Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan on the Cover of Entertainment Weekly

On the heels of yesterday's Thor movie image, we've got yet another cinematic superhero reveal. This week, Entertainment Weekly readers can bump fists with Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan in the first official preview of DC's Green Lantern flick. Subscribers will find this cover to their SDCC Preview Special in the mailbox this week. Unless the mailman's stolen it again. The issue hits the stands on Friday. 

I think the major point of contention is gonna be those peepers. We've seen domino masks before, but i'm sure you'll have something to say about the whited-out pupils. It's a choice, that's for sure. If the suit is a construct, it can basically look like anything, right? The real test, obviously, is to see this all in motion, to see how the digital costume looks alongside Reynold's head, and against real backgrounds. Hopefully the issue itself will contain even more hints. 

Also, "The New Buffy?" Hmmm… (Update: Turns out it's just a Buffy Season 8 motion comic.)

UPDATE: Hey, here's a few more images from Entertainment Weekly:

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan


Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively as Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris


Tim Robbins (Senator Hammond), Angela Bassett (Amanda Waller), Peter Sarsgaard (Hector Hammond)


Hammond, prior to nogginsplosion.


Hammond with the corpse of Abin Sur. Pepto pink!



Lastly, here's a better look at the mask. It wasn't clear in that original low-res image, but you actually can see Hal's irises. Now that we have a better look at the design, I think it's actually pretty strong.


  1. Yikes. This looks bad. Never thought I’d say this, but comic book movies need to go away. I really like the thoughtful, true to the source adaptations of certain comics to the big screen, but this is a property I don’t think you can translate well enough and have it not look goofy.

    Don’t want to hate on it early, beacuse this is just one image, but this just looks campy to me. Especially the domino mask.

  2. is just me or dose he look more like kyle rayner

  3. Whats with the green "veins" on his suit?

  4. It’s green, it’s got the symbol right there on the chest, he’s wearing the ring and the domino mask.  Looks like Green Lantern to me.

  5. Its pretty good.  I’m wanting to see what it looks like in motion though.  Thats going to seal the deal for me.

  6. so I’m going to be the one that says it looks okay huh? Damn it. 

    This looks pretty interesting, I imagine the green "veins" will be ever moving. I think this will look a bit like Dr. Manhattan and less Batman. Which I’m fine with. I have no problem with this movie going out there. Mostly because it’s the one with aliens in it. So having the costume be a bit out there as well perhaps sets up the non-comic audiance for purple men and so on.

    I’m excited.  

  7. I consistently forget this movie is being made. I would love to see this succeed, but for some reason I just can’t keep it on my radar. I’ll have to see the suit in action before I can judge it. The most intriguing thing about this cover is the blurb on the side that says, New Buffy. The hell?

  8. I realize that’s just the emerald haze but it looks like his hair has been frosted green which cracks me up.

  9. I’m thinking that this is more of an "just suited up" look.  I can see that with the veins, and then for the most part just a bit of a glow the rest of the time.  Still pumped for the flick but still on the fence about if it will be good or not.  

    Man I hope its good

  10. @DukeJohnson – Looks to me like they’re gonna go for a pulsing energy thing to show power coursing through the suit.  Presumably, because the studio execs don’t have faith in people not acquainted with GL’s story to understand how the ring works?

    There’s just some things that we’ve come to accept and even revere in comics that don’t work on the big screen, like certain costume conventions;  the whited-out pupils for Batman and Robin, the ridiculous outfits that the X-Men wear [looks over shoulder for Ron with a baseball bat], and so forth.  What ends up happening in movies made by people that don’t get it, is they decide what to keep, and their attempts to explain some of those purely artistic conventions comes off as silly at best.

    "We gotta keep the whited-out pupil thing, like Batman.  That looks cool."
    "But why would they be whited out?"
    "It’s the ring power.  Like protective goggles when he’s in space and shit!"
    "Nice!"  [high-five]
    "All right, that’s done.  Now, let’s fuck up the suit." 

    I’m still all over this flick when it comes out.  I mean…I gotta.

