Venditti Takes Over DEMON KNIGHTS; Van Sciver Joins BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT

Two more bits of news coming out of DC Comics today.

The first is that writer Paul Cornell will be departing one of our favorite books, Demon Knights, and will be replaced by X-O Manowar and Surrogates writer Robert Venditti. Bernard Chang is set to remain as artist.

Venditti’s run begins in January with Demon Knghts #16 with a story that takes place after a thirty year jump that finds the Demon Knights facing off against a vampire invasion. Venditti talked to DC Comics’ The Source blog and said, “Demon Knights is unlike any other series on the stands, and I’m going to do my best to continue that. For the next few issues, readers will find the team—if such a disparate band of misfits can be called a ‘team’—battling an enemy that reaches far back into the history of the DC Universe. And it’s going to be a battle from which everyone will emerge changed in profound ways.”

Paul Cornell has stated that he will still be writing Saucer Country for DC’s Vertigo imprint and he has hinted at more announcements to come.

The second bit is that Ethan Van Sciver will be the new on-going artist for Batman: The Dark Knight beginning with the 16th issue. Van Sciver joins a book that has really been re-energized by the addition of writer Gregg Hurwitz.

As for what Van Sciver is looking forward to the most out of his new gig? “I love all the characters, and I hate to be cliché, but I’m just waiting in the wings for my chance to draw the Joker. Everyone else has gotten to draw him, and so I’m waiting for my turn, which hopefully will come. I plan on drawing Batman for a while now. I told Dan that I’ve got my hooks in the character and you’ll have to pry me off this book with a crow bar. This is where I want to be. I guess I’d like to draw Robin, and I’d really like my shot at Catwoman. And I really want a chance to draw the Batcave a lot – to draw it from different angles and really show off what’s inside it. All of it is so exciting. I look forward and would be happy with five years on this character.” Click on over to CBR for a lot more from Van Sciver.

Previous artist David Finch is moving over to the new Justice League of America book with Geoff Johns.


  1. Excited for Vendetti, DC needs that energy and ideas. Hopefully Cornell isn’t forgotten and given another good book Aquaman maybe?

    • Pretty sure Johns was the one that got Cornell his Action Comics gig, so it wouldn’t be out of place for him to be announced as his replacement.

  2. Very sad to see Cornell off of DK.

  3. I’m also very disappointed that Paul Cornell is leaving this title. He’s done great work with it. I also hope that DC continue to use this talented & imaginative writer on other projects. Won’t be holding my breath though. My opinion of the talent-management skills of DC Editorial is lower than. . . . . than Rob Liefeld’s PR instincts.

    I gather that Vendetti is a somewhat newbie writer. So, does this translate to him being simply cheaper to hire? Regardless, I wish him the best, but Mr. Cornell’s a hard act to follow.

  4. NOOOOOOOOO. Sad to see Cornell go. Hopefully this series doesn’t get the axe with the new creative team.

  5. Venditti is kicking ass on X-O Manowar. He should be able to bring that over to Demon Knights.

  6. I LOVE Demon Knights just how it is. NOOOOOOO!!! <-Prequel Vader style

  7. I just finished reading the new Demon Knights before seeing this, which does bum me out a little. I’ve been loving what Cornell’s been doing with this title. The series has such a distinct voice that I am skeptical of anyone stepping in to replace Cornell, yet, I have been enjoying X-O Manowar, so I shall give Venditti a chance — here’s hoping that he works out . . .

  8. Stormwatch lost it’s spark when Cornell left. If this happens with Demon Knights too, I’m going to be really sad and disappointed.

    • I agree whole heartedly. I love Peter Milligan, but Stormwatch has changed. Plus they harvested Martian Manhunter for JSA, which sucks, because Stormwatch misses him.

    • On the plus side, Ethan van Sciver’s a great artist who does scary really well (if Sinestro Corps. was any indication), so if I were reading Dark Knight I’d be excited. Still, good to see someone talented getting work.

    • Wow, really? I think Stormwatch has improved by LEAPS and BOUNDS since Cornell jumped off. It was a bit lackluster with Jenkins there, but Milligan has turned in what is by far the best work on the title thus far.

  9. Venditti’s X-O Manowar has been great. I dropped off DK with issue 6. We’ll see….

  10. Hopefully Cornell gets another mainstream gig but given his leaving of Stormwatch and now Demon Knights, he might be another casualty of heavy-handed editorial control. As for Van Sciver, can he do a monthly book? Weren’t the Rebirth books plagued with delays? Can he cope with this ‘must ship on time’ mandate at DC?

  11. Ethan Van Sciver seems really excited to draw Batman which is good. I’m sure he’ll be doing good work on it. To bad I dropped this title after the zero issue. Too many Bat-books as it is, but now it seems this one will be doing well with a guy like Van Sciver on it.

  12. Cool to see Van Sciver on Dark Knight. Definitely worth a pick up since the Scarecrow storyline.

  13. Demon Knights really has stood out as “unlike any other series on the stands” with an unusually complex and conflicting disposition of characters due to good writing and good art but have faith in a fresh writing angle as the series takes a turn. I preferred Diogenes Neves on art duties but Chang is solid too. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the current X-O so am curious as to what direction and feel this writer brings to DK. On the Dark Knight given Van Scivers enthusiasm I don’t think we’ll have delay/hiatus problems, his art with Hurwitz writing should make this title one of the better bat books being published.

  14. I really identify Demon Knights as a Paul Cornell book and I’m not sure I have any interest in reading it once he leaves. Generally I’m always looking to trim my pull list and I’ve never heard of Venditti (aside from being aware of Surrogates) so this seems like a good place to stop reading.

    That said, I love that there is a medieval super-hero team set in the DC universe and the cast Cornell built is great so maybe I’ll give the new guy a try.

  15. Wait, I thought Saucer Country was creator owned?

    • It’s a Vertigo title, so I assume that DC owns it . . .

    • Vertigo books are usually co-owned by DC and the creators. I think the deal has changed recently that tipped things more in favor of DC (which is why, I think, you see more high profile creators who usually do things with Vertigo showing up at Image where the creator owns the book 100%) but I am not certain.

  16. Thank you DC for helping me trim my pull list even further.