The Captain America News

So, the news we’ve all been waiting for (or y’know were just here for when it came out) is that Steve Rogers is coming back.

That’s basically all we know.

The five issue Captain America: Reborn series is, as previously noted, written by Ed Brubaker with art by Bryan Hitch.  No details of how or in what capacity Steve will come back to us are available.

By the way, is reborn the only term we’ve got at our disposal?  Doesn’t DC have some sort of patent on that?

So let it fly.  Surprised?  Not surprised?  Livid but with no facts?  Remember, before your tirade, which we do enjoy, we know no details, and I’m sure more than a few fanboys flipped out before they actually read Brubaker’s Bucky stories.  Let’s keep some perspective, kids!

Here’s a full review of Captain America #600!

Marvel’s Press Release:

It was the shot heard ‘round the world. Following the most shocking and controversial event in comic book history – the assassination of Captain America in the pages of Captain America #25 – neither the heroes of the Marvel Universe nor the rest of the world have quite come to grips with this most traumatic of losses. From the moment he was taken from us until today, one fact has proven to be true: the world still needs Captain America. And now, the time has come! At long last, the legend, the hero, is back. Steve Rogers makes his triumphant return from the grave in the publishing event of the year: Captain America Reborn, a five part series from Marvel Comics beginning this July.

Long seen as the world’s greatest hero, Captain America made his first appearance in March, 1941, boldly fighting the Nazis in World War II. As a symbol of true patriotism, his popularity soared during the war as he became a nationally revered icon of US efforts to spread freedom around the globe. Serving as the Sentinel of Liberty for nearly 70 years, Cap embodied the spirit of the American people and became one of the world’s most beloved and recognizable characters. His death rocked the entire world, real and fictional, and his return from the grave promises to be a landmark event as well.

The recipient of two Eisner Awards for his tale about the life and death of Captain America, Ed Brubaker joins forces with acclaimed Ultimates artist Bryan Hitch for the landmark Captain America Reborn series. This partnership promises to produce the visually arresting, action packed story that fans around the world have been eagerly anticipating.

A story that captured international attention, Captain America #25 polarized shocked audiences by starkly depicting the murder the cultural icon. On that fateful day when shots rang out on the courthouse steps, Cap’s greatest enemy—the Red Skull– achieved his greatest ambition—or so it seemed. Since that time, the Marvel Universe has been in chaos, as as the Red Skull has worked towards his true endgame. But now there is a ray of hope in the form of Steve Rogers!

How can Steve Rogers return from the dead, and will his rebirth be enough to stop the global threat of his sworn enemy? Hitting shelves on July 1st, the special five part series Captain America Reborn finally reveals the true scope of the Red Skull’s nefarious plan, and begins Captain America’s triumphant return.

For fans of Captain America and those wanting to own a part of this historic moment in Marvel history, visit your local comic book retailer on July 1, 2009 to purchase Captain America Reborn #1. To learn more about this landmark event, go to! To find a comic book retailer near you, visit or call 888-COMICBOOK. And be sure to pick up Captain America #600, on sale this week, as the road to Reborn begins!

Marvel has also released this image, being called the “Quesada Variant”:


  1. Am I the only one who doesn’t want this?

  2. I think it’s interesting that they’re revealing it so…spoilery? Like, the death didn’t hit the press until it actually happened in the comic, right?

    Also it seems a little soon, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out!

  3. I’m not surprised – what else could the ‘announcement’ have been? I don’t think it’s going to get the play Marvel is hoping for. I’m looking forward to both #600 and the Reborn series because, since issue 1, Brubaker has delivered each and every month. It should be an interesting couple months (or with Hitch on art, years…ZING!) to see the final status quo of the Captain America situation.

  4. I don’t want this

  5. Count me among the slightly disappointed.  I’ve enjoyed Brubaker’s work, so I won’t deny the possibility that he will pull this off in a way that works, but I just don’t see why this needed to be done now.  It seemed obvious that Steve Rogers wasn’t going to be gone forever, but I had hoped that, to give some meaning to his death, they’d at least give it a few more years.  Dead for only 25 issues?  The body’s not even cold yet.  Maybe Brubaker will double up on his undo key by using Bucky’s death as the means to Steve’s rebirth.  Bah, I’ll probably like it.

