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iFlashback! June 2nd, 2004

It is time for a blast from the past. Check out the comics that you were reading nine years ago!

iFlashback! May, 5th, 2004

These are the comics that came out on May 5, 2004. You most likely were drinking a margarita while you were going through your stack.

C2E2 2013: Paul Cornell & Alan Davis To Make Wolverine KILLABLE in August [UPDATE]

This is different from when Hugh Jackman makes Wolverine “kissable.”


Maybe you looked through the list, and maybe you’re left wanting. Once again, we are here to help.

Weekly Sketch Up – 02.01.2013

He nicely underplayed Voltron.

Great Pages: UNCANNY X-MEN #213

Alan Davis presents an early battle between Wolverine and Sabretooth.

INTERVIEW: Announcing WOLVERINE by Paul Cornell & Alan Davis

Paul Cornell returns to Marvel and teams with one of the greats, Alan Davis!

TEASER: “SNIKT” with Cornell & Davis

EXCLUSIVE – Cornell and Davis and the sound claws popping makes.

Heads Up: Marvel Comics Previews – September 2012

Get ready to head back to school with some of these Marvel Comics.

Heads Up: Marvel Comics Previews – August 2012

Who rules Marvel Comics in August? Cullen Bunn and Alan Davis, that’s who.