TEASER: The Mutants Who Stand With Cyclops After X-Men: Schism Are Fully Revealed

We haven’t been keeping up with these X-Men: Schism teaser reveals because they came out too far apart and quite frankly they were overshadowed by all the DC Comics talk. But now that the teams of X-Men who are siding with Cyclops after the split with Wolverine have been fully revealed we might as well take a look.

Here are the creative teams:


Written by JAMES ASMUS

X-MEN #20


All of these issues hit in November.

Marvel says: After the cataclysmic events of X-Men: Schism, all of mutantkind will be forced to make the biggest decision of their lives. What team will you choose?


  1. no wolverine….

  2. Cyclops pretty much took all the characters I dislike other than Magneto. Looks like I’m on the blue team…

  3. So… is Gischler’s X-Men going to be an X-Force clone? Because with that team….

    Is it just me or do most of the characters in this shake up seem back in the same place? begging the question of… what exactly is the point? To give Wolverine yet another book? Well, at least Havok is on X-Factor.

    • i don’t think the point was to shake things up, it was about dividing and they divided the books into 2 distinct groups.

    • That’s pretty hairsplit-y. And if the intention wasn’t to shake teams up, the “slow reveal” makes no sense. “Marvel as we show you existing teams!” Regenesis means, rebirth. One would assume if you’re having a big event and shaking up the status quo, major line up changes would occur. From what the ads say, the books look more or less unaltered with a few additions. (And the perplexing bit of Psylocke being on both sides.)

      I mean, I get it. They wanted to go back to the ’91 two teams thing. That’s cool. But the idea behind the image and the language being used indicated this would be a huge shake up for the teams. Not just cordoning them off into their own little sections without much change. Perhaps the issue is that the marketing department has no clue what the content of the new status quo is. But how this was pitched and how it ended up don’t match in my book. I was going to try the line, but it seems like most of it is keeping in line with the seel/lineuo of the X-books pre-Schism, and that wasn’t working for me. As it stands, I’ll stick to X-Factor as my sole X-book for now.

    • I mean seriously, you actually expected AFTER the last “massive change” for the X-Men that changed nothing you expected this one to change things? House of M was suppose to shake up the Marvel Universe and the X-men FOREVER, but thus far other than Jubilee becoming a vampire for some stupid story line and Rictor losing his powers, really nothing changed. They just shuffled around the main teams a tad and Iceman lost his powers for an issue or two.. Prof X lost his powers for a few months and then everything went back to status quo. X-Men Regenesis will be the same way. They’re just shaking up the lines and trying to make people come back to the X-men and buy all the X-Men comics. The problem is.. they’re not willing to make any actual changes in the X-Men. They just want to make it look like they are. Well other than shuffling around relationships that is to the point where everyone has slept with everyone else.

  4. I’ve been enjoying Gillen’s Uncanny, so I’m sticking with it and looking forward to the Post-Schism direction. Aaron’s been doing well with Schism, so I’m on board for Wolverine and the X-Men too.

    But I think New 52 Fever will keep me from branching out to the other X-titles.

    I’m a little surprised that Cannonball isn’t in the New Mutants image.

    • Cannonball was injured in Limbo/Hell at some point recently if I remember correctly. I think he is just benched for the time being.

      I’m getting the same books as you with the addition of The Fucking Bomb Digity also known as Uncanny X-Force.

  5. i have a feeling this might ruin x-men for me

  6. Coming soon to the X-Teams… more or less the same people… who are on those teams now. dunh dunh DUNNNNH

  7. really only 2 of these intrigue me. Uncanny mainly for Pacheo’s artwork. And new mutants for X-man

  8. Woohoo no Greg Land!

  9. I’ll be interested to see what happens that drives Kitty apart from Illyana and Colossus, since she appears to be with Wolverine. I assume that Peter does something “very dark” at the end of Schism and she is upset with him.

  10. So kitty and collosus are splitting sides? It seems cliche, and kind of bumming seeing as they just got to enjoy some happiness together after how long? Assuming she doesnt get killed of course.

  11. I am going to just stick with New Mutants and Wolvie-Xie methinks.

  12. I’m not enthralled but I think it’s because of the promo art.

  13. No ones mentioned that Rogue and Magneto have been split up to.

    Several people are commenting that this is really keeping everyone in relatively the same place. To me, this makes sense. If there is a split amongst a large group wouldn’t people who have been working together, towards the same goals, naturally gravitate towards each other? It makes since, for the most natural split to me.

    Plus, the exceptions make for some nice possibilites, such as the aforementioned Kitty and Colossus, Rogues and Mags, plus Jubes and Betsy have BOTH split from Wolvie.

    I have no complaints with this. I only see possibilites.