  6. Brubaker writes a good Captain America. I don’t care if its Steve Rogers or Bucky. I’m sure it’s not as obvious as it seems. I’ll be reading this.

  7. I’m interested. I won’t lie a bit like "shucks" because I’m getting used to Buckey as Cap, but I suppose that’s when things need to change when we (comic readers) start getting used to things, that’s how things stay fresh as it were. I trust Brubaker and I don’t doubt the story will have weight and appropriate gravitas. 

  8. Its too early for Steev to come back. Both from a story perspective and from a ‘business’ perspective. Its not like Cap is hemmoraging readers, and bringing Steve back this soon is only gonna attract a bunp in sales for the reborn, but that will quickly dwindle back to current level.

  9. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Steve died in #25, which came out two years ago, and they’re bring him back at #600?  Either they really published a lot of books in two years, or they’re getting a little funny with their numbering system.  I know Marvel’s done this before, but they really should stick to one numbering system.

  10. Yeah it seems most people who read the Cap comic regularly really don’t want Bucky losing the mantle, but the more casual and/or older fans can’t wait to see Steve back. Obviously that is just a generalization and I an sure there are a few who don’t fit those categories.

    On a side note,, I just sought out the info this morning instead of waiting to get spoiled. I was spoiled with Cap #25 so I figured this time I might as well do it on my own terms and skip the frustration.

  11. My thoughts fall along familiar lines. I am assuming that Ed Brubaker is doing what he always planned to do, and since I’ve enjoyed his entire plan thus far I’m confident this will be top notch as well. I like Bucky in the role, and I do feel like there were a lot more stories that could have been told about him earning the mantle; it doesn’t feel like that part of the story was given time to breathe. But!, there are many issues to be published this year, and who knows? They may well hold the stories I wish I’d read.

    In a weird way, I didn’t expect this, because the announcement was so obvious I thought, "They couldn’t possibly expect people to be blown away or excited by Steve Rogers coming back. It has to be something else, right? That has to be a red herring. I can’t wait to find out what interesting news it actually is." Oh, well!

    Oh, and a Citation of Special Recognition to Brian Michael Bendis, who nakedly posted this spoiler to Twitter first thing this morning, giving me no opportunity to choose whether I wanted to see it and springing it on me before I even remembered there was a thing to be spoiled. It was the first thing I saw when I flipped open my monitor, so happy Monday to me.

  12. I was just getting used to bucky, if bucky goes, ill just drop the book, if cap comes back he will be in evrything else anyway taking down osborn or something for next big cross over. I can see them keeping bucky as captain also, 2 captains running around, one in avengers one on his own

  13. I’m not really shocked by this at all. At the end of the day, Marvel isn’t just a comic book company, they’re a media company, so why not act like one and cause the fans to jostle a bit with this kind of news? If they didn’t, Captain America #600’s solicitation read like a retrospective piece and may have gone under the radar. 

    When Superman died, DC waited exactly a year to bring him back. I’m surprised this lasted this long. Right now I’m more disappointed that Bucky is not going to have a chance to shine or for that matter any other character Marvel has allowed to grow in this book. Story wise, I felt it was great to see the book move long without Steve Rogers and as much as I hated it, I felt his death was a great catalyst to tell more stories with Bucky in the reigns. I loved that Black Widow, Sharon Carter and Falcon flourished as much as they did and I wanted Eli aka Patriot to be seen more, considering he’s part of Rogers’ legacy as well, but do we need this now? Perhaps not. Maybe we do. Maybe this is what brings the MU out of Osborne’s Dark Reign? Maybe this is the unifiying detail our Avengers needed to be whole again? 

