TEASER: Who Stands with Wolverine? The SNIKT Society Revealed

My elementary school colors were blue and gold (Go, Pres Bulldogs!), and on Field Day we were divided into teams just like this. Except no one had claws. Except for Mrs. Robinson.

Anyways, post Schism, here’s how Logan’s Yellow Team books shake out:

Meet the SNIKT Society, courtesy of artist Nick Bradshaw

Written by JASON AARON
Art & Cover by CHRIS BACHALO
Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW
October 2011

Written by MIKE CAREY
Cover by CLAY MANN
Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW

Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW

Written by PETER DAVID
Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW

Marvel is curious which team you’d choose. But because you’re real, you don’t have to. Unless you want to be that guy. Besides, both teams are composed solely of filthy, filthy mutants. I’ll take the lesser of two filths and go yellow. Uncanny X-Force is how I do.


  1. Nice teams, but who drew that? They all look like Watchers!

  2. Apparently X-Men Legacy will be lead by Chibi Rogue. I may check out Wolverine and the X-Men for Beast, but I can’t say Uncanny X-Force or X-Men Legacy have drawn me in.

  3. Assuming Uncanny X-Force stays essentially the same, that’ll be it for me an x-books, although even that could get dropped

  4. Am I seeing things, or is Psylocke on both sides of the fence?

    Also, it looks like X-Factor didn’t lose anyone, but gained Havok and Polaris. That’s going to be one densely populated book (in a good way).

  5. X-Factor is the only combination of characters I have any interest in whatsoever. When do Havok and Polaris join the book? January?

  6. NIghtcrawler!

  7. Bobby, how could you?

  8. Is that Armor up there behind Iceman and Quentin Quire?

  9. Waitasecond… going back an X-Post… is Cyclops REALLY leading a team that consists of the White Queen, Magneto, Danger, Juggernaut… and Magik?

    Okay… that’s just off.

    • That’s Collosus — he’s the new avatar of Cyttorak, whatever that will end up meaning (happened at the end of the most recent issue of Uncanny). So will we refer to him as Collosernaut or Juggalosus? Wordplay now makes me think some artistic type needs to whip up a Juggalo Collosus for the weekly sketch up.

    • Put me down for Juggalosus.

  10. So…where was Cannonball in all this? I haven’t been into the X-Books the last few years, but wasn’t he on the New Mutants? Didn’t remember seeing him on that roster with Scott’s Teams.

    • its about time that they split up the teams more. too many good characters and stories to tell, i am glad cyclops and wolverine can have their own group of books. so i will pick up uncanny, xmen, xfactor, legacy, xforce, and wolviex. agreed more cannonball, cannonball needs to lead one of the teams.

  11. do we really need this many x-men books? i love the x-men but this is ridiculous

    • I agree that it seems like a lot, but historically, the X-Men characters have had 6+ ongoing titles for nearly 20 years…it’s just what they do. And despite fears of “damn marvel forcing me to buy a bajillion books, grrrr”, outside of the occasional Messiah Complex or Second Coming, they each tend to have their own flavor and keep to themselves while fitting into the larger status quo.

    • thats true,i guess they’re really only adding one more title(taking away uncanny and splitting it). until they make wolverine and the x-men: first class or whatever they come out with next X_x

    • I’ve always thought it would be interesting if they spun the mutants into their own universe, separate from the rest of the Marvel U. Unfortunately, that would mean no interactions with Spidey and the rest, but it seems kind of ridiculous to me that in a world where the Thing is running around, people are prejudiced against Mutants.

    • I think they should drop Legacy and X-Men (self titled) and disperse the good classic characters in those books into Uncanny X-Men and Wolverines Xmen which also should just be Uncanny X-Force as it was and throw Domino over there, thats where she fits,Warpath too and X-23,Gambit would fit in also. New Mutants started off good then fell off but got good again recently at #25 when DNA took over on the book, thats Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning for those of you who aren’t keen on the DNA tip, loved they’re entire 5+ year (roughly) run on the cosmic corner of Marvel ending it with Thanos Imperative which was great if you read Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova leading into it, amongst others, everything from Annihilation/Conquest to War of Kings. Anyway but with X-Factor looking good and Uncanny X-force going strong, they should narrow it down to Uncanny X-Men, Uncanny X-Force,New Mutants and X-Factor, four solid titles with rich history and enough room for plenty of mutants to come and go.

  12. Ugh, I have no idea which X-books I’ll be reading now…..I definetly will be reading X-Force but other than that I’m not so sure. Maybe I’ll just take a break from the X-Men for a while……

  13. Reading Uncanny X-Force and Wolverine & The X-Men because of the writers and not the line-up.

  14. I would really like Nick Bradshaw to draw all the comics in the world

    • I could get on board with that.

    • Amen, I love that his Wolverine actually looks short and wide. He’s 5’3 and 195lbs for crying out loud.

    • @Kaylon – Shouldn’t Wolverine weight A LOT since his skeleton is made from adamantium?