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I don’t think conveying the suit with pulsing energy means condescension to the audience. I think it’s the filmmakers taking honest advantage of the medium to make a cool visual. You can’t do it in a comic, but in film you can make a costume look like it’s made out of cosmic energy. Given the nature of the character’s power set, why wouldn’t you want to do that? 

  12. this still is really bad but in motion I think it’ll be awesome, the constant pulsing of the green ‘veins’ sounds like pretty cool affect. in closing, I think this movie is gonna rock.

  13. It’s too early to tell and the whole suit isn’t shown, so I’ll reserve my judgement until then. I’m not seeing any color other than GREEN. I do think the suit needs a little contrast.

  14. Just as awful as the other promotional material I have seen. What the hell are these people doing?

  15. that suit kinda makes it look like he’s been flayed and has green muscles.

  16. Green Lantern has ridiculous powers so it will be interesting to see if they have him generating giant green fists or green vehicles to run over enemies.

  17. OMG!!!!! that is AWESOME!!!

  18. I like it. White pupils has been something I’ve been hoping Hollywood would do for a long time, and it’s very fitting that GL would get that treatment. I was worried they’d change the symbol and they didn’t, so that’s cool too.

    If I had a nitpick, it would be that I’m not thrilled about the shape of the domino mask. It just doesn’t flow with the contours of Reynolds’ face. But whatevs.

    I think we all need to keep in mind that this will be the first CG costume, so it’s really not entirely fair to judge it from a magazine cover. I’m excited for this one. I have a feeling this movie will blow people’s mind and raise the standards even higher.

  19. will this be the look of every green lantern, or just Hal?

  20. What would you do differently?

  21. Pretty cool.

  22. I have difficulty grasping what’s supposed to be wrong with it. I’m quite impressed.

  23. This looks baller.

  24. For a still shot, it looks good.  The mask with the white eyes is better than I thought it would be.  It does not look like the gloves are white.  If the traditional black parts of the costume remain black (or dark), then the energy veins could work quite well.  The chest symbol is dead on perfect.


  25. Ah, the sounds of nitpicking complaints – never gets old, does it?
    Personally – it looks great.  
    I like the veins, makes it feel more realistic and organic — instead of the ring just creating a fabric suit.
    I’m hoping the movie focuses on using the power of the ring as a force, instead of making light constructs.

  26. Not bad. Not bad at all.

  27. Just can’t wait for the Deadpool movie to come out!

  28. Not feeling it.  The mask just doesn’t work.  Hopefully there are some finishing touches still needed.

  29. He does look a bit like Kyle, but it’s still very awesome.

  30. Morrison off Batman and Robin AND two disappointing movie phots in a row?!?! I’m depressed……

  31. The buildup to SDCC seems to be DC putting out their awful news before the con. Here’s hoping they have something amazing in the bag on the weekend of the con.

  32. That is flippin’ cool. However, seeing as how we all know Hal Jordan quite well by this point, can we all agree that they should make Reynolds shave before donning the ring? Hal would never go out with a day and half worth of scruff on his face.

  33. @WilliamKScurryJr: No way! Scruff is where it’s at. I like the ruggedness in the pic.

    When you’re fighting in space there’s no time/place to shave!

  34. I hope the movie makes up for the costume. Hell, the Phantom had a better movie costume than this.

  35. @Conor: I knew you were going to say that.

  36. I’m having a hard time deciding what I think about the costume. I think the costume looks a little too otherworldly (along with the white eyes). It doesn’t seem like a uniform at all.

    One problem I do have is that it seems that there isn’t any contrast from the color green (at least from what I see in the picture).


    Hey, it’s Hal Jordan!

  38. I just hope this movie is good and does for GL what Iron Man did for, well Iron Man.

  39. Oh they look just excellent, thanks for getting ’em up so promptly.

  40. I didn’t know Amanda Waller was gonna be in the movie! Who gives a shit what the suit looks like now? We have THE WALL!!!

  41. Waller! Hector Hammond!

  42.  @conor couldn’t he just use the ring to construct a razor and shave on the way to Oa?

    I like it. I think I’m going to get in line after I get out of Scott Pilgrim.