    Or maybe Marvel screwed the pooch on killing Steve Rogers in the first place and received total flack for doing so and in haste decided to change things back to normal. Then again, when haven’t they screwed that particular pooch? Poor, poor pooch. Anyways, I’m on board, because Brubaker is amazing and I’m sure he’ll make this all logical and fit, but not forced and Hitch’s art will be the single thread to bring this together. Not epic, but good none the least. 

  14. we need to wait this out.  I hope we dont end up with the Wally West Barry Allen thing.

  15. Wow. Marvel’s long-awaited "major press worthy" Cap news hits with all the yawn-inducing impact of a Yanni concert (although that art looks pretty sweet). Talk about a missed opportunity! On the other hand… DC’s USAToday announcement this morning is pretty exciting!

  16. I say bring it on.  I love Steve Rogers, and I’m glad he’s back.  I look forward to seeing him kick Tony Starks’ fascist ass.

    Just one more thought–whether it took 2 1/2 years or 25 years eventually it was going to happen, and fans would’ve have bitched no matter what (Example: Barry Allen’s return).  Life goes on folks.  I understand the frustration, but bitch for a few days and then let it go.  I don’t want this to be like Spider-Man where I still hear people bitching about OMD. 

  17. Seems too soon to do this. Bucky has barely gotten his feet wet.


    I don’t really care.  Marvel (other than Old Man Logan) has been so horribly boring for me over the last year that I couldn’t care less if they brough Jack Kirby back to life.

  19. In Brubaker I trust

  20. dont want this

  21. Disappointed and don’t want it. I’ll stick out Cap for a while, but once Steve is back the book is dropped like a bad habit.

  22. I think Marvel is trying to trick us here.  It doesn’t seem like this has been the approach to any other important series like this.  It’s always been much more hush-hush, so I can’t help but think if this series will turn out to be something other than what it is solicited as.

  23. not surprised at all, altho I thought we’d make it at least another year before he came back.

  24. @phillipJ   i agree, that press release is way to "Hey look at us!"

  25. I was interested with the idea of "snatching" a Cap from an alternate dimension but this just sound dull to the extreme.

    Brubakers Captain America has been overated anyway. His Daredevil is much better.

  26. I have to agree with the majority sentiment here: it just seems too soon.  Bucky is really just now grow into the mantle and learn what being Captain America means to him.  There’s a lot more story to be told with Black Widow, Falcon, Sharon, and yes, even Eli.  To have Steve back, as if his return isn’t the lynchpin to eventually tear down Dark Reign in the next multicrossover, just seems like jumping the gun.  I’d have loved to see Bucky really own Steve’s mantle, and lead the MU against Osborne, have the MU take down Dark Reign, and THEN have Steve return to battle whatever ordinate threat is out there waiting in the wings to follow it. 

    But despite the ranting, I will buy.  Brubaker does good, solid work, and the Hitch’s art looks tight.  


  28. Too Soon! I’d like to make a request for the DJ I’d like to hear "I’m here for a good time, not a long time." and send it out to Bucky

  29. wtf??  Way to steal Bucky’s thunder??!  I like Steve and all, but ultimately, he’s a pretty boring character.  They’ve written every modern Steve Rogers story they can.  I’m more interested in Bucky stories, because he is still figuring out who he is.  Christ’s sake, they kept Wolverine adamantium-free for 6-7 years, but they could only keep Steve Rogers dead for 2???  Bullshit….also I don’t really miss Steve right now, because we had 12 months of title crossovers where the characters lamented over Steve being dead.  This is a big mistake on Marvel’s part.

  30. There is a Comic-God!

    I’m glad that Steve Rogers is coming back. The Marvel Universe has been rather bleak since his passing. I’m excited. That and this is Brubaker. He brought Bucky back. I’m sure he has a plan for Bucky’s Cap. The Marvel U. is big enough.

    How many Captain Marvel’s have we had?

  31. The naked indifference to narrative suspense involved in the way Marvel released this news bugs me.  The announcement itself doesn’t. What will bug me: if Steve’s return results in Bucky dying or otherwise being ushered offstage.  However, I’m trying not to assume that will happen, and as far as I’m concerned having both characters around, far from ruining Bucky as a character, creates the potential for more and better stories across the board.  Bring it on! 

