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C2E2 2013: Paul Cornell & Alan Davis To Make Wolverine KILLABLE in August [UPDATE]

This is different from when Hugh Jackman makes Wolverine “kissable.”


Maybe you looked through the list, and maybe you’re left wanting. Once again, we are here to help.

INTERVIEW: Announcing WOLVERINE by Paul Cornell & Alan Davis

Paul Cornell returns to Marvel and teams with one of the greats, Alan Davis!

TEASER: “SNIKT” with Cornell & Davis

EXCLUSIVE – Cornell and Davis and the sound claws popping makes.

Venditti Takes Over DEMON KNIGHTS; Van Sciver Joins BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT

Comings and goings.

PREVIEW: Stormwatch #5

The second-to-last Paul Cornell issue hits next week.

Heads Up: DC Comics Previews – March 2012

DC Comics is putting out a lot of good stuff in March 2012. Here’s some things to keep on your radar.

Cornell Off STORMWATCH, Nicieza Off LEGION LOST and More Changes to DC Comics’ Creative Teams

Please place your keys in the bowl.

NYCC 2011: Paul Cornell Goes to SAUCER COUNTRY for Vertigo

A brand new creator-owned, “mature readers” book from the mind of Cornell? There is no downside!