EARTH TWO Looks Second to None

Not saying we want to live there, but Earth Two looks like a fun place to visit.

DC Comics released this variant cover for May’s Earth Two #1 by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.

Is Earth Two Batman wearing one of those tuxedo t-shirts? Either way, Earth Two Superman’s threads may actually be a step up from his New 52 counterpart’s. But I’m getting bogged down in fashion. Earth Two looks like kind of a scary place. Where just going to the Earth Two Wawa involves a walk on the Dark Seid. If you know what I mean. You do. You’re not new to this.

Earth Two #1 hits this May from James Robinson and Nicola Scott. Here’s Robinson on the otherworldly premise:

“Earth 2 is a world that’s very like our own, but at the same time vastly different. It has known great conflict and danger…a dark menace defeated but at a great cost both to the Earth and to its superheroes of that time. Now, in the present as new menaces emerge to attack the Earth, so new heroes must emerge too, learning to work as a team (or perhaps Society is a better word) while facing these new threats head-on. Who are these heroes? Will their powers include speed, bestial fury, and maybe even green light? Wait and see.”


  1. I think I’ll take a pass on this. I’ve not enjoyed Robinson’s work with Justice League characters in the past.

    • But have you read Shade? Probably the best thing ever in DCnU.

    • I thought the mini-series with the fancy art was pretty cool, but I can see why some folks didn’t like it.

      His work with Mark Bagley, however, was pretty bad, though I blame most of that on Bagley.

    • Yeah, his JL run with kind of rough but if Dwayne McDuffie is to be believed (and he is), Justice League was nearly impossible to write during that time period due to editorial issues behind the scenes.

  2. For a second there, I thought this was a preview of Multiversity, the Grant Morrison project announced like 2 years ago

  3. Um… who designed Superman’s costume? Pre-Crisis Supergirl? All that’s missing is a headband.

  4. Oh my.

  5. Those are pretty cool costumes for the Trinity, especially Superman’s. I wonder if this Batman kills people or if he just doesn’t consider those villains “people.”

  6. hmmm… If I’m going to give it a try, I’ll wait for the HC Trade.

  7. Strange that it appears the JSA is going to spawn after the JLA in this universe. Still, it’ll be nice to have Jay Garrick again. I’ll give it a shot.

  8. Alright, LOVE IT!
    Firstly love all 3 costumes.
    Love the big ‘s’ shield connecting the cape.
    Love the silver on WW’s outfit and her breast plate looks awesome. Love the head band and definitely love the skirt.
    Batman…. I dun see much of a difference.

  9. I was a part of the masses that vehemently hated Robinson’s Justice League: Cry For Justice, but that’s not really deterring me from picking this up. I think that the alt reality factor may skew my feelings on his take on the Justice League this time around.

    Curious to see how the Justice Society factors into this, also.

  10. Okay next, wow excited about how Nicola Scott is going to pull that off.
    Robinson have given me great confidence with Shade and I’ll trust him with that.
    Also, wow can’t wait to see how Wildcat, Jay Garrick and Alan Scott looks.

  11. I have this feeling this will be the departure from previous continuity that “new 52” should have been. This looks intense. Any word from the JSA?

  12. Robinson has said that hes not particularly proud of Cry For Justice and I really hope that this is a turnaround for him and I REALLY want to pick it up, at least to see what were gonna be in for. I like the ideas and I like robinson (just not cry for justice) so I’m cautiously optimistic (something I am about most comics now apparently)

  13. Hmm, like the cape on Superman but his belt looks like a thong.

  14. What I really want to know is what time period the image is supposed to be set in. Batman’s tux and the surrounding buildings look like they’re straight from the Golden Age, which would make sense given that the original Earth-Two Trinity operated during that period. Does anyone have any word on this?

    • I don’t know what about his outfit or the buildings say Golden Age to you; the buildings are plain skyscrapers and Batman’s costume could’ve been designed in the 90s.

    • The buildings are very art-deco, they look more like the original skyscrapers from the early to 20th century than the kind of buildings being built today.

      As for Batman’s costume: the exaggerated ears, large and garish utility belt, and leather gloves w/ cuffs as opposed to the more familiar serated gauntlets recall the Golden Age Bob Kane design more than any other. I’ll agree that his costume looks like a Jim Lee design from the 90s, but even so, it’s 1990s Lee drawing the Golden Age Batman.