  43. Ah…..I mean…..eh…..Well….

    Not much of a fan with that first look of the costume. Like Thor, I’m sure it’s going to look much better after post. Also, this is probably just a promotional photo so it’s probably not the finished project. Still…..I really don’t like that costume. The veins that are glowing just seem pointless, 90’s style costuming.

    The other pics with the other characters look good though. I’m excited for Amanda Waller to be in the film. Will she be the Sam Jackson to connect future DC films? 

  44. Umm Blake Lively? Really?

  45. @Thursday – Because of Iron Man every super hero must have continual 5-o’clock shadow. That’s just how it is now.

    In all seriousness though, I’m pretty optimistic for how this will look in motion. I remember thinking Doc Manhattan would look weird and that turned out great. 

  46. I’m not very fond of the shape of the mask (the top, especially), but the green eyes/white pupils and flowing energy in the suit?  Kinda rad.

  47. Holy bad photoshop Batman!

  48. I think the key to the costume is the ring (obviously) and the chest symbol. Everything else I think it fair game to mess with in a film version of the character. I like the pulsey vein look because the suit is all CGI, so they SHOULD take advantage of the fact that the costume is created by the ring — so it’s really all just energy anyway, and should feel "alive." Not crazy about the domino mask, but it does look slightly better than I thought it would. But really… they should just drop it. In comics, the domino mask was enough to "protect his identity." I assume he’ll put it on the film so, like, Carol doesn’t recognize him or something. And that’s… just silly on film. "Hal? Why did you put on a green mask?"

  49. Not sure about how Blake Lively or the domino mask looks but otherwise it looks really cool.

    I love that he’s wearing the flying jacket!

  50. Terrible cover, bad Photoshop, etc… but I don’t mind Blake Lively one bit.

  51. No wool on the collar of the bomber jacket?! Now I refuse to see this crapfest!


    Kidding. I’m stoked. 

  52. Hmmm…I’m going to reserve judgement but Blake Lively looks good and Ryan Reynolds is a good actor who CAN do Hal Jordan, even if he doesn’t look like Hal (in my head at least). As for the production stills, well, CG images can look pretty bad in just stills and it’ll probably look way better in motion (hell, even Wonder Woman’s new costume looks good in motion on a pane and Thor’s costumes don’t look that great in the production stills eitherl) so I’m going to be cautiously optimistic. The ring looks good though! I just hope that DC realizes that it really can’t afford any more screw ups.

  53. Oh, internet. I love that a bunch of people can sit and work for months on something that costs millions of dollars just to have simpletons call it bad photoshop based on a single still frame.

  54. SO relieved, it looks good 🙂

  55. The basic costume looks good to me!

    I think it’d be hard to make it feel appropriate without a tech / sci-fi edge. In other words, it’d be hard to convince a modern audience that quasi-omnipotent beings would issue simple spandex, or even plain leather (i.e. X-men) suits to their elite space police force.

    Yeah, sure the whole ring thing requires some suspension of disbelief anyway, but since it’s kind of the heart of GL, let’s give’em that one and tone it up a bit from there.

    A few comments:

    The eyes are “whiter,” but there are green pupils in there.

    Nitpick #1: Yep, the mask shape is a little off – not because it doesn’t match the comics 100%, but because it looks a little funky on Reynolds’ face.

    Nitpick #2: I was kind of looking forward to a modern, but more Hal-esque, parted on the side, hair style. There’s something about Hal’s hair and the way many artists draw it to move / flow as he’s flying. It’s always seemed a good outward match the freedom of Hal’s inner spirit. It’s iconic to me in the way that Superman has his spit-curl and Batgirl has her red hair. Ah, well. …Yeah, I know it sounds dumb.    

  56. I’m not sold on the veiny look of the suit but I think this is something we’ll need to see in motion to see how well it actually works.

  57. Needs more black.

  58. But where’s Josh? Out getting his GL tattoo lasered off?

  59. Not off, he’s adding muscle lights

  60. I think we need to face something very basic. Eye masks tend to look silly in live action films. I think live action GL needs to lose the mask, or have some sort of more substantial construct (ala kyle rainer style) made of light be his mask. It looks like he’s got ink on his face. 

