Remake & Reboot: A Doctor Strange Comic Series

Former surgeon. Former Sorcer Supreme. Still a Master of Black Magic. As Nick Fury is to the spy trade, Dr. Stephen Strange is to the realm of magic.

Stephen Strange has walked a unique path in the Marvel Universe, at times a leading man but more often than not an ensemble player as a member of the Defenders, the Order, and most recently the Avengers. He hasn’t had his own ongoing series since the 80s, but he’s been a key player in the Bendis-era of Marvel Comics and could carry his own book under the right circumstances.

When Doctor Strange joined the New Avengers on the hunt for the new Sorcerer Supreme during the ‘Dark Reign’ era, I was convinced Marvel was prepping for the launching of a full-scale solo series but all that ever came of it was a short mini by Mark Waid and Emma Rios. I take nothing away from their work, but for a Dr. Strange series to work it needs both top-tier creators and a connection to the broader story currently going on in the Marvel Universe.

The Concept:

To make Dr. Strange work, his series needs the momentum of a major event — either leading into it or spiraling out of it. Magic is a hard concept to convey in comics given its fluid boundaries, but the current situation of Strange having limited powers since he relinquished his Sorcerer Supreme role gives an ideal starting point.

Sure, having Doctor Strange sitting at the top of the heap as the Sorcerer Supreme has its attractions, but to see him trying to reclaim it would be an engrossing challenge and goal for the former surgeon to work towards. In some ways, it could echo his original fall from grace where he lost the use of his hands and sought out the Ancient One to study under and eventually become Sorcerer Supreme. While Strange has a strong rogue’s gallery, I’d put a new foe into place: the Hood. Empowered by Dormammu but double-fisting pistols, he could be an an ideal adversary for the former Sorcerer Supreme.

If Marvel could successfully spool up a Dr. Strange ongoing series, it could become an umbrella title for the magic-based heroes and events in the Marvel U. But they’ll need the right players.

The Creators:

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis: Bendis has touched upon Stephen Strange on numerous occasions (most notably in New Avengers), and his A-list name and A-list talent could immediately make a Doctor Strange series a big deal even without a solicitation of story to speak of. I know Bendis’ time is limited, but if Marvel can convince him to work on Moon Knight, perhaps they could do the same here.

Artist – Chris Bachalo: Chris Bachalo has had a strange (and beautiful) path to drawing Marvel’s biggest heroes. Putting Bachalo on Dr. Strange would be an odd full-circle turn considering his origins at Vertigo and his modern hero work.  Plus, I think he’s one of the few who could recapture the strange, compelling energy Steve Ditko had with this character years ago.

Artist — Eric Canete: Canete’s never had a long run on a series for Marvel or DC, but he’s shown the talent in Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin and the Luke Cage series. He’s far from the conventional comic artist, but this character is one of the few that could acclimate and excel with Canete swithcing up art duties with Bachalo.



  1. I think Bendis would do it just to write more of those spell/book/page captions, which I would be totally fine with

  2. I would like to see Joe Casey and Tom Fowler on a Dr. Strange book.
    It might not sell but it would be awesome.


  3. If this ever got made I’d want either Chris Bachalo or Emma Rios on art. Emma Rios’ ‘Strange’ miniseries was phenomenal and the art was breathtaking. They’d just have to convince Christina Strain to be the colorist because Rios’ art looks best when colored by her. I’d totally buy this if it ever got made. I’d be fine with another writer though. Mark Waid handled him great in the ‘Strange’ miniseries though. Him or Bendis would be fine.

  4. The entire magic world of the Marvel Universe is so under-appreciated.

    I’d say bring in the big guns – Neil Gaiman. Give him full reign of the magic side of the Marvel for 4-5 years before turning it loose on the rest of Universe.

    I’d also throw in writers J. M. DeMatteis and John Ney Rieber to write alternate arcs like they did with Amazing Spidey.

  5. I need to start using By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth as an exclamatory phrase in daily conversation.

    Also, listen to me Marvel comics, damn you. MOAR ERIC CANETE!

    I’d like to see Doctor Strange by Bachalo, Lenil Francis Yu, Skottie Young, or John Romita Jr. I likes them guys.

  6. Or if they could get Bill Willingham to make Dr. Strange his project after Fables, he and Matt Sturges could try to make Marvel Zombies believe in magic.

  7. Has anyone seen this? This guy should write and draw Dr. Strange.

  8. I was really hoping for a mentorship style story with the “New Sorcerer Supreme” story in New Avengers. For an issue it looked like we were going to see Stephen taking on Wiccan as an apprentice. I actually think a story where he was traveling around setting crazy magic stuff straight with 1 or 2 students would be amazing. I’m thinking Wiccan and Nico Minoru from Runaways. 3 incredibly different personalities and skill levels. It would still be Strange’s book, but it would give it a more Marvel Universe feel like you were talking about.

  9. Bendis? No, no, no. He doesn’t “get” Doctor Strange, as we saw in his Avengers run. He mad Brother Voodoo the Sorcer Supreme. To be fair, Strange is one of those characters that few writers can do well. Like the Spectre on the DC side. One of the few who did it right was Brian K. Vaughn, as we saw in Doctor Strange: The Oath.

    But if you want starpower Marvel should try to land Christopher Paolini, the writer of Eragon and the Inheritance saga. He has a great grasp on magic and how to avoid the “fluid boundaries.”

  10. If Dr. Strange got his own comic I would buy it

  11. For an almost certainly impossible choice (because he is tired of writing comics and his past history with Marvel) I would love to see Alan Moore do Dr. Strange, bringing his deep knowledge of magic to the work

    For a more plausibe choice… I belive JMS had a Strange story up his sleave (oh wait Marvel burned bridges there too…)

  12. Wow, Canete drew that Doctor Strange as a commission for me! I hope this starts a great trend. I love his work, but I’m not sure if he could keep up with a monthly book.

  13. Jim Butcher could do an amazing Dr.Strange, I know he does not do comics per se but I think his knowledge of magic from his Dresden File novels and his love of comics would make him a good choice

  14. Ric remender and guseppe camacole I know I miss spelled camos name and simon bisley

  15. Bachalo and Canete would be amazing. Based on Canete’s Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin work alone anyone can see that he would be able to kill it on a Dr. Strange book. Plus, Bachalo…well, he’s the best. Great ideas, Chris!

  16. Am I the only person who really likes Mark Waid’s miniseries from a few years back? I think that format (Strange as a weakened sorcerer, training up an apprentice, on the run from the demons he used to beat regularly, etc) was a great new window into the character. Restore him to Sorcerer Supreme, keep the girl apprentice around, have fun at-home stuff with Wong. Open up that portal into the non-Asgard magic side of Marvel again in style.

    Canete and Bachalo would both be amazing on art. Not sure about Bendis on words though. That guy seems a little stretched-thin nowadays. I’d say give it to a B-stringer as his/her big push forwards, like when Fraction co-wrote Iron Fist. Not sure who though.

  17. My dream creative team for a Dr. Strange book is Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell. That book would be beyond amazing.

  18. Turn it into a horror book and get Scott Snyder to write it.

    Get Chris Samnee to draw it for that old-school style.

    Nuff said.

  19. Christos Gage and maybe Travel Foreman? Dr. Strange was one of the first characters I was into in the mid-80’s. Love to see a new book!