  32. Did anyone catch the Reed Richards to S.H.E.I.L.D./Tony Stark memo on Bleeding Cool? That could likely be a red herring (now espcially), but I dunno, it might still have a part to play.

    I’m disappointed but still anticipate good things if this was Brubaker’s plan all along.

  33. Brubaker: the cause of, and solution to all of Cap’s problems.

  34. @OttoBot  Wasn’t that out of a toy or something?  Tony being back in charge of SHIELD any time soon seems a lot less likely than Steve coming back to life.  Possibly it could be Ultimate Avengers related?

  35. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    He juices. Poor role model. 

  36. Guys did you not read in civil war. When reed sent a letter to tony about another universe with a captain america. I’m guessing they will bring over the ultimate cap.

  37. I totally don’t remember reed’s letter to Tony. What issue of Civil War was that in?

  38. TOO SOON!

  39. @ohcaroline – I took it as an old S.H.E.I.L.D memo that Osborn might find and decided to act on. It would be more in Norman’s character then Tony’s anyway.

    @Alex –

  40. As cool of a "ressurection" idea as I think it is, I doubt toy-box-art are considered cannon in the MU.

  41. this is why i can’t read many super hero books on a monthly basis.

     my heart is just too weak for all of this. 

  42. I thi…..wait…wtf is that image? Someone being microwaved by the golden rays shooting from Caps crotch? I’m probably the minority but I’d pay to read a comic about Steve "Hotpants" Rogers zapping people in an inappropriate manner.

  43. Is there suppse to be a Cap movie? This makes me think theyre going to make one.

  44. Just when Marvel was doing something we all enjoyed(Bucky as Cap) they go and pull the rug out. Silly Marvel, oh well, is this really NEWS to anyone?? I suppose those outside the comic book realm.

  45. You know, it’s not a bad point that this just says "Steve Rogers" not that he’s going to be the same Steve who’s already existed in the main Marvel U.  Though I tend to think it will be, I can’t really see the dramatic value of giving us a different character with the same name.  (I feel like this is the same conversation I’ve been having about whether or not the X-Men Messiah baby is the reincarnated Jean Grey.  Characters are defined by their memories and experiences, not their genetics).

  46. Please.. clone, hologram or brain in a jar! Although parallel reality would still be okay.

  47. As much as I’ve loved Brubaker’s work on Cap, I think I’ll be trade-waiting for this, and potentially jumping off the series as a whole if they keep the price at $4. Basically I’m just tired of the Marvel hype machine and would rather allocate my monthly budget to other titles.

  48. BAM! My informant was right! *does a jig*

    I like this news, sure Bucky has had time to breath….but let’s face it: No way was he gonna be staying as Cap for long. Now that sound obviously to some people, but with all the shit that is happening in the Marvel U right now; Steve has to come back. I bet money that with him coming back, it will start either a chain of events or a comic book event in itself to get rid of the Dark Reign status quo.

    Having said all that, I have been trade waiting on Captain America since the epic story by Brubaker was over at around #42. So I guess I’ll get this mini and jump back on board on the title when Steve takes over again.

  49. Civil War 2: Not Civil Anymore ?

  50. It’ll be a good story, I hope it’s being done at the behest of the Writer and not an editorial decision.

    I would’ve waited longer though, it’s not epic after a year. It’s well, they were gonna do it sooner or later. I think they should’ve waited 5 to 10 years.

    Brubaker is good so Im sure it’ll be good. 

  51. @chlop – I hear New Avengers prefer to call it The War of Tony Stark’s Aggression.

  52. People sure do have some strange definitions of the ‘finally’ and ‘at long last’.

    I totally love the line, "he looks like Brad Pitt, but smells like your granddad."

  53. Don’t want this. Too soon. Ruins the whole event of his death in the first place.

  54. It’s childish, but it has to be addressed:

    The first cover shown here looks like Cap’s crotch is the promise land. Or the gateway into another dimension.

    While the second cover by Joey Q makes Cap think twice about eating at a Waffle House at 3am.