  61. It’s great to see shots from the movie – it finally feels like this is really happening!

  62. @Zefyr – Not all eyemasks look silly in real life.  One of the few good things about the Schumaker Batman films is that they manage to pull of Robin’s domino mask convicingly in live action.

  63. @Heroville. Good Point. I checked out some pics. Those masks are more substantial. I’d forgotten about that one. I think it makes the point though. Doesnt it look like his skin is stained w green ink?

  64. I like it, looks like GL.

    My only small issue is with the white pupils.  I find them kinda creepy.  But probably not many extreme closeups for me to notice them in the film, so whatever.  

    I still remain really curious to see how they handle the ring, and more importantly what the constructs will look like, in the film.

  65. Interesting, definitely a suit that could only be done by CGI.  It looks like there’s no black parts, that it’s all that green veiny stuff, which kind of makes sense, why would green energy, which makes everything else green, make black and white too?  One thing I don’t get is why the symbol is so… plain.  I would have thought the CGI would have spruced that up but it looks like it would on a spandex constume.  Hopefully the picture isn’t showing all it’s tricks, but all that cool stuff going on in the suit and then just this boring symbol.

  66. Damn… kuddos guys!!. 

    I saw the Ryan Reynolds pic on other sites but the rest of the pics are new.  Nobody have them so far.

    Well, the CG suit looks alien as intended.  To be a first image I’m ok with it.  Ok with it but not crazy about it.  I’m not sure about his mas.  That needs more work.


  67. Screw the nitpickers, I think they just want this: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1159/959022872_36f50bcaaf.jpg

    I think it looks cool and pretty much what I expected after seeing the concept art. I reckon this will kick ass on-screen (unlike certain Asgardian plastic-fantastic armour).


  68. This looks much better than the Thor costumes

  69. I am not digging the costume right now, maybe when the costume is in motion it will look better

  70. I’m not actually sure what to think of it yet.  Like some have said, it’s one thing to see it in a promotional still and another to see it in motion.  I’m worried the corporate suits will screw this up, but I’m thrilled at the prospect of being wrong and having a great Green Lantern movie.  Not keen on the glowing vein thing, but hopefully it’ll work out.  

    I’m always torn between having the costume look like the characters I’ve been reading about for years and the understanding that stuff that looks cool in comics doesn’t necessarily work on screen in "real life".

    Also, it’s hard to look at Ryan Reynolds and not think of superhero Van Wilder, though I liked his work in Blade: Trinity and as pre-Weapon X Deadpool in the Wolverine flick.  Dude can be a bad-ass when he wants to be.

  71. I wonder what they’ll do in the… cup area. Some sort of pant or something. Some protection, from the hecklers u know. It does get cold in space. There will be kids and teens seeing this, don’t want to titillate too much. Just saying.

  72. I really like the suit it actually seems a bit more realistic than the usual GL suit we see cause of all of the lines it really appears to be created from Hal’s (Ryan Reynolds’) willpower. I am a bit questionable about the mask though, it seems to be on a weird angle to me, is anybody else noticing the mask being a little too drooped down? Although it could just be the lighting & the angles of the shot, but w.e this movie will definitely be a must-see fro next summer. I can not decide which summer to look forward the most, summer 2011 with Capt. America, Thor & Green Lantern or summer 2012 with Ultimate-Spider-man movie, DK sequel, Deadpool & Superman movie? Possibly? SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!

  73. Kind of tough to tell how the costume will look just from that one still. My only question – Why the "Colossus-esque" lines through the chest?

  74. Aw, they wont be able to to Guy’s awesom uniform in this style. 🙁

  75. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    UPDATED AGAIN with another image of Hector Hammond and a glimpse at Abin Sur. He’s pink!

  76. @Paul Are you calling Abin Sur a Communist?

    These pics looks awesome. 

  77. @reg5000 Commies are red, not pink.

  78. @Gilgamesh417: People sympathetic to communism were sometimes called pinkos.

  79. I don’t like the ribbedness of it. Looks like the just made a green power suit from Crysis. I also want to see Mark Strong as Sinestro.

