TEASER: Who are the new Uncanny X-Men? The first is…

After X-Men: Schism, the X-Men are going to split into two seperate teams in X-Men: Regenesis. Who will be on which teams? We've got our first member of Uncanny X-Men.



  1. Who are the writers on these new X books?

  2. I see Juggernaut and Magneto…

  3. Keiron Gillen and Jason Aaron.

  4. If one of them isn’t Laurence Fishburne, I’ll be very dissappointed.

  5. I’m tired of Emma Frost! BOOOOOO!

  6. Colossus as Juggernaut? Although it does look like a hammer there…

  7. Oh thank Christ, Greg Land isn’t on this book.

  8. My guess a bunch of people and Wolverine?

  9. So I;m guessing we have a split on the horizon for Scott and Emma?

  10. @Crucio  Wolverine’s on the other team

  11. so, Magneto, Juggernaut, Emma Frost, Cyclops are there anyway…unless they kill off cyclops again.

  12. One of them looks a bit like Negasonic Teenage Warhead costume-wise but doesn’t really look like her face.

    Something really weird is going on at the moment, I’ve never known a time that so many comics looked so utterly unmissable.

  13. Stay with me on this one. Scott dies so Emma takes over the team.

  14. Land is on the book, he’s alternating arcs with Pacheco.

  15. Land is on the book? I reverse what I just said, I cannot buy anything he’s involved with. When I read his books I want to punch and set fire to every single person he draws 🙁

  16. @spaceghost15  ….BS?  

    Ok, I got it out of my system, back to my normally scheduled adult age.

  17. Danger, Juggernaught (colossus?), Magneto and Magik

  18. I think I see Emma Frost in there …

  19. I’m still excited for this, but…is Greg Land really going to be a part of this?  I feel like it’s gotten to the point where its a joke on the fans or something.  Obviously, I’m being sarcastic but really, WHY?

    Why, Joe Q, why? Shouldn’t he have moved on to another title by now?  He has been on the book for YEARS.  Is there some outcry I’m not hearing?  Is there some town in Parguay where the entire population of 10,000 reads Uncanny, but only under the condition that Land draws it? WTF!!!!!!  

    Whew…now that thats out…SCHISM is AWESOME!!!!

  20. Emma Frost and her huge out of shape shadow.

  21. Either Marvel is backpeddling on Greg Land doing Uncanny or they’re hiding this from everyone.

  22. I hope “juggernaut” is actually Rock Slide from the New Mutants. Cain Marko doesn’t work as an X-man except in my fan fiction from ’92.

  23. I’m guessing, Magento, Rogue, Pixie, Gambit, Rockslide, and probably Scott right behind Emma.

    Wolverine’s team will include Kitty, Collossus, Jubilee (she is drinking his blood), probably most of Generation Hope, and Prof X

  24. I’m pretty sure I heard an interview with Joe Q where he got mega aggressive about people not liking Greg Land’s art, which didn’t endear me to either of them in the slightest.

    You hear it a lot from Marvel creators when they’re interviewed. Comics companies have got into their heads that since comics fans can and will complain about anything, this means that NONE of the criticisms are EVER valid. It’s a dangerous and short-sighted way for a business to behave. 

  25. It looks like there is a slender arm next to Frost’s which looks like Hope’s. I think it is safe to say that since Gillen is writing both this and Generation Hope he’d put those characters on the team. 

  26. Image doesn’t display in Chrome browser.

  27. I’m seeing magneto and juggernaut also, but that other silhouette has me puzzled..

  28. I’m definitely thinking Magneto and Juggernaut, so maybe this team is all former “villains”? Magik? Rogue?

  29. Worst Ideas in the Marvel Universe ever:

    1. Making Emma Frost a “good guy”
    2. Bringing Norman Osborn back to life after a long time dead 

  30. Domino needs to be on Uncanny X-Force, nuff said.