  55. that’s a gateway I’d jump in

  56. @TNC: Joe Quesada drew Cap in the squatting pose on purpose. You see, the Cap on that cover symbolizes Joe Q., and he’s shitting all over all of us who like Captain America.


    Whether bring back Cap was an editorial mandate or if it really was Bru’s intention the entire time, bringing Steve back shows that death is meaningless and cheap in the Marvel U, and further lessens the impact of death in the stories.

    I just hope they don’t sideline Bucky, he’s really grown on me as a character.

  57. @comicBOOKchris: Death *is* meaningless and cheap in comics. This is not news.

  58. At least Gwen Stacey is still dead.

    @ohcaroline: I agree with your first post.  I’m not certain that Brubaker had this plotted out when he killed Steve Rogers originally and I feel like this was a ham-fisted way to make the announcement.

    This just reeks of bring a boring character back from the dead after a meaningful death to explore how their death has made them more interesting.    Was Steve Rogers stuck in the Speed Force too?

  59. Did you just call Steve Rogers boring?  I’ll not have it.

  60. @comicBOOKchris: Maybe Doc Brown comes out to warn Steve in the past.

    ‘It’s your sidekick Bucky! Something has to be done about him!!’

  61. I like Bucky as Cap. Cap has become one of my favorite books while Bucky has been Captain America. If Steve returns as Cap, I’ll probably drop the book. BUT…

    … What I would like to see is Steve return and take control of SHIELD, or HAMMER, or whatever it’ll be called next. With Bucky still in the role as Cap. That would also add a new twist to the Cap books cause then Bucky would be looking over his shoulder constantly to see if Steve is watching. 

  62. Someone coming back from the dead in comics.I’m shocked and surprised at such a new idea being brought forth!

  63. I blame Arthur Conan Doyle.

  64. Death is just a vacation for superheroes and supervillians.  Like the Terminator said, "I’ll be back!"

  65. @TheNextChampion – from what I understood, it changes the current timeline. Apparently Jack Lemmon shot Steve by accident.

  66. I had heard a rumor at my shop this week that this was supposed to be the rebirth of the African American Cap, which I think would have been pretty damn cool. 

    It’s a bit disappointing that this is where they’re going, but by the time the series comes out completely, it will be 2011 (is it too early to make Bryan Hitch being slow jokes?) and Bucky will have some more story underneath him and be more fleshed out.

    Like others, I’m sure this is all part of the plan, and hopefully, it will be done as well as everything else before it.

  67. @chlop – I hope Bryan Hitch is working on illustrating exactly what you just described.

  68. Hopefully Marvel’s 50 planned movies will fail. It would be interesting, but I don’t want to see what happens to Pedro if Marvel buys Henry Holt and Company.

  69. I can’t believe all the negative feedback. They had to bring him back sooner rather than later. For one they’ve got a movie to hype up. No surprise they’ve got to make the book match it. And two Steve Rogers IS Captain America, I’ve never warmed to Bucky Cap and though I haven’t dropped the book I also haven’t really cared about it in awhile. It’s still good but its NOT Cap. So I’m excited, bring it on!

  70. @wanner16~ I don’t know if the movie really has much pull in the decision to bring him back now.  They haven’t even started filming it, and I don’t think they have a finished script.  This means that the earliest the movie may come out is in late 2010 or 2011.  That’s a whole year’s worth of story they could still do with Bucky before bringing back Steve for the movie (of course, this would also be contingent on Marvel wanting to time the two, which they obviously don’t). 

  71. @conor: Yeah its a well known fact, but don’t you get tired of death being usually meaningless in comics?

  72. @comicBOOKchris: I only get tired of the hype that tries to convince people otherwise.

  73. …origin?