  80. I scanned thru the last 15 posts or so. Is anyone else as annoyed as I am to see Reynolds as GL, not to mention his getting cast as, I dunno, everyone heroish forever? Apologies if this topic is so old that’s it’s annoying to rehash.

  81. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’ll be completely honest with you. It’s a very old topic. Many people share your annoyance. 

    I don’t think he’s the best guy for the role, but I’m okay with it. Then again, I don’t consider myself a Hal Jordan fan.  

  82. I think it looks pretty good, I especially like the image of the Lantern ring floating in his hand.

  83. After the crapfest that was Jonah Hex , I am worried about this one . It looks like they are gearing this towards a much younger crowd . I hope it does well but I after recent disappointments ( Iron Man 2 and the aforementioned Jonah Hex ) I am not going to hold my breath .

  84. I like the white eyes, but not a huge fan of the suit. Is it going to be entirely green? It makes sense, but I think it would look a lot better with some black.

  85. Gawd people love to complain..I see nothing wrong with these pics.  After a great super hero movie like Iron Man 1 everyone is stoked for more..then after an abomination like Jonah Hex people just assume everything will suck.  Give it a chance. 

  86. The uniform isn’t actually a tangible uniform, so yeah, that look makes sense.

  87. I’d like to see a trailer before I make a judgement….

  88. @tazz It’s the internet, if people aren’t complaining it’s just not right.

  89. This will be in the top five greatest comic films.

  90.  uuhhh….no. they made Hal into a zombie looking thing ,suit looks like muscular with no skin!YUK!to go with the skinless Hal you have the white glazed eyes and sunken orbital sockets  is this the new walking dead show I’ve been hearing about?

  91. *shrugs* the way i see it is the worst they can do is to make a bad movie and really at this point whats the harm in that? they quit making the movies? they will come back eventually. On the bright side maybe this look will work well in motion and I’m sure in 3d 

  92. It’s looks fantastic. What people should remember things in motion look different from still shots. I think the costume makes GL standout, since GL is a relative unknown property with the mass audience, this should make people go oooooooooooooooooooooooo what is that

  93. Looks great. Apparently the people who are wondering why the suit is glowing haven’t been paying any attention: they’re playing up the fact that the suit is composed entirely of GL ring energy, it’s not a fabric costume. If you’re going to make a GL movie, you’re going to play up the visual elements as much as possible.

    Overall, the film version looks great.  

  94. not too keen on how green the costume is, needs more contrast.

  95. Its a still image. Wait to see it move, and more importantly wait to see the film. Story will matter on this. If the story isn’t there it doesn’t matter. I for one didn’t care for the suit in Dark Knight, but the film was amazing.

  96. Whether this movie is a success or not, I’m gonna gave to get my tattoo removed.

  97. SuperHeroHype: "This morning, we got the official first look at Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern from the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly. Now, thanks to iFanboy, we’ve got scans of photos from inside the magazine as well".

    Impresive… Most impresive!.

  98. Superb!  The screen shots look really good.. and comic-y.

  99. I just don’t know. I just don’t know.

    I understand if they’re changing the costume to fit the movie world and do something with it that you can’t visualize in the comic. Then again, just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you should. And this is something where they should went for a little tweaking than full-on redesign. My main grip with the costume isn’t that it looks like a green anatomy model, but that there’s no black in it. I think the costume on Hal alone would look tolerable, but together with the rest of the Corps, who will be in the movie, I just don’t know if it looks uniform-like. The original costume, looked more like a uniform than this design, so I worry how they’ll make that work. The domino mask and the whited out eyes look fine to me, maybe a little to scowly, but OK. I hope this movie does well, because I want DC to succeed on film with more than just Batman. I’m still cautiously optimistic. 

  100. Hammond looks more like the guy from Session 9.

  101. @hawaiianpunch – I think I see your point, but I think it makes sense that if the ring can create whatever you want, why not take care of the suit using that?

    And following that logic, it makes sense that the sentient life of other planets that become lanterns would construct their own version of the suit so that not everyone would have to look like they’re wearing the same suit as Hal and look "bad" by comparison.  I’m saying it’s an excuse to make them look anyway they want.  Fair enough?