  14. Who drew this? There’s a Keown-esque style to the lines.

  15. I think the regular X-men got the short end of the stick character wise, but to me, that only leaves the door open for some interesting stories with potential for solid development from characters we don’t spend a lot of time with. And Colossunaut picks his sister over his girlfriend? DRAMMMMA

  16. So is Psylocke off X-Force then? That would bum me out. I’m really not sure how I feel about this whole thing….

  17. Guessing that psylocke is a mole on Cyke’s side since she is still a part of x-force. Makes sense as x-force is presumably still secret so cyke has no reason to suspect her of loyalties to Wolvie. Also guessing that for this to work it will be kept a secret possibly from even those on Wolvie’s side which could creat future drama and maybe an excuse for people to move to cyke’s side like maybe kitty for a colossus reunion.

    • There’s been friction with her and the rest of the X-Force team, I could see her leaving that book. Depends on Warren’s fate in that book.

  18. yeah besides storm and psylocke not too fond of anyone else here

  19. So that means the “Wolverine” books will be X-Factor, X-Men Legacy, Uncanny X-Force, and the new series?

  20. Could one of those “Psylocke’s” be Kwannon/Revanche?

    • Probably not. She would have to be SOMEWHAT discernible from Betsy.

    • An early arc of Fraction’s run seemed to imply Psylocke is back in her original body (British). However, there has been no indication in story or art that this is true, other than Psylocke having the Butterfly energy pattern she had before she was in Kwannon’s body (Asian.) And she’s still drawn in 90s style. Kwannon/Rechanche was “killed” a second time in that same arc. So make of that what you can!

  21. So, are the two different sides going to actually be in conflict and fighting one another? Or, will this just be one of those things where it gets awkward if they run into each other at the mall? We should come back to Yellow Jackets R Us later Jubilee, apparently Kitty decided it was a great day to go shoe shopping….

  22. I have to go w/ wolverine, but it’s hard not siding with Cyclops.

  23. no colossus?

  24. hmm based on this team and the fact that uncanny is going to be double shipping and with me trying to lower my pull list titles im afraid im not going to be buying Uncanny X-men or any of these titles here for that matter . I’ll be sticking with Wolverine and the X-men, Uncanny X-force and Wolverine.

  25. I was reading the tag to this article and I was thinking:

    “Do I want to follow an egotistical maniac who has no problem having kids do his dirty work? Or have a legitimate killer with almost no redeeming qualities be my leader?”

    ….Is neither an option?

  26. Cyclops’ team looks pretty cool, I might try that first issue out.

    • Wow, I totally disagree with you. I could care less about anyone on Cyclops’ team except Magik.
      Cyclops: ugh, overdone (Storm fan here!)
      Emma: was fun at first, but I’m over it.
      Magneto: Unless Mags is a villain I’m really not interested
      Colossus: I like him, but not the way he’s been written in recent years. He’s lost his “artist’s soul”
      Danger: not into it.

      This might lead to my not reading Uncanny X-Men for the first time in my comics reading career. That makes me kinda sad.

  27. I’ve just been getting back into X-Men lately, good time for it too. X-Men styyyyle.

  28. Alright! I remember when Sunspot started flying but when did Magma star flying too?!?

  29. I plan on buying the same series I normally do and only adding Wolverine and the.. plus Logan’s got Iceman on his side, so I guess I’m on Team Gold.

    say what you want about the Brubaker/Fraction run on the book, but I really prefer the revolving cast approach to the books. I’m afraid having set teams will be worse for the line than having all characters up for grabs.

  30. So, no one thinks it’s weird that Sebastian Shaw is in Generation Hope?

  31. Oh, that Colossunaut, just the worst.

  32. if Psylocke is on Cyclops’ team, then who is that chick with the two swords on Wolverine’s Team. Hmmmm… Curious indeed.


  33. Rouge and Iceman sides me with Wolverine… although I’ll probably be buying all of them really, at first anyway.

    But, no Gambit?

  34. I wish Uncanny didn’t turn into the Scott & Emma show 10-ish years ago. Talk about the X-Men I have the least interest in…

    Just X-Force and New Mutants for me!

  35. X-Force and X-Factor are at the top!! It’s a shame that Uncanny and Legacy have dropped down so far on my list of comic priorities 🙁 They used to be 2 of my favorite books.

  36. I need to buy the Schism trade so I know whats going on with all this then think i’ll check out Wolverine and the X-Men (despite the mediocre title) and Uncanny X-Men as thats where the most Wolverine and Cyclops are and will probably be the core books, as Uncanny X-Men is always the flagship and I already dig Uncanny X-Force, throw in X-Factor now that Havoks back and I think we got 4 good X books on our hands boys.

  37. Seems Psylocke can’t make good decisions. Is it me or is Cylcops’ unit outnumbered by Logan’s?