  74. The movie sounds interesting: "He got frozen. He got shot. Now he’s back." with a dramatic voice.

  75. I cannot wait for this. However, I would still like to see Bucky in red, white, and blue when all of this is over.

  76. I actually just remembered Astonishing X-Men #5, when Colossus came back, and how amazing of a scene that was. Even if we all accept death as a gimmick in comics, a good writer can make a rebirth scene that’s just as memorable as a death scene. And if Joss can make the Colossus rebirth scene what is was, than I know that Bru can do it in his sleep. It also occured to me that if he can bring Bucky back to life (which sounded like the most retarted thing at the time) then reviving Steve Rogers isn’t so bad.

  77. @cman12 yeah I’d be cool with Bucky as Cap but Steve still in the mix somewhere. Maybe as the new "Nick Fury" guy. Taking over after kicking Normie out or something?

  78. What’s so great about Steve Rogers? No, really. Why would someone want Steve Rogers to replace Bucky as Captain America? Steve Rogers should stay dead. On the other hand, I do miss Rocky my beloved labrador-spaniel. I wish someone would bring him back from the dead.

  79. Lots of symbolism there with a glowing man being born from Steve’s crotch.  Really creepy.  Man i bummed out about this the impact would have been awesome if this reborn stuff came out a few years later.

  80. couldn’t care less….honestly

  81. So why is anyone surprised or disappointed about this?  Like you didn’t know it was going to happen? Especially with a major motion picture coming out?  I say bring it on… two years without Steve has been two years too long. 

  82. He’s strapeed to something in the cover, so… a nazi revives him and brainwashes him. I guess.Either that or Dr. Frenkenstein.

  83. Buky and Girl Bucky hook up and have Steve Rogers as their love child.

  84. He pulled a Xavier – the second cover shows us that he was hiding behind his shield all this time!

  85. @chlop: I got the scene for ya.

    Bucky: Gosh I sure miss Steve so much….hey my Shield feels heavier then normal

    [Looks at the back of the shield and sees Rogers clinching for dear life!]

    Bucky: Steve!! Your Alive! But….but….how!?

    Steve: After the Civil War I wanted to go away for awhile so I used Pym particles to shrink myself to hide behind this shield….it wore off..

  86. Maybe Steve gets revived and joins the Black Panthers.

  87. Even though I would prefer Steve to stay dead at least for another year or so I cant wait to see how or if Brubaker can pull this one off.

  88. You can’t complain that he’s coming back, but you can certainly complain about the timing and manner that it is done in.

  89. I don’t have a strong feeling on this either way. I will agree with folks who say that this feels too soon. It does feel iike Bucky’s story arc needs another major beat — a big rise or a fall AS Captain America. But that said, I’ve got a lot of faith in Brubaker; the man knows story. He’s not let me down on this series yet. And to Marvel’s credit — hype machine aside — they *seem* to work with Brubaker to make sure he generally gets to tell the stories he WANTS to tell. With that in mind, I’m just content to ignore the press releases and just let Brubaker’s story roll on.

  90. Bucky should go to DC and be the new Batman … until he comes back in September.

  91. Personally, I think it’s too soon, but I also understand that the Marvel U is indeed not the same without Steve, and damn if I don’t love New Avengers, but I really would love to see one proper Avengers book again with Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, etc. I came full boar back into comics around the time Bendis was doing Avengers: Disassembled so I got very few books with a proper, classic Avengers feeling, and I’d really love to read that again, and I have a feeling it’s coming.

     I can totally understand people thinking it’s too soon, but all the same I’m not bothered by it. 

  92. Too soon!  I was just gettin used to Bucky-Cap!!

    Maybe we can have a battle for the feathered wings?

    Will this be out at the same time as Batman Reborn/Rebirthed/REGURGITATED{been there, bought that, have the trade}

    ahh…..ORIGINALITY>>>>> where hast thou gone?

  93. OH




  94. tangent: Soooooo, I guess Old Man Logan takes place in an alternate-verse where Cap died and DIDN’T come back?

  95. It’s about time.  Finally. 

    Though what Captain America REALLY needs:

    A new creative team.  New writer, one who’s actually exciting.