    Just a thought.  But, again, I can’t wait to see this movie just to know how it all plays out.

    Besides, we all know it can’t compare to that fan trailer with Nathan Fillion…

    Can it? 

  102. @Genghis: The stills are already better than that trailer.

  103. Hal Jordan Shmal…uh…Shmordan…I wanna see some alien folk. Tomar-re, Kilowog, Sinestro, Gaurdians, and most importantly, that guy who’s just a head with arms and legs…he’s rad!

  104. Looks good.  Like the choice of villain.

  105. Also it seems like they are taking a symbiote approach to the costume.  Which makes sense if it flows from the rings energy.

  106. I’m gonna guees that the pulsey vein stuff and the mask wont look as hokey in the actual movie. Its still got a year to go, so they’re probably showing some very preliminary cgi renders. If you’ve seen the behind-the-scene features for LoTR, its very clear that Gollum didn’t look anywhere near as good as his final version until near the end of post production of The Two Towers.

    This also kinda brings back memories of the early Batman Begins promo shots w/ Christian Bale looking pretty absurd and awkward in his Batman suit.

  107. This is gonna sound kinda weird, but my problem with this costume is that it has no edges. The suit and mask just kind of flow into his skin. That may be because they want it to look like a construct rather than physical material, but it just makes it look like Hal’s wearing body paint. Even Guycan only barely pull off body paint, so who does Hal think he’s kidding?

     Honestly, though, I doubt the lack of edges will be as big a deal in the movie as it in in close-up still shots, so I’m totally fine with this costume. I really like the white eyes as well.

  108. I think the costume looks ridiculous.  And not only the "veiny" look on the costume, but also the fact that it is all green.  How boring is that?  Where is the black along the sides and arms?  Where are the white gloves?  We’ve all seen the paintings of Alex Ross.  Ross does a wonderful job of making realistic representations of our favorite heroes.  The original costume works.  They keep Superman, Spider-Man and Batman’s original costumes.  Bat nipples notwithstanding.  I will say, we won’t know till we see it in action.  Maybe it’s a good thing my expectations have been lowered.  Maybe I will ultimately like the movie more now. 8)

  109. I’m a huge GL fanboy & yes would have wanted the original comic suit but I knew some tweeking was going to happen. I’m not disgusted by the all green muscley venom symbiote of a suit but I’m not jumping w/ joy over it. I question whether that is the final suit? Could Hal be in the middle of changing or powering up? Also I haven’t seen the suit in action yet either. Judgment is reserved but worried for Ryan Reynolds & his GL abs of power. My wife & I wonder since the suit is so form fitting is Reynolds going to sport a package the whole movie or look like a Ken doll.

  110. @hopskotch: We haven’t had Batman’s comic book costume in a movie since Adam West.

  111. This costume isn’t any more of a departure from the original than any of the movies, save Superman in the 70’s.


  112. What scares me is that eyes are an important piece of the actor’s toolset. Why take them away? Reynolds is not a master thespian that can afford to have them whited out.

  113. He might suck so bad that they’re doing him a favor though.

  114. Maybe he’ll keep removing it every time he has to emote. Like Toby McGuire with Spider-Man’s mask.

  115. Overall I’m getting a good vibe from this.

  116. I think it’s a little frustrating that ryan reynolds plays in every superhero movie ever.  That being said he does an ok job, I liked him as deadpool in the beginning of wolverine (before they completely f@#!ed him up in the end).  seriously though; he was in blade, then wolverine, he’s slotted for deadpool and now green lantern?!  next thing we know we’ll all find ourselves in the theatre watching a superhero flick fashioned after eddie murphy/mike meyers movies where ryan reynolds will play every character!  and we’ll be left to wonder what happened to everything wholesome in the world!

  117. @Banta124: Would you classify two movies as "every superhero movie ever"?

  118. @conor Three, actually, but your point is well taken. So a good looking, charismatic guy’s in more than one movie. If it works, it works. Why complain?

  119. @conor i was just being over dramatic about the oddness of having to associate his face with so many characters.

    and yes.