  15. WHOA! This looks very interesting! I might be on board for this even though i’m trying to cut titles.

  16. Why does it have to be Darkseid? Don’t we have enough of that in the New 52?

  17. I think that the Batman on the cover is probably Dick Grayson. He’s using the escrima sticks. Since Huntress is probably Bruce’s daughter, he’d be much older in Earth 2 (along the lines of Thomas Wayne in Flashpoint). The Darkseid invasion could have turned out differently as well.
    Wonder if New Genesis and Apokolips are singular again like in the old universe. No alternate versions of it since it exist in different space. If so, can you dimension travel using the boomtubes?

    • This is an interesting idea I had not contemplated. E2 Superman and Wonder Woman presumably would age more slowly than Bruce Wayne. It is possible that Bruce is older in this universe and Dick has already succeeded him.

      Along the same lines, it could be that this invasion of E2 by Apokolips that we are seeing above occurred at roughly the same time as the invasion of E1, which would mean that this image could be from “5 years ago”. The first arc of this series could be told in a flashback, just like the first arc of Justice League.

      Lastly, it does seem possible that New Genesis and Apokolips are singular, and that the boomtubes could jump dimensions. Makes sense to me.

    • Grayson as Batman?!? I like where you’re going. But now you got me hoping that it’s Dick, Conner, and Donna Troy on that cover.

    • Batman’s collar is the same as the original Robin costume also.

    • Good call on Earth 2 Grayson being Batman. I always thought it was dumb that he was just an adult Robin on the old Earth 2. Hope you’re right.

    • In looking at the image again, I do not think the superman looks Clark. He looks more like Conner. Also, the “Wonder Woman” doesn’t look like Diana. It could be Donna Troy. Remember when there was a character on the original Justice League International teaser image that looked like Donna Troy? Maybe this is why that character disappeared off the cover!

  18. Batman with escrima sticks? hmmm, I wonder…….

  19. Or on the other hand, these could be the successors of the Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman that we know. I can’t help but think that Earth-2 Superman is almost identical to JH Williams III’s ‘Son of Superman’.

  20. I really love that Wonder Woman design!

  21. Given what’s going on in that picture, here’s my bold prediction: E2 Supes, WW and Batman will all take the long dirt nap somewhere within the first arc, making way for the rise of the JSA. I think DC will be cognizant that having multiple characters with the same name from multiple universes is confusing to the uninitiated.

    I think if they were to acknowledge the presence, or prior existence, of E2 Superman, WW and Batman, but then quickly shuffle them off stage, it would make all the long-time fans happy by honoring what’s come before, make it easier for new readers to follow along by preserving the one character named “X” across multiple universes, and create a bunch of excitement by clearly demonstrating that this series is going to be something that readers have not seen before.

    (Side-note: I think people “get” pretty easily that there can be two characters with the same code-name (e.g., The Flash) from two different universes when the characters have different names, say Jay Garrick and Barry Allen, especially if they also have different costumes. What I think confuses people is when you have two characters from different universes with the same name, say Bruce Wayne from E1 and Bruce Wayne from E2, and one Bruce has a daughter but the other one doesn’t.)

  22. The trinity was part of JSA in the golden age.

  23. Ya Im confused as to all this news as well so these three heros here are part of the original JSA and then the rest of the characters will be ppl not from the Justice League right? Like JSA members who are who exactly?

    I’m kinda new to DC stuff for the most part from the relaunch if some can clear this up

  24. I prefer that Superman design to the one we got.

  25. It is true that the “trinity” (Supes, Batman & WW) were a part of the original JSA. I am going to go out on a limb to say most newer DC readers don’t know this because the E2 versions of the trinity did not survive the first Crisis. That’s why I think it would be very smart of DC to figure out a way to get these E2 doppelgangers off the stage as quickly as possible so as not to confuse new readers. (See my post above.)

  26. Whoa that looks cool! I like that the parademons are the same from the New 52, so I’m guessing there is only one Apokolips and one New Genesis…I can see Morrisons Multiversty fitting rig into this. Hopefully.

  27. May can’t come fast enough

  28. woo boy!

  29. @ Neeks, . The trinity(supes,Bats and WW) were honorary members. I’ve also not been reading DC long (about 2 years before the relaunch) and i agree it’s very confusing at 1st. JSA are basicly golden ages heroes from the 50’s , Well worth seeking out Volume 2 and 3 of JSA a very good read.