  96. Surprised? No, though I was hoping they’d drag his absence out a wee bit longer.

  97. I don’t want this but I will wait until I read the book to judge if it wasn’t worth it though.

  98. I would have preferred Steve remain dead as long as Barry Alan did.  Or at least half as long.  But I bear no ill will toward Steve Rogers.  My guess is he’ll come back and work with Iron Man to take down Norman Osbourne.  Steve and Tony will be buds again but at a deeper level than silver age pals.

     I don’t get the reactions of the people who loved the last two years but will drop the book if Steve comes back.  If you liked Brubaker’s Cap and Bucky Cap why wouldn’t you want to see him writing Bucky AND Cap?

  99. I am so HAPPY right now.  I know a lot of people love Bucky..put me in the camp that can’t wait for Steve to return.

  100. @Kory. You haven’t been reading many Marvel books lately, have you? Stark is hardly the ‘fascist’ that he was painted as during Civil War. His own title has him basically taking on Norman Osborn single handed.

     This news doesn’t surprise me. I was hoping it would. I was hoping it would be an announcement of anything but the obvious. Oh, well. I don’t feel strongly either way on it. I love the current Cap but also adore Steve Rogers as a character. Brubaker will do something great with it. I’m just not sure what yet.

    I agree with @Tad in saying that dropping the book because of this is pretty odd. 

  101. My review is up.  It has all of my thoughts on this book.

  102. Anson17: I’ve read Invincible Iron Man and I like how they’re trying to redeem him, but it I still want to see Steve kick his ass.  Maybe calling him the f-word was a little harsh, but he does deserve some comeuppance for all the shit he’s done.

    (I just realized I’m referring to these characters as real people.  I need to reevaluate my life.)

  103. @OttoBot  I don’t see why; Bucky could still end up being Steve’s successor, down the road.

  104. Somebody mentioned at least Gwen Stacy is still dead. I would’ve had MJ bring her back in the deal with Mephisto thus making her more of a martyr figure by giving up her true love for his first true love, thus making the only one who would lose be herself.

    Man people would’ve been made if that had happened. 

  105. I don’t read Captain America. but I’m in favor of anything that gets rid of the Captain America costume with those silly pants that Bucky Cap is currently wearing.



    This is the only comic site I go on and I would be totally able to avoid spoilers by playing Sims 3 way more than I ought (‘specially when it’s such a disappointment) but I just had to go, "ooo pretty red letters! Oooo Cap news!" Gah! GAHH!!!!!

  107. It said "Spoilers" right under those Red Letters.

  108. While I haven’t made up my mind on what I think of all this, here’s what I do know…

    Marvel is smart.  I hate saying it on the topic of a ‘rebirth’ were TOLD wasn’t going to happen but they’re smart.  Most of us are going to check this out and we’re all talking about it, 100+ post since this morning.  The fact that they’re being so open with it is a bit confusing…

  109. R.I.P. Captain Bucky, we hardly knew ye.

  110. Can I please see a show of hands of people that are actually surprised by this? Did anyone really think Steve Rogers wasn’t coming back at some point? I mean the current Captain America was brought back from the dead and people were pretty pissed and then it turned out to be great. Anyone seeing a pattern? Steve Rogers is one of my all time favorite Marvel characters and while it would have been nice to wait longer to bring him back we all should have known it was going to happen and I for one am glad to see Cap back in the MU.

  111. I’d like to think what Roger’s first thought of seeing this new world when he comes back.

    Is he gonna just go nuts and guns a blazin? Or will he try and find Stark and ask how the hell this happened? I’m more stoked on the aftermath of Reborn then the premise of it.

  112. It had to happen sooner or later. We all knew it. And it is okay. I am glad Brubaker is doing it, because I have faith in him to make it work.

    But what really sucks is that it’s a mini series. Shouldn’t such an important part of Captain Americas history be told in his own book? Thats why I hav ebeen droping Marvel books left and right trough 2008. Not because they keep bringing back the dead or pushing the reset button now and then like they did on Spider-Man. It’s because of the way to obvious marketing tricks they pull to make you buy more books.