      I’ve always thought it would make sense if he couldn’t swim at all. 🙂

    • @Alexferrer – I guess we’d have to figure out how much the adamantium weighs, and how much of it he has bonded to his skeleton. You’re right though if it is heavy metal he could weigh a lot more than he’s listed in the handbook. Wait, I almost passed out from too much nerd…….Ok. I’m fine now. 🙂

  15. I’m loving the line up to the Team Wolverine books. My soul feels all twisted for cheating on Cyclops.

    • Same – except switch Cyclops with Emma.

    • Cyclops is my favourite. But the other characters on his and Emma’s team do nothing for me. I’ll only be getting one of this due to budget and if I had to choose Jason Aaron gets my vote. Even if the title does remind me of a cartoon I didn’t think much of.

      Sorry Cyke, maybe next time.

  16. Overall, I’m way more into the characters and books for this here gold team than the blues. I’m already picking up X-Force and X-Factor so I’ll probably try the first issues of Wolverine & X-Men and Legacy.

    This post-Schism launch seems like a bit of a misfire to me. I know there have always been several X-Men titles and Marvel won’t cut a profitable title but they have 8 titles on these teasers plus Astonishing X-Men floating around. X-Men, Astonishing X-Men and X-Men Legacy all murky mission statements. Having both Generation Hope and New Mutants feels redundant.

    Maybe this is an unfair comparison but in the wake of the DC Relaunch this seems like a half-measure. Marvel is renumbering the last of their long running titles with Uncanny X-Men and launching a new high profile #1 with Wolverine & X-Men. Yet they sit next to titles numbered 259 & 230. If the idea is a #1 signals a new era and jumping on point, why stop at the two lead books?

    With the way Marvel’s been playing with numbering and with Action and Detective Comics going back to #1, we’re past the point where there are sacred numbers in comics (if there ever were). I’m of the mind that anytime a book/title reaches a new stage it’s time to start a new volume and slap a #1 on it. Of course, I just spent WAY more time worrying about numbering than I intended too 🙂

    • The only issue I have with numbering/name changing is when it’s obvious that it’s going to revert soon after. When Fantastic Four changed to FF, it was pretty obvious that we’d spend a year with that book before the went back to the original numbering for #600. I must say I was surprised when X-Men Legacy remained such and the started a new X-Men series last year. I want to believe that Marvel has a grand plan with all this renumbering, but it’s starting to feel like they’re treating their marketing like a football game, calling plays on the fly, instead of a chess match, planning 20 moves ahead.

  17. Oh, does anyone know who the character in red above Rogue’s head is? Looks vaguely familiar…

  18. Oh thank god Madrox is still with X-Factor…thank god!!! *happily breaks down and sobs*

  19. Man if X-Factor keeps gaining members their going to need their own island headquarters!

  20. Quentin Quire? Really? Can’t wait to see how that happens.

    And Peter David really needs to thin that herd out, but honestly, picking which one to get rid of would be like Sophie’s choice! Oh well, the more the merrier I guess.

    I hope they don’t just leave Korvus in space. Either give him a good death or bring him to Earth. Lotta potential in that character.

  21. Glad to see Beast back too.

  22. No Angel? Maybe he is evil for good. Or their teaser department did not spoil the ending of Remender’s plot.

  23. I almost overlooked Toad in between Quentin Quire’s legs.

  24. Is that Shatter Star behind the X in X-Factor? Cause if so, I’m sold.

  25. Only X-Force is in my pull list. Just stick with the same writer and team that doesn’t change much, I’m down. X-factor is the only book I would probably check out.

  26. NO WAY! Fantomex is on X-Force!??!

  27. ok. i havent realy been reading just paying attention to the x-books is that beast or Dark Beast?

  28. nice

  29. that artist is awesome

  30. Okay, I haven’t been reading the X-Franchise as of late, but I did hear about Nightcrawler’s death. Did I miss his inevitable return? Why does he have a Psylocke-esque scar/tattoo on his face? Where is Psylocke’s scar/tattoo?

    I should start keeping up with Uncanny X-Force.

  31. wheres darwin in x-factor

  32. LMAO, who drew Wolverine? lame! he looks like a dwarf from world of warcraft. I won’t be getting that one and I was looking forward to it. Will the standard marvel universe have a different wolverine book where he is properly drawn and not insulted?

    • Interesting how divisive Nick Bradshaw’s style is. From the stuff I’ve seen, Bradshaw really shines with his background work, which isn’t really featured here. But come on emberman, you can’t insult a fictional character. Wolverine will be just fine. And even if he did have an opinion of his own, he probably wouldn’t give a crap what anyone thought about his appearance. He’s pretty much the opposite of emotionally insecure.

  33. No, dammit, NO! I don’t see Archangel on either side, which I suppose means that he dies at the end of “The Dark Angel Saga.”

  34. its probably unnatural how excited I am for x-factor…

    based on team line ups alone I will probably be picking up only uncanny x-force and x-factor for the wolverine side of things, and Uncanny X-men and maybe New Mutants on the cyclops side, if they did digital like the new DC I’d probably pick all of them up…

    now on to the bigger question, who will Cable side with?

  35. Going to be interesting with Kitty and Colossus on separate teams. And to make up to me for killing off Nightcrawler they are going to bring in the AoA version? We’ll see…

  36. Hell yeah! All I wanted on the Wolverine team was Gambit and Deadpool. Got my wish!