comics released this image of the Jim Lee costume design for the Batman of Earth 2:


Here’s what Earth 2 editor Pat McCallum had to say about the above image:

Who will Batman kill to save his own daughter? Right out of the gate that should tell you we’re dealing with a different kind of Dark Knight here. More ruthless, dangerous…the costume is familiar and yeah, there is a Wayne under the mask, but we’re looking at a man desperate to save the only family he has left. Earth 2 is about to become a very bad place to be a bad guy.

So just who is the Batman of Earth 2?

Bruce Wayne?

Thomas Wayne?

Richard Wayne?

Damian Wayne?

Tim Wayne?

John Wayne?

Mad Anthony Wayne?

Reggie Wayne?

Lil’ Wayne?

John Wayne Gacy?

David Wain?


  1. I’m one of the biggest Bat fans there is, but this alternate world, darker, other Wayne Batman is a little too soon after the last one.

  2. he beats the crap out of people with billy clubs.

  3. I really think it’s Damian Wayne because he kills people but If it’s Lil Wayne I’m out.

  4. I say Wayne Newton.

  5. I didn’t say anything about Jim Lee with the new 52 redesigns, but man, AGAIN with the collars? Man loves himself some neck cover.

  6. I vote Mad Anthony Wayne. He rode his horse in the nude and killed redcoats in their sleep.

  7. Please let it be David Wain. Batman comic could use more marital aids.

  8. Wayne Scoting.

  9. I am tired of Jim Lee stroking his his own ego by all of the needless re-designs. As for who it is under the mask, I say Thomas Wayne based on the Flashpoint book and how that character caught on and caused a stir as a Batman who could take that step that Bruce normally wouldn’t


    So, this might sound stupid, but imagine if Jor-el is Superman, hippolyta is wonder woman, & Thomas Wayne is Batman?

    Mind fuck…

    • i like it.

    • i’m trying to get into comic writing, and if by some miracle i make it, i’ll try to make that story happen.

      now that i think about it, it’s not that in this case. it’s damian wayne, because of the suit. it looks a lot like the suit he wears in the Forever two pager in Superman/Batman 75.

    • what are you doing specifically to break into the business? i hear it’s tough and that mailing things into the companies is generally fruitless.
      just curious and i wish u the best. i would love to say i chatted with a writer b4 they broke through to the other side.

  11. I vote wayne2001bc

  12. It’s John Wayne, pilgrim.

  13. wayne campbell

  14. You’re all wrong. Clearly it’s Wayne Brady under the cowl.

  15. Again with the giant collar?

  16. I’m hoping for Damian.

  17. it’s Midnighter

  18. I desperately hope it is Lil’ Wayne.

  19. We got this far without a Wayne Knight joke!?

  20. Kenyan Wayans…

  21. I’m confused. Is Earth 2 not going to be retro and pulpy? I hate to bitch about how Jim Lee’s designs seem outdated, but…what is with all the spikes? My hesher uncle would totally love this though.

  22. Considering it’s A Different World obviously it’s Dwayne Wayne.

  23. Wayne Gretzky?…yknow…”The Great One”

  24. God i hope it’s david wain.

  25. Seeing as Earth 2 is where we’ll meet the Justice Society, I’m a little concerned that it’s being made out to be a darker Earth.

  26. Definitely Lil’ Wayne.

  27. I’m betting on Damian too.

  28. Wayne Newton?

  29. The picture looks a little hokey, BUT if it is Damian, I’m down!!!

  30. I think it’s Bruce Wayne – just an older version, and one who clearly hates this new WORLD’S FINEST title because it has robbed him of his daughter Helena.

  31. Vicki Vale Wayne!

  32. Wayne Brady.

  33. i thinkn’ it’s grayson because of the billy clubs, but they said it was a wayne so that one goes out the window. the collar reminds me of morrison’s/kubert’s damian back in 666. a cool character that i would like to revisit for sure.
    i hope it’s thomas. but azz/johns did such a great job that i dont think i would want to be the first to follow the footsteps.
    jason todd would be cool, too. but he’s not a wayne. DAMNIT

    • Technically Dick, Jason and Tim are all Waynes because they’ve been legally adopted. But I doubt they meant that too.

