Weekly Sketch Up – 02.01.2013


Shadow by Ryan Ottley


Tyrion Lannister by Fiona Staples


Hulk by Rob Paolucci


Human Torch by Dexter Soy


Daredevil by Chris Samnee


The Land of Nostalgia by Patrick Ballesteros


  1. Land of Nostalgia – nice!

  2. Love the Land of Nostalgia. I want to go to there.

  3. Almost didnt see the voltron lion arm, i want to buy that as a print!!

  4. That Torch looks malevolent, I dig it.

    I love that Daredevil — the composition, the tone, using Cap’s shield!

  5. I love the Human Torch by Dexter Soy. Looks great!

  6. Chris Samnee could draw my mother being punched in the face by my worst enemy and I would still think it’s beautiful. My god I love his look.

  7. That Human Torch is AMAZING! Excellent work on the fire!

    The Land of Nostalgia is super fun! Had a great time picking out all the shows. I’m glad D&D was represented. I’d like this as a print also.

    Also, excellent use of simple lines on that Hulk. Very slick!

  8. The Human Torch sketch is awesome and the Nostalgia is amazing. I can either name the character or the show it was from. Ahh, those were the days!

  9. This is just a great week from top o bottom. That Human Torch is captivating. I can’t take my yes off of it. Fiona Staples is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists. I want to live in the Land of Nostalgia. Just a teller week.

  10. What no Gummy Bears in The Land Of Nostalgia? Otherwise it is great. Love al lthe sketches. Human Torch and Daredevil tops.

  11. I feel like I’d like the land of nostalgia if I was born in 1980 and actually nostalgic for those shows. Alas.

    However, I really dig that Hulk picture. Don’t know why, it just seems very evocative to me.

  12. Who is Dexter Soy, and where has he been all my life?

    The Silverhawks guy was what tipped me over the edge into full nostalgia mode. Amazing.

    Where are they all going? Over the cliff at the edge of Nostalgia and into the Sea of Obscurity?

    • Dexter Soy is the artist on Captain Marvel (the former Ms Marvel), and after a rocky start, is doing an amazing job…there are some undersea landscapes in the last couple issues that made my jaw drop.

  13. The only thing missing from the nostalgia one is Jaycee and the Wheeled Warriors.

    Or the Bionics Six