  113. While I am a huge Cap fan and LOVE the idea of Steve returning (Yes I do have the Official Cap shield that I payed waaaay too much for. Colbert can suck it!), I cant help feeling a little afraid of Marvel screwing up my treasured Brubaker run. Maybe not if Bru has full control, but I kind of feel that Editorial has got their hands all over this (The last person I wanted to hear from was Brevoort.)

    Bru’s run has quite possibly been my favorite run of all time. I have been reading comics for 40 years now, and thats saying a lot! 

    You just KNOW that there is going to be a sappy panel at the end of all this where Bucky hands the shield to Cap and says "Here. I was keeping it warm for you."

    Things they shouldnt do:

    Have Cap come back and be on the Dark Avengers.

    Kill Bucky so that Cap can live. 

    ps – You can read where Steve met Bernie Rosenthal in the "Captain America for President" trade.

  114. @ unnoob:  I would love if they waited say a year or so more.  Let all the Dark Reign stuff sink into the Marvel U and with the reader base.  Just let Norman run the show for the next few years and boom back comes Cap all pissed off because "This ain’t the America he fights for."  And let him start whopping ass.  He could be a man outta time again.

  115. I’m fine with Steve Rogers coming back, even though I think they should’ve waited a little while longer; here’s hoping Steve comes and is placed in some kind of authoritative "Nick Fury" role, leaving Bucky as Cap. It might even be cool to see the two of them as Cap together for a short while, taking Osborn down, if that’s the road they’re taking.

  116. @ kory. I think Stark has gotten/ is getting his. He lost his company, he’s slowly lobotomizing himself and the world hates him. Even in Civil War I thought Stark was interesting. He’s doing things that he thinks are neccesary evils to keep the world safe. I think that’s more interesting to read than some of the other characters out there.

  117. I will read because Brubaker has been insanely awesome thus far.

    That said, BuckyCap has been awesome and I really don’t want to see that end.

  118. ‘Publisher Eric Stephenson was happy to confirm, saying “something happens.” (From article Ottobott posted)


  119. Far too soon, love the way Bucky WAS going but now……..??

    Gotta trust Brubaker though. 

  120. I feel sorry for any retailers suckered into buying a monday shipment of Cap. What a dissapointment.

    Right on Image. 

  121. I lol’d at the joke on Conan last night that Marvel was bringing back Captain America as soon as they got a loan from Captain China.

  122. YOu know, how pissed is everyone is going to be when Steve puts on the Ronin costume…


  123. That would be awesome. Then Clint can be Kid Ronin.

  124. Marvel has the patent on born and reborn. DC has the patent on rebirth. Avatar has the patent on afterbirth.

  125. @migamotofreak HILARIOUS!

  126. @ Josh

    I know, I’m only blaming myself. My stupid, stupid self.

  127. Two words sum up my response: "Too Soon". If you want to extend it, "Five years TOO SOON". Seriously a resurrection can only have an impact if a character has actually been away for a long time. This announcement goes out like damp squib, because its sense of timing is poor.

  128. I want an arc of Steve trying to explain to his girlfriend why he didn’t call, and him trying to go through his Tivo, and going through the  endless twitter posts.

  129. Bringing back Steve Rogers , I can’t beleive it …why that is almost as stupid as killing Steve Rogers and replacing him with his formerly dead partner Bucky , who was’nt actually dead , but was instead being trained to be a Soviet secret agent /assasin .

    Big whoop ,the sales on the book must be in the toilet so the editors , instead of finding a writer with talent decide to come up with yet another event . Now I remember why I don’t buy near as many comics as I used to .



    Funny, how about a tad over a decade ago, it was a big theme to kill off all heroes, and now, it seems, they’re all coming back.  


    I managed to avoid this news until I read it in cap 600 in my store this morning.  I trust Brubaker.  If you can’t trust Brubaker, who can you trust? 

  131. @Kryptotim This book’s sales is anywhere but the toilet.

  132. I’d rather Steve stayed dead, but we all knew that wasn’t going to happen, especially when we knew the movie was coming.

    And, like I keep saying, Jesus has to get resurrected. That’s how it works. I trust the story will be good.