    • then why do we still hear their old last names?
      don’t get me wrong, i like what you’re saying cuz it means i might get one of the things i want to see, but i don’t recall seeing them referred to as waynes or even as bruce’s adopted sons. does ward mean “adopted child”?

  34. I’m now hoping it is John Wayne under that mask. “I am the Night, pilgrim.”

  35. I’m betting on Thomas Wayne, as Morrison probably has first call on Damain Wayne as Batman stories . . . I would be intrigued by the above idea that each of the Trinity is one of the Earth 1’s parents . . .

    • yeah, i’m trying my best to be a comic writer, and if given the option, i’m definitely making an Elseworlds’ tale about a parental Justice League. Martin Jordan as Green Lantern, Henry Allen as the Flash, Hippolyta as Wonder Woman, Thomas Wayne as Batman, and Jor-El as Superman. the big 4.


    • lol. all derpy. big 5.

  36. It’s a different time line, Bruce could have adopted Dick at a younger age and changed his name to Wayne. But if I don’t start seeing some of the classic Jsa’ers my interest is going to wane!

  37. I guess you gotta sell comics some how! (my hope is that it’s Thomas Wayne)

    Why hasn’t anyone proposed a Batman Beyond movie with Clint Eastwood as Bruce Wayne?

  38. Wayne from the Wonder Years?

  39. The club makes me think that it will be either Dick or Tim as both have used clubs before. I fear though that it might be Jean Paul Valley

  40. I thought Earth 2 was supposed to be the ‘fun’ or pulpy Earth. If this one is darker than the first one we got a) you might as well chalk them all up as horror stories ’cause the Earth 1 stories are already very dark; and b) there’s going to be nothing to distinguish the 2 Earths. I thought that was the whole reason to have 2 Earths, to give each one a different tone and story focus. If this one is as bleak as the original then why not just set the JSA in Earth 1? Making the JSA new instead of old is a lot more efficient than booting up a completely different universe that’s indistinguishable from the other.

  41. Technically Dick Grayson and Tim Drake are Waynes, just without the last name.

  42. Batman will actually be an identity secretly shared by all the townspeople of Wayne, West Virginia. They’ll just pass the cowl around and take turns.

  43. Wayne Brady. It’s gotta be Wayne Brady.

  44. Thomas Wayne for sure, just look at the success and buzz from Flashpoint. Just sayin’; Flashpoint was used to try out some new ideas for this NEW 52 DCU!! If you do not believe that go and re-read some of those issues and then come back and see how things are developing in the NEW 52. I am not saying that it was wrogn I am just saying that should give us some clues on some things to come. I also could be well off base here although; I do not think that would be entirly true no matter what anyone says.
    Anyway, Thomas Wayne is where I am going with this unless; this is Helena’s (Huntress) father which than it would have to be Bruce; won’t it?


  45. Realistically, I’ll have to say its still bruce wayne.

  46. Am I the only one who would rather they focus on strengthening they’re current universe before branching out into alternate reality so soon after relaunch…?



    • Personally, I love alternate universes and timelines. Not just comics, I mean ANYTHING. From episodes of Star Trek to Back to the Future to Sliders… I love that crap. Personally, I say bring it on. I say make 52 comics and each one be a different universe. LMAO.
      Now DEFINITELY I would in the minority with that last one.

    • i like alternate universes, too.
      the relaunch hasn’t really changed too much of how the dcu works. it’s just tweeked things to make them more current or realistic. batman hasn’t changed really. he’s still the dark knight. and that goes for the rest of the JL with exception of the first JL arc that takes place in the past when they were young and dumb and ACTION COMICS which is just a homage to the 30’s and 40’s. i think infinite crisis changed a lot more than this has. but we still knew the characters and what they’re about. i feel as though the dcu is well established and that most us know how it works. everything is just updated.
      that being said, i dont think it’s too soon for alternate universe stories and to be honest, i welcome them. if you don’t want to read them, then don’t. i don’t want to scare off any new readship, but i don’t think we need to hold their hands through comicdom. personally i would think it’s rather insulting.

