C2E2 2013: Paul Cornell & Alan Davis To Make Wolverine KILLABLE in August [UPDATE]


Wolverine #7; cover by Alan Davis

The news continues from the X-Men panel at C2E2 as we learn about the next major storline for Paul Cornell and Alan Davis’ Wolverine.

It’s called “Killable.”

What’s that you say? Wolverine is not “killable”? You’ve seen him

  • shot
  • stabbed
  • burned
  • blown up
  • battered
  • frozen
  • beaten
  • poked
  • prodded
  • skewered
  • filleted
  • fricasseed
  • cooked to a nice golden brown in a lovely red wine reduction
  • (I may be hungry)

Wolverine has been many things but “killable” is certainly not one of them. Could this time it actually be true? We are hearing “yes” it’s actually going to be true and “yes” it’s going to have repercussions throughout the other 74 books that Wolverine appears in. How will they do it?

Find out when what they’re calling “the biggest Wolverine story in a decade” kicks off in August with Wolverine #7.


Our man Jim Mroczkowski was on the scene at the X-Men panel and had this to report:

  • Wolverine: Killable is described as a “dirty, great revenge story.” The story features Sabretooth and a series of deadly foes in a “Western-style storyline” growing more and more intense, leading him “into the shadow of the valley of death, with Kitty Pryde at his side.” It all begins with an enormous happening at the end of issue #6.
  • Paul Cornell took this job setting out to fundamentally change what Wolverine is as a series. Cornell pitched it and didn’t think it would go over, but the Marvel retreat bought in.
  • Related to Wolverine but not this story:¬†Joe Madureira is coming to Savage Wolverine, with an arc featuring Spider-Man and Elektra.



  1. YAY!

  2. Glad to know Davis is sticking with this series sans a break once and a while. As long as this book stays as strange as it’s been then I’ll continue to buy it.

    • Agreed! I’ve been enjoying what this creative team has been doing so far but was worried that the pairing would be short-lived. The info in Jim’s update got my mouth watering even more than Paul’s gastronomic list did. Kitty Pryde and Wolverine; so good.

  3. You can’t kill 616 Wolverine! Even if you tossed him on the sun, he’d still survive.

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Not after August.

    • Killable? It hasn’t been hat long ago that Wolverine was shown to be very mortal. Kind of. Mark Millar’s Enemy of the State arc opened with the Gorgon killing Wolverine. In continuity, “for real,” dead. I guess everyone’s forgotten that though, since the Hand resurrected him before the start of the next issue.

  4. OH man.. Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in…
    Big fan of Cornell but i dropped this because really how much wolverine do i need.. hmmm.. i guess i need it more than i thought.. damb.. i feel like a crack addict right now..

  5. Man, this is so exciting. Imagine the devastating psychological effects that suddenly becoming mortal would have on an immortal man whose life is defined by his heroic actions which constantly produce brutal injuries that would be fatal if not for the now gone regenerating factor. Can’t wait for it.

    And that cover alone for Wolverine #7 is so dramatic.

  6. In one of the panels (someone back me up, I can’t remember which one (though I think it was Age of Ultron that it was brought up), yes, Wolverine is killable, as per the panelists. He can die the same way that Daken died, by drowning. When there’s no longer any oxygen going to the brain, the brain can’t make the healing factor kick in. Someone brought up the “drop of blood” regeneration, but they said that was simply because the blood dropped onto the M’kraan Crystal.

  7. So… Cornell just lifted the plot from Way’s last arc of Deadpool?