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Interview: Robert Venditti of Earth on GREEN LANTERN

With this ring…

Preview: X-O MANOWAR #10, Prelude to Planet Death

Last stand of the Visigoths

Zub Off BIRDS OF PREY, Venditti off CONSTANTINE… Before They Start! And More DC Changes!

Not so fast, Sparky. UPDATED with more cancellations.

Preview: X-O MANOWAR #8


Venditti Takes Over DEMON KNIGHTS; Van Sciver Joins BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT

Comings and goings.

Preview: X-O MANOWAR #4

“Who else will you send to their death?”

NINJAK Strikes Again in the Pages of X-O MANOWAR #5

Ninja + K = super clotting ability?

INTERVIEW: X-O Manowar Writer Robert Venditti

What can you expect from the new X-O Manowar? We asked the writer, Robert Venditti

Valiant Announces X-O MANOWAR with Venditti & Nord

Rising from the ashes comes the first new title from Valiant

Top Shelf Goes Graphicly + Robert Venditti on The Homeland Directive & The Surrogates

The writer of The Surrogates and The Homeland Directive gives us his futuristic thoughts on digital comics.