  47. i am confused.

    So… are we all just ASSUMING that ‘save his daughter’ is referring to Helena Wayne as the ‘daughter’? If so, then it can’t be anyone else BUT Bruce Wayne, since the story is that he’s Helena’s father.

    So, assuming that ‘daughter’ here does NOT refer to Huntress… then it would mean the guy under this cowl has a kid of his own.

    Also… Earth 2 the heroes actually are ‘aged’, so Bruce would be an old man or dead currently which means Damian could be a full grown adult in the Earth 2 timeline. He would be younger than Helena though.

    And as far as ‘too soon’… nah. The numbers have shown that DC’s new 52 sold more… but sold more to people who are already fanboys/collectors. I don’t think we’re allergic to multiple origins and universes. Its not like they raked in new fans like Star Trek 1 did and need to hold their hand in all this. I’m also hoping there is some backtracking to Flashpoint… now that all the new series have been established with their first run stories, maybe we can go back and get a better picture of what exactly happened? Who is the mystery woman? Etc.

  48. No way its gotta be Bruce…

    Bruce Campbell!

    • In all seriousness though, the key parts of the statement by Pat McCallum are “we’re dealing with a different kind of Dark Knight here” and “there is a Wayne under the mask”

      Because they are saying it’s a “different kind of Dark Knight” my guess is that it is NOT Bruce, but the fact that he points out that it is a Wayne, leads me to believe it is either Thomas Wayne or Damian Wayne. I think a lot of people are assuming that the daughter he’s referring to is Huntress. But nowhere in his comment does it say that’s who he’s talking about. Also, has it been said formally that Huntress/Earth-2 Robin/Helena Wayne is Bruce’s daughter? Maybe this will be similar to the Flashpoint Universe and Bruce will be dead (which would obviously mean that it’s Thomas Wayne)

  49. Well I doubt it’s Bruce Wayne, seeing that his daughter is running around as Huntress. They are playing up legacy with Earth 2 so it’s Dick or a son, the son doesn’t have to be named Daiman. But being a darker world concerns me, the New52 is a darker more violent world. I would have hoped that Earth 2 would contrast to what is already established, thus more opportunity for conflict. If you have a bunch of darker, more violent characters running around it ends up being more of the same.

    I’m losing interest in this 52. The Titans and Superman line of books do nothing for me, while Action was good to begin with it hasn’t maintained the energy. Batman is pretty much the same book and character, so I’ll stick with that. Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and maybe Flash. Justice League is so boring, so run of the mill, and Lee’s art work seems rushed, huried. Some changes to character don’t sit well with me too, like Green Arrow.

  50. The people of Wayne’s world will be taking on the cowl can you say Earth 2, Earth 2 Party on Excellent!!

  51. I’m late to this party, but I for one don’t hope it’s Thomas Wayne. I liked the Azzarello story alright, but the idea never sat well with me. I think Thomas and Martha should remain untouched. On the other hand, if this is Damian, I’m not sure I like that either. A grown-up, asskicking, murdering Batman is already Morrison’s idea for Damian’s future on THIS Earth. I’d rather not see it rehashed on Earth 2.

    Still, this looks pretty bitchin’ and I’m ezxcited for Earth 2. I was just hoping that if it wasn’t Bruce, it would be Dick. That would kinda flow nicely with the pre-relaunch Earth 2. But I’m down for this either way.

  52. I’m going with Thomas or Damian.

  53. I think it’s Marlon Wayans because when they make a Batman Inc on earth 2 all the Wayan brothers will be involved and then when they make Bat-wing later you could have an alternative earth 2 Bruce Wayne in Egypt.

  54. *Alas. Coming full circle