  30. @Neeks Yes. The JSA on earth 2 featured the trinity and other JSA characters.
    The reason why JSA didnt have the trinity is cos they died during Crisis.
    But now that Earth 2 is back, I dun see a reason why the origin team shouldnt be back as well.
    Which are the trinity, Ted Grant, Jay Garrick, Alan Scott as the JSA with tons of other members like Dr fate, Sandman and all

  31. Looks like crime syndicate. If JR is just trying to get his mits on the proper big three i might pass on this. Itching to see some Nicola Scott stuff though.

  32. I like Earth Two Superman’s costume better his New 52 counterpart.

  33. Glad I can always count on Paul for a Wawa reference!

    PS I can’t wait for this book!

  34. Whoa. I’m still excited for this, and will buy a Robinson & Scott JSA book without hesitation. But this isn’t at all what I’d imagined (and kind of hoped) we’re going to get, lol. I thought it was going to be much more retro than this.

  35. Would love it if Earth 2 Batman was Thomas Wayne. That would be awesome!

  36. i dig superman’s duds and WW’s head gear. not too sure about bats. not crazy about robinson’s JL run or cry for justice.
    another game time decision.

  37. And the continuity crisis begins.

    I don’t get why DC is doing this. They wiped the slate clean with the “New 52”. It’s been very good. Now, they’re bringing in another universe with the same heroes, fighting the same villains we’re seeing in the Justice League title. This is potentially confusing to new readers and sets up the same continuity problems DC’s tried to fix for 30 years.

    Why not let the JSA exist in DC’s main universe avoid the problems?

    • The new readers are only being confused by other people freaking out. They are then bombarded by misinformation from those panicked fans. You make a lot of assumptions in your post based on a VARIANT cover and other posters. Just breathe and relax. This book is coming out in MAY. There’s almost 3 months worth of time for more information to be desseminated.

    • I’m not freaking out or making assumptions. I’m not a panicked fan and honestly don’t care what DC does. I’m asking a question because I think it’s a poor marketing decision.

  38. I kinda echo the comment of Robinson on a team book. He does so well when writing about near forgotten characters that he develops and makes his own, like Shade and Starman. Both of those titles had a fantastic cast of supporting characters.
    But on his team books: There seems too much focus on the plot/event instead of the characters and that’s where he lost me with his work on JLA and Cry for Justice.

    • Robinson was doing fine with JSA when he’s not handcuffed by editorial. Everyone who wrote JLA after Meltzer were being led around instead of JLA being the Flagship.

  39. For years I was extremely confused by DC continuity. Mostly having to do with how the JLA and JSA worked in conjunction with the other. It was a big factor in why I initially started reading mostly Marvel. And then I went and read a whole lot of older DC and finally made sense of it all. It helped my understanding and enjoyment of the current DCU. Now this. And I’m more confused than ever. LOL.

  40. I want my JSA. I do not want an E2 Trinity, though.

  41. I love these costumes more then Earth 1. That…kind of makes sense. I guess the Earth-1’s are general interpretations and these are the grander ones. Makes sense if Earth-1 is about the heroes distrusted by the public and Earth-2 is the heroes worshiped by the public.

  42. I was actually kind of hoping for a world without the “Big Three”…but I’m game…

  43. My stack just keeps piling up.

  44. Rumour seems to be that it’s a grown up Dick, Conner and Donna. If so, count me as interested.

  45. Those monsters look awfully similar to the ones in the current Justice League book. I wondered if Robinson is having them fight Darkseid as well.

  46. Remember, this is not the main cover. I have a feeling the main cover features the redesigned JSA members.

  47. It’s only a crisis for people who can’t compartmentalize. Different things go in different boxes. It’s not that complicated. COIE was necessary because no one was bothering to catalog these Earths. There was no organization. They thought people couldn’t understand it all because they couldn’t understand it all. People are not that stupid. Those that are need to be reading something more their level.

  48. I’m digging the costumes without extraneous lines all over them

  49. Looks like something’s getting cut come May. Can’t wait for this. I’m givin’ you one more chance Robinson. I hope I don’t regret it.

    I admit I’m a lifelong DC fan, but I don’t understand why some new readers can’t seem to wrap their heads around the concept of multiple earths. Even if you’re new to DC continuity, it’s not like the idea is exclusive to the DCU. My suggestion to the confused would be to just roll with it. Easier said than done I know, but I doubt you’ll regret it. I’ve always felt that the multiverse not only allowed for some really great story opportunities, but was part of what made the DCU such an interesting and exciting place to be. What started out as a necessary clean-up has, over the decades, enriched the universe(s) and given us some fantastic characters and stories we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

    Personally I can’t wait for the return of the multiverse.

    • The notion of parallel Earths is a pretty straight forward idea and can make things easier to understand as far as I’m concerned. The uninitiated may wonder, “Why is this like this? Why is that different?” The answer is because it’s an alternate Earth. It’s different. So long as the story is presented in a way where you don’t need to know the minutia, that’s all you need to know.

      I’m glad they brought the multiverse back but I still question capping the number at 52. Seems arbitrary and limiting in the long term. But I know DC has a lot invested in that number.

    • Yeah, I used to think that it’ll confuse new fans but then, come to think of it, I think its a pretty simple concept everyone can grasp.
      Earth 0, Earth 1, Earth 2.
      3 universe that matters.

    • Good point, fellows. The notion that multiple Earths or multiple continuities will confuse new readers is just kind of insulting. Don’t insult the new people! We like new people.

  50. “Earth 2 looks second to none”? – Paul, you are one sick little monkey. Well done, sir!

  51. Cool thanks for clearing some of that up guys

  52. UGH! i know it’s an earth 2 but come on. Honestly, these costumes look terrible. And among many, many things, it is completely white-washing and some people have completely failed to realize that the new 52 is being fueled by ego and thats never a good sign. And all these changes are killing the images of the DCU. And some of these so-called new readers, seem to have no conception of what the real DCU is about, what it stands for, the qualities and it’s values.
    And for what they have added in there, this reboot is a disgrace in so many ways, it’s not even funny.
    At this point, I actually miss the real DC heroes. And i want ’em back!

  53. I am more excited by Earth Two and Worlds’ Finest than almost anything else in the DCnU. Please don’t judge James Robinson by his recent work on Justice League but rather judge him on his extremely impressive body of work at DC. He clearly has a great knowledge, respect, and love of DC’s rich history and I am certain he will do justice to Earth 2. I don’t see why Earth 2 should be any more confusing to new readers than the New 52 is to us older readers. Just roll with it, it looks like a fun ride. It will be a great way to bring back some of my favorite characters that didn’t make the cut on Earth 1. By the way, has it been established that current DCnU is Earth 1 or is it Earth Prime or maybe Earth 0? Just wondering. Anyway I’m looking forward to the new first meeting of Flash-Jay Garret and Flash-Barry Allen. It will also explain why Green Lantern-Alan Scott and Green Lantern-Hal Jordan have such different origins and power sources and yet have similar powers. And dare we hope for a return of a Starman? If so which one? Does anyone know if the new Shade miniseries takes place on Earth 1 or Earth 2?

    Now being unencumbered by current DC continuity almost anything goes. Major characters can really die. The trinity in the cover image above does appear to be 2nd (or even 3rd) generation versions of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Batman doesn’t appear to have a bat symbol on his chest and the daker “tuxedo” front appears to be “V” shaped like Nightwing. Superman looks very young. Maybe Conner Kent but I’m hoping for the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Wonder Woman might be Donna Troy or it could be Hypolita (she is immortal after all). I can’t wait to find out. Hurry up May!

  54. “beastial fury”? Ugh. Sounds like the Wildcat redesign will be painful. From the cover it looks like The trinity of earth 2 died five years ago during Darkseid’s invasion. No big loss since they were a bunch of dirty vigilantes that no one liked. Guess Batman’s big plan to take off his mask mid battle didn’t work on this earth.

  55. Ivan Reis did an amazing cover there.

  56. This costume is terrible and so uninspired. Worst of the new 52. And its not even the boob window thing because if you added it to this costume it would still suck.

    Also drawing someone in provocative clothes does not = sexism. Most of the men in the comic universe are always losing their shirt or ripped out of their mind in musics and no one calls that sexism.

  57. While I dig the Big Three, I really look to Earth-2 for my JSA dudes and other obscure guys who don’t already appear in another book or three. Hopefully the E2 Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman will be substantially and recognizably different characters from their Earth-One (Zero? Prime? Nu?) counterparts.

    Actually, I’m really kinda hoping all three sacrifice themselves to save Earth-2, so the Society can get some face-time.


  58. I’m glad Earth 2 is coming back and all but I’m ready to get